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DoV: Carpenter Furniture

This is part of the Destiny of Velious expansion preview. As with all other parts of the expansion preview, information was gathered during the beta testing phase, and last-minute changes are always a possibility. Note that this expansion contains content for level 85+ crafters.

Crafters who complete the Thurgadin crafting questlines, and do enough daily faction questing with the Forgemasters of Thurgadin will gain the ability to purchase heirloom recipe books for all crafting classes. While the details of this process will be contained in another article, I wanted to get started by mentioning the furniture yummies from carpenters right off the bat.

Here is what you can expect to find as new carpenter furniture recipes. All of them, other than the guild tapestries, require only common tier 9 resources. (The tapestries require a crystalline spiderling silk from the expansion crafting quest content, which will be covered in more detail later.)

Brazier of Fury
Brazier of Hatred
Drape of the Rime
Font of the Kromzek
Formal Stone Dining Table
Formal Stone Table
Goahmari Hanging Lantern
Goahmari Lamp Post
Kromzek Alchemist's Crucible
Kromzek Bar
Kromzek Barrel
Kromzek Bookcase
Kromzek Brazier
Kromzek Container
Kromzek Dining Table
Kromzek Double Bed
Kromzek Fence Link
Kromzek Fire Bowl
Kromzek Keg
Kromzek Officer's Chair
Kromzek Podium
Kromzek Side Table
Kromzek Single Bed
Kromzek Stein
Kromzek Stool
Kromzek Storage Chest
Kromzek Strategist's Board
Ornate Bookcase of
the Shadowed
Ornate Shadowed
Stone Bookcase
Pedestal of the Spurned
Shadowed Display Stand
Shadowed Hanging Chandelier
Shadowed Stone Bookcase
Shadowed Stone Chandelier
Shadowed Stone Desk
Simple Othmir Hanging Lamp
Simple Othmir Lantern
Standard of the Rime
Tizmak Bed
Tizmak Bench
Tizmak Stool
Visage of War
Simple Antonican-Style
Guild Tapestry**
Simple Commonlands-Style
Guild Tapestry**
Bookcase of the Shadowed

**The tapestries are undergoing a bit of a graphical change before launch (expect the hangers to be slightly less ornate) will display the guild heraldry of whomever places them in the house or guild hall. Yes, you read that right. You can fill your hall with tapestries of your own guild's heraldry, or get guild allies (or enemies, for that matter, if you're so inclined) to place their heraldry in your hall.

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