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GU56 - New Halas Furniture from Adventuring

This supporting article is part of the GU56 Housing & Crafting Preview. Items and quests listed here will be part of Game Update 56.

Details are still being collected, since the rewards for these were just added May 12, so stay tuned for more possible item names and images after I've run through the rest of the New Halas/Frostfang Sea questlines on Test.

The following quests in Frostfang Sea have been found to have furniture item rewards:

  • Flame On - shipwrecked scavenged table
  • Pilgrim Pelts - plush icemane pelt
  • To The Great Shelf - wool rug of the pine forest
  • A Murky Miasma of a Mystery - reinforced coldain crate
  • The Gauntlet - Ry'Gorr camp pelt
  • Report to Cragged Spine - coldain weapon rack
  • The Siege is Not Over - hanging coldain coals
  • Ry'Gorr Mining Operations - coldain leather bound book
  • Sleetfoot Search Party - shipwrecked scavenged torch
  • Watch Out Below - round rug of the eternal hunt (repeatable!)
  • Sometimes You Feel Like a Knut - Halasian high backed chair
  • Nap Time for Evigis - Woven rug of prosperity
  • Geode Caching - wall mounted halasian weapon rack (repeatable!)
  • Trust Issues - wool rug of new beginnings

shipwrecked scavenged table, plush icemane pelt (floor), wool rug of the pine forest, reinforced coldain crate, ry'gorr camp pelt (in back)
wool rug of new beginnings, woven rug of prosperity, round rug of the eternal hunt
shipwrecked scavenged torch, coldain weapon rack, wall mounted halasian weapon rack
halasian high backed chair, coldain leather bound book, hanging coldain coals

Kaisha has been even more swamped than Mum, but she found the time to get 10 of these turned into lovely icons for us.

Coldain Weapon Rack
Round Rug of the Eternal Hunt
Wall Mounted Halasian Weapon Rack
Wool Rug of New Beginnings
Wool Rug of the Pine Forest
Plush Icemane Pelt
Reinforced Coldain Crate
Ry'Gorr Camp Pelt
Shipwrecked Scavenged Table
Shipwrecked Scavenged Torch

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