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GU53: A Horse of a Different Color

One of the many things we will see in the absolutely ginormous GU53 update are a few carpenter recipes for decorations to go along with the house-placeable mounts. (For those of you who missed it being added to the game, you can examine non-charged mounts and turn them into house items.)

While the preview will take several days to research and mentally process everything encompassed in this update, Kaisha ("The Sleep-Deprived") already got us lovely screen shots of the carpenter goodies! (Edit: The preview is done! Check out the GU53 Crafting & Housing Preview) These items are automagically added to the level 31-38 Carpenter Essentials books:
Bale of Hay
Briarwood Trough
Briarwood Hay Trough
Fancy Briarwood
Hitching Post
Hitching Post
Plain Briarwood
Hitching Post
Briarwood Fence
Feyiron Fence
Sack of Grain

Oh, all right, I know you want "more", and you want it now. These are all the teasers you are getting from me until I have time to wade through all this, ok?

The first is the new look for the crafting handbooks found for sale on tradeskill society faction vendors. The second is a new quest reward house item. The third is a view from the new upstairs room in a Kelethin starter home, at dusk.

Again, you can now check out the GU53 Crafting & Housing Preview for more details on this upcoming jam-packed Game Update.

Mmmm, jam

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