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GU60: Prestige Homes

As was mentioned in the GU60 Crafting and Housing Preview, two new prestige homes appeared on the Test/Test_copy servers while we were testing Game Update 60. The Kromzek one should be a raid drop of some sort, the Thurgadin one will apparently be a Station Cash item "soon".

Luxurious Kromzek Keep

Once you've been knocking around raiding in Velious, apparently your perceptions of size get changed quite a bit. Hanging around with giants will do that to you, it seems.

No, really, this raid-dropped home will give even the tallest player a feeling of being itty-bitty, and those of us that are vertically challenged will feel really, really, really tiny.

This place is HUGE! Ginormous!

See for yourself!

Don't fall! That's a longggggggg way down off the entry bridge!
Looking back at the front door
Then turning around and looking into the home
Did I mention how huge it is?
Interesting "windows" in some rooms
One room has straw in it - guess they stable their critters inside the keep?
This may seem like a normal large room
until you look up ...
...and up some more!
Looking up from the main room - there are no stairs, and it is a long way up!

Thurgadin Grand Hall

My neck hurt after after touring this one, so I followed word on Test that there was a new home in Thurgadin, as well. Nobody seems willing to shed light on how/when this home will be available, but I had fun touring it! Of course, after touring a giant home, I was looking forward to something a bit, well, smaller, from the dwarves ... however, as the name of the place implies, small is not an option!

Entry is through the back of the Thurgadin crafting area
I'm feeling shorter by the minute!
That door in the back right of the pic is the entrance
Lots of decorating challenges with irregular walls and such
Lovely wall art, but where does the ramp lead to?
What could be better than two waterfalls in your home?
How about a fountain centered between the two falls?
Did I mention how large it all is?
That is all the eye-candy from me. If you want a video tour of them, you can check out the Zam article about these homes.

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