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GU61 Crafting/Housing Preview

Game Update 61 is currently due to go live on Thursday, August 25, 2011. (Note the date change!) As usual, there is quite a bit going on with this GU, and I will be mainly focusing on the crafting and housing details.

Before I tackle that, though, I have one warning. Camp somewhere safe before this GU hits. Your gear will all end up no longer attuned and in overflow, your AA will all be unspent (and because of this your buffs will need to be redone as well), and, in general, you're not going to want to get into a fight the moment you log in. :D (For those wanting more details, here is the link to the post from Smokejumper)

It really isn't a dire thing, as long as you're aware that it will happen, and plan accordingly (show up a bit early if you're going to be raiding the day of the patch and suchforth). The gear attunement thing is due to all the stat changes to gear in this GU and the AA respec is due to changes to the AA trees. (I'll cover the tradeskill aspects of both of these briefly below, but if you want more details on the adventuring side, I recommend the SOE forums, etc.)

Tradeskill Alternate Advancements

The AA system got another revamp, and not only were the existing tradeskill/harvesting AA moved to their own tab, but some more tradeskill AAs were added.

On the tradeskill side of things, you can spend up to 25 of your total AAs in the tradeskill tree. (You can spend up to 5 of that 25 on any single item, as long as you follow the progression rules below.) To be clear, this is not a separate AA pool - this is 25 points of the overall 300-point cap for AA, since you can earn AA from both adventuring and crafting. I suspect the more devoted crafters will want to spend those 25 points, however, given what they can get from them:

First Row: Ample Harvest (chance to harvest a second time), Swift Creation (progress increase), High Quality Materials (durability increase). You must spend 10 points in this row before you can unlock the second row of this AA tree.

Second Row: Rapid Manufacturing (progress increase), Resilient Materials (durability increase), Effective Method (success chance increase), Advantageous Practice (critical success chance increase). You must spend 10 points in this row before you can unlock the third row.

Third Row: Trim Reaver (increase rare harvest chance), Conservation of Mass (chance to use no materials when crafting an item) Since you only get to spend a maxium of 5 points in this row (due to needing to spend 10 each in the first two rows), you'll be making some tough choices.

Carpenter Love

There are quite a few new goodies that are being automagically added to the carpenter recipe books with this GU, including signs, tiles, dividers and paintings.


New signs have been added to tier 3 and above advanced carpenter recipe books. (One per tier except for T9, which has two.) These signs, which will use rare wood as a primary, allow you to set both a title and a longer text field, both of which will be visible on a mouseover.
  • Freeport Sign - level 29, severed fir
  • Rivervale Sign - level 39, severed oak
  • Gorowyn Sign - level 49, severed cedar
  • Kelethin Sign - level 59, severed ironwood
  • Roadmarker Sign - level 69, rough lumbered ebony
  • Orcish Sign - level 79, mahogany lumber
  • Coldain Sign - level 89, eucalyptus lumber
  • Neriak Sign - level 89, eucalyptus lumber
Coldain Sign
Freeport Sign
Gorowyn Sign
Kelethin Sign
Neriak Sign
Orcish Sign
Rivervale Sign
Roadmarker Sign

Tiles and Dividers

Five lovely new dividers have been added to the common carpenter recipes, along with the recipes for six matching tiles. (Halasian gets two tile varieties.) Three of the dividers have a lovely stonework look.
Adamantine Divider
Fancy Fulginate Divider
Indium Divider
Plain Fulginate Divider
Halasian Divider

In addition to these yummy new dividers, existing crafted wooden dividers from the various tiers now have matching tile recipes! (The new tiles will go with the ones with "room divider" in the name on this page.)


  • First Tile Image, Row 1: elm tile, ash tile, fancy fulginate tile, plain teak tile; Row 2: plain maple tile, mossy briarwood tile, plain fulginate tile, banded sandalwood tile
  • Second Tile Image: plain sandalwood tile, plain redwood tile, plain rosewood tile
  • Third Tile Image: indium tile, adamantine tile, halasian tile, plain sumac tile
  • Fourth Tile Image: halasian carved tile

Non-Orc Paintings

One gripe at Fan Faire was that there were too many paintings with orcs in them. Two new recipes have been added to the carpenter recipe book purchased from Brontis in Drunder. (Quest details to unlock him as a vendor are found here.)

Not only do these paintings contain no orcs, but they're absolutely gorgeous!

They are: Odus Wastelands, the Halls of Fallen Guk (pictured here on the new indium room divider)

I really feel like I could almost walk right into these paintings, when they are enlarged to full size (and they can be enlarged quite a bit!). The backs of these two paintings is a solid wood-grain, which can also have some decorating uses.

Gear Revamp

A lot of older gear, including crafted, quested and dropped, is getting a facelift, to make it more in-line with all the stat and combat changes that have happened semi-recently. Even "just" the revamp of the crafted gear stats is a huge undertaking, and it is going to be easy for things to fall through the cracks.

This is an absolutely HUGE project, and no matter how many eyes we have looking at it on Test and Test_Copy, it won't catch everything, especially since some of the changes are still going on. If you find something awry when the GU goes live, put in a /bug with the item name and details, and hope for a hotfix later in the week.

So, what are we looking at on the crafted side of things? Hopefully crafted gear that is a bit more desirable in all tiers. In many cases, you may lose a bit on attributes (STR/STA/etc., etc), but have anywhere from one to four effects/"stats" added on (potency, critical mitigation, etc.). I'd give you some examples, but they're still jiggling around a bit on Test, and I don't want to mis-represent anything, only to find it changed when things hit the live servers on Tuesday.

House Rating System

As promised at Fan Faire, a house rating system is being put in that will allow players to make their homes available to be toured and voted upon by other players on the server. Homes are currently divided into several size categories, and compete against other listed homes of that size category based on two criteria (creativity and style). The listed homes will also indicate how many times that home has been top in either (overall, or for their category), and after a certain amount of "awards", the home will be listed in the Hall of Fame.

At last check, it sounded like each vote stays in effect for 48 hours before it ages out, so if you want to keep yourself in the ratings, you'll want to be encouraging regular visitors.

To List Your Home

First, you need to be logged in on the actual owner of the home (not on a trustee alt). Enter the home and access the house control panel.

Yep, it looks a bit different now, doesn't it? You want the second button from the far right, which is the publish/unpublish house button.

You'll be given a bit of basic information, including the warning that once you publish your home, you will not be able to pick up/move/pack items without first unpublishing your home. (Among other things, this is to prevent folks from racking up a high rating then emptying the house while still luring in voters.) So, try to make sure your house is actually ready for votes before you publish it, and/or be ready to scrounge up fresh voters once you unlist, move things around, and relist the home.

You will be prompted for a name - since this is what visitors will see when they are browsing /house_ratings, put something descriptive in that will make folks want to visit. (Clearly, I wasn't trying to scare up visitors with house "Test" - I was just getting screenshot fodder!)

You get to add ONE screenshot to go beside your home listing, so make it count! Run around your home, find a representative shot that might make folks interested to see more, get into first person mode if you aren't already, park pets out of the way, what have you. If you don't like the shot that displays at this point, adjust your view accordingly until you find one you like, then click "Take Picture". As long as you don't click the Publish button, you can re-take the picture until you come up with one you like.

To Vote On Homes

You can reach the rating system from either the EQII button or by typing /house_ratings. You can look at the Hall of Fame (homes that won a certain number of awards over a certain period of time - they will populate this with some sample homes at launch so you get the idea), Small (starter) homes, medium homes, large homes or massive homes. Once you select a category, you'll be presented with a list of homes that you can visit (if there are quite a few homes in a category, you'll have to page through using the arrow buttons at the bottom of that screen in order to wander through them all). Selecting a specific home will let you see what awards the home has won, the owner of the home, what the ratings have been like for it so far, and you can go visit it for yourself to rate it.

You may give from 1 to 5 stars based on both creativity and style, and are allowed to give partial stars. If you wish to change your vote and/or refresh the vote timer, you can do so, but it will change your old vote NOT give you a second vote. You will be able to make one vote per home per account, and cannot vote on homes that are on the same account as the character placing the vote.

Of course, it helps to know how/where to place your vote, right? In addition to finding a voting button on the house control panel (far right button, a gold star) when you visit a home, you will also find a small gold star on your screen, in the upper left quadrant. Click on either, and you can place your vote.

All-Classes Furniture Love

But wait, there's more! Brontis also sells a new recipe book, Relics of Drunder. This book contains recipes for 10 new floor tiles that any level 90 crafter can make, using common tier 9 resources!

Engraved Drunder Tile, Insignia Tile of Sullon Zek, Insignia Tile of Tallon Zek, Insignia Tile of Vallon Zek, Sullonite Carved Tile, Sullonite Paving Stones, Tallonite Carved Tile, Tallonite Paving Stones, Vallonite Carved Tile, Vallonite Paving Stones. (Pictured here with insignia on top row, carved in middle row, paving on bottom row.)

Engraved Drunder Tile
Insignia Tile of Sullon Zek
Sullonite Carved Tile
Tallonite Carved Tile
Insignia Tile of Vallon Zek
Tallonite Paving Stones
Vallonite Carved Tile
vallonite Paving Stones
Insignia Tile of Tallon Zek
Sullonite Paving Stones

YUM. These tiles are also the same from the bottom as the top, so if you want to raise them up to work as ceiling tiles, they work out nicely.

New Prestige Home

Not tied to the GU, per se, but now viewable on Test, is a new prestige home, Residence of the Blades, that will be available from LoN sometime next week (probably at the same time as GU61, but I'm not positive of that). If you're itching to see it, and can't get to Test right now to tour it, you'll find a tour video up over at Zam.

Other Stuff

Dragon Ring/Wizard Spire Rebuilding Event Warning!

If your server has completed the spire/dragon ring rebuilding event, get your spire tokens NOW. When GU61 goes live, the ground spawns will be removed (edit: it sounds like the vendors might stay for a bit, but the ground spawns will go away). If your server has not finished the event, you will be given a bit longer to finish the event before they go poof.

Fae/Arasai Flight

Fae and arasai who are level 85 or above in either adventuring or crafting can now learn how to fly. Check out the patch notes for NPC details.

Other Odds and Ends

  • Tired of running to EoF zones to pick up tinkering and adorning recipes? The guild recipe vendor amenity will now also sell the buyable tinkering and adorning recipes
  • The crafted battleground armor made from the recipes that are sold in Thurgadin can now be sold on the broker. (The satchels containing the armor were heirloom, so had to be commissioned before this.)
  • Harvesting speed is now only modified by racial abilities, harvesting tools and other such things that directly modify your harvesting speed. Casting speed will no longer impact your harvesting speed.

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