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Transmuting vs Adorning - the New Model

The Sentinel's Fate (SF) expansion is changing the transmuting and adornment system. Transmuting (breaking down gear to get the materials to make adornments) becomes a skill that anyone and everyone can learn and skill up, up to their level cap. (Like harvesting skills, that level cap is based on on whichever is higher - your adventuring level or your primary tradeskill level.) Adorning (the actual crafting of adornments) will become a secondary tradeskill.

Since there is different information needed if you are just starting out with the skill, or if you have been transmuting under the old system, I am going to try breaking this down into separate sections.

Brand New Transmuters

Any character who did not train in transmuting before the SF expansion will start with a basic transmuting skill (currently reported as being skill level of 3). Those wishing to skill up in this skill will need to break down treasured or better gear, or expert or adept spells/CAs. For a detailed explanation of how to transmute items, what can be transmuted, an explanation of the level caps, information on what materials you get from transmuting what, etc., see this transmuting guide BUT only read down to the pretty table with all the pictures of the powders, fragments and infusions. (Ignore mention of buying the transmuting crafting abilities, ignore the fact that it only suggests breaking things down from 1 to 100, since you can now gain skillups past 100 by breaking things down.)

Brand New Adorners

Get familiar with all that transmuting stuff from the Brand New Transmuters section. If you're just starting out in adorning, you are going to need to be familiar with where your materials come from, even if you're planning on being silly and buying all your components.

Adorning is a secondary skill, like Tinkering. With the SF expansion, you can be both at the same time, and they are both subject to the same level caps.

You gain skill in adorning, up to your level cap, by making adornments. Forget any talk you hear of "Enigma" books, as those are going the way of the Dodo bird. You will, however, need to buy the Adorning abilities ("Ability: Corporeal Binding", etc.) from an adorning vendor (BBM docks, Greater Faydark) so that you can correctly counter any crafting events that occur during your adorning session.

Your common books for the Lesser & Greater adornments (Treasured & Mastercrafted) will be sold on those same Adorning trainers, starting with Essential Adornments Volume 1, which can be scribed with an adorning skill of 1. Any Superior (Fabled) adornment recipes will come from mob-dropped Advanced Adornments volumes.

Craft adornments and watch the skillups pile up. (Remember to watch your current skill vs your max skill, since you will be level-capped!) Truly, it will be that simple, and you have a chance of gaining skillups from grey con (trivial) recipes. If you need more insight into the actual crafting process, see this transmuting guide BUTstart with the pretty table with all the pictures of the powders, fragments and infusions. Read the rest, and mentally replace mention of transmuters with mention of adorners in that second half of the document. (Really, it will get rewritten, but there's so much else on our plates with the expansion stuff that it will take some time to fit it in on the to do list.)

Existing Transmuters

Ok, if you already were a transmuter before the SF expansion, in theory, you know how to break items down, and you know how to make adornments, so this will be pretty short and sweet. If you don't know what you're doing, then, yes, you might want to check out the Brand New sections above. ;D

Whatever your transmuting skill is when the expansion goes live, will become your new Transmuting skill and your new Adorning skill. (So a 400 pre-expansion transmuter becomes a 400 Adorner with a 400 transmuting skill.) Any Enigma of Transmuting and Enigma of Transmuting Advanced books that you already scribed will stay in your recipe books, and will contain the new adorning recipes for those tiers.

Note that you will still have buy reaction arts from the adorning trainer, as your new adorning reaction arts are not the same thing as your old transmuting reaction arts.

You will level up your transmuting skill by breaking down the same sort of stuff you break down now, and you can gain skillups from breaking down grey items, though not as frequently as you would if it was even con. (Yep, I broke down a level 1 item as a 400/450 transmuter and got a skillup! :D)

You will level up your adorning skill by making adornments. Again, grey con recipes can give you skillups, though less frequently than something more challenging.

Adornment Level Progression

What level gear can be adorned by which tier of adornment is changing. Lesser will be for level 6, 16, 26, etc. gear. Greater will be for level 8, 18, 28, etc. gear. Superior will be for level 10, 20, 30, etc. gear. This means that tier 1 adornments will be for levels 6, 8, and 10 gear, tier 2 will be level 16, 18, 20 gear, and so on. Note this carefully, as it means that while you may be all excited to get to making tier 9 adornments, they won't be of much use until folks have level 86+ gear. There will be a lot of demand for the tier 8 adornments, however, as folks beef up their level 76-80 gear.

You Only THINK You Have Fragments Coming Out Your Ears!

Recipes will be available from the adorning vendors for adorners to do in-tier conversions. Trust me, you won't have fragments coming out your ears by the time you are done! Again, these convert to the same tier (so T1 fragments = T1 powder, etc.)
  • 10 fragments + fuel = one powder
  • 10 powders + fuel = one infusion
  • 10 infusions + fuel = one mana
So, if you're reeeeeeaaaaallly desperate for that vial of mana for a superior adornment, and have fragments and powders to spare, you can craft your way into a mana instead of playing the "transmute master spells roulette" game. NOTE: The conversion rate changed on beta from what was originally published.

Facepalm Prevention

I am sure one or more folks will hit this moment when their palm impacts their forehead with a loud "doh!" (or a /headdesk, etc.) If you were at your skill cap, remember when the expansion hits that you will not be able to skill up your current adorning or transmuting skill until you gain a level in crafting or adventuring (whichever is higher). Yep, we all know that, really, but in the initial rush to level up everything, we may forget we're still capped on those skills based on our level. :D

More Details

Crafted Adornment Charts

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