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GU67 Crafting/Housing Preview

Game Update (GU) 67 is being released on Jul 23, 2013. As is common for me, I am mostly just covering the parts of it that are of main interest on the crafting/housing front.


  • Loyalty Rewards
  • Personal Depots
  • Apprentice Recipes
  • Alternate Advancement
  • Insignias of the Deep

Loyalty Rewards

Are you the sort of person who logs in every day, or almost every day to burp your apprentices, craft, harvest, and/or adventure? Would you like to be rewarded for doing so?

Say hello to the "loyalty rewards" or "daily objectives".

In a nutshell:

  1. Log in
  2. Complete any two objectives from the Daily Objectives list on any character, (or across two characters) on your account
  3. Be rewarded with an account-bound loyalty token (max of one per account per day)
  4. Visit Qeynos Harbor or South Freeport to spend your tokens (Guards can find "Loyalty" if you can't find them on your own)

Each day that you log in, you will be greeted with a list of Daily Objectives on your quest tracker. There will generally be a couple crafting/harvesting objectives, a couple adventuring objectives, a couple PVP objectives, and an exploration objective. You will need to complete any TWO objectives from the list amongst the characters on your account, in order to receive an account-bound loyalty token. (Note the mention of "a couple crafting/harvesting objectives. "Pure" crafters can "just" craft, with sometimes some stray harvesting thrown in, to earn their loyalty tokens.) The objectives change every day, but fall into the same general categories.

Personal Depots

If you haven't heard noises about the depot love, you've been far too distracted with that Real Life thing, and need a good solid dose of EQII!

After GU67 goes live: Existing personal harvest depots will be renamed "Personal Harvest Depot (Small)". They will continue to hold only 100 unique harvests, will lose the LORE tag, but will still be No-Trade. You need to do nothing in preparation for this, it will be automagic for your depot(s). (It even works for those who found the workaround to have several in a single home.) No stress, no muss, no fuss, just a name change and the removal of the LORE tag. Got it? Gooooood. :D

There will also be a new Personal Harvest Depot (Large) that will hold 1000 unique harvests, and seven other personal depot types. (All but the small will be House-Lore, but fully tradeable. You can happily broker them, tinkerers!)

Those who have scribed the personal harvest depot blueprint will find that, instead of a single depot recipe, they will have eight depot recipes in their books. The blueprint will be changed to include all eight recipes for those who scribe it in the future.

The actual Personal Harvest Depot recipe doesn't change ... much. It still uses the same ingredients as it did. However, if you finish only the first, second or third quality bar's progress, you will make the 100-harvest Personal Harvest Depot (Small), and if you finish all four quality levels, you will make the 1000-harvest Personal Harvest Depot (Large).

In addition, you will be able to make the following items. (You will need 5 of the rare mentioned in parens below, as well as T9 common resources)

  • Personal Ammo Depot (5 spotted pelt) - holds 20 unique items
  • Personal Collectible Depot (5 eucalyptus lumber) - holds 1000 unique items*
  • Personal Food & Drink Depot (5 toxnettle root) - holds 40 unique items
  • Personal Fuel Depot (5 kaborite cluster) - holds 50 unique items**
  • Personal Lore and Legend Depot (5 toxnettle root) - holds 100 unique items
  • Personal Poison, Potion & Totem Depot (5 ulteran diamond) - holds 40 unique items
  • Personal White Adornment Depot (5 spotted pelts) - holds 100 unique items

*Personal collectible depot (and guild collectible depot), have a "hide unusable" checkbox, so you can easily find any glowies that you need
**Personal fuel depot will go from a storage size of 20 to a storage size of 50 with the July 18 beta patch

Please remember that this is still the testing phase. This is the time when you should be poking at things on beta and providing constructive feedback to SOE on things like storage amounts and such.

The Appearances

The banner at the top of the page shows the default size of the various depots. They can happily be scaled larger and smaller.

Harvest (both)

Apprentice Recipes

The basic tradeskill apprentices (not heroic, not raid) have new recipes for everyone. Every level 95 crafter will be able to research three new necklace recipes. In addition, level 95 Craftsmen will get eight new food and drink (four food, four drink) recipes, level 95 Outfitters will get three new ammo recipes, and level 95 Scholars will get 4 new potion recipes.

All Classes

These items need a variety of drops from currently unknown places.


The recipes will use one Celestial mote per combine, which is presumably a drop in the new zones. Yield on the recipes is one, but durations are 2 hours and 45 minutes, if my examines are correct. (I'll have to double check her food/drink AAs and such later, but am pretty sure she's only got an extension going on the drinks.)


The recipes will also use one Celestial mote per combine, with a yield of 50.


The recipes use five Celestial motes per combine, but appear to yield only 1 potion. This seems off compared to the other classes, but I haven't had a chance to poke more, nor to feedback. If someone gets a chance to eye these more closely, please do, and then post on the SOE forums with your findings.

Alternate Advancements

Level restrictions have been removed from normal alternate advancements, allowing you to spend a lot more creatively once you hit level 10. While this part of the change doesn't directly affect crafters, it will mean that you may have to do some re-spending if you're not a maxxed adventurer.

In addition to that, however, there is now the ability to save/load multiple AA templates to your hard drive. You will want to check out the patch notes for more information.

Yep, you read that right ... multiple AA profiles can be stored. You will no longer need an AA mirror to swap profiles. Existing AA mirrors will stay as-is, and any profiles that you have stored on them can be saved to your hard drive to access later. If you make any more of that mirror recipe, it will make "A Polished Mirror" instead of the old Mirror of Reflected Achievements. It will have the same mirror look as the AA mirror, minus the glow particle effect.

Insignias of the Deep

Since these apprentice-researched recipes are the cream of the crop, and use rare ingredients, material conservation effects will no longer work on them. (This is just adding the insignias to the list of items from which you can't receive a portion of the ingredients back.)

What Else?

I am sure I am missing something, but can't figure out what. Make sure to check out the formal patch notes for additional items of interest!

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