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ToV: Adventuring Furniture

This page contains screenshots (and quest names) for many of the house items earned while adventuring through the Tears of Veeshan expansion. Because they are house items, and all but a couple are fully tradeable, I felt it was a good idea to give the decorators some of the details on obtaining them. (The Vesspyrian Isles Whisper Column, and the Spirits Away book are not tradeable.) House items are still being added in various spots, and I did not have time to finish all the adventuring content, so this is not to be considered a complete list.

This is part of the Tears of Veeshan Crafting/Housing Preview for the expansion that will be released on November 12, 2013. As with any preview that is done during a testing phase, details may still change. Please also note that the tree shots below may be darker than the actual items. There is odd stuff with lighting and preview mode that made the trunks much darker than they actually are.


Quite a few ToV quests reward house items, including some that are obtained from ground spawns or other zone clickables. I won't go into a lot of detail about how to obtain the various quests, though there are some rough notes at the bottom of the page that indicate if they're quests from ground spawns, etc. If you want further details, I recommend that you hit up your favorite site for adventuring quest information.

Charged Ethernere Crystal
"Come Into My Parlor"
Dark Ethernere Crystal
"Rage Breeds Rage"
Dead Goldleaf Tree
"Round 2 ... FIGHT!"
Dead Shrub
Detailed Verdant Rug
"Thessk Infestation"
Diamond-weave Dark Scale Runner
"The Mystery of Daazak"
Diamond-weave Verdant Dining
Rug -- "Root Bound"
Ethereal Music Box: Age of
Darkness -- "Tears of Veeshan:
The Eternal Broodlands
Ethernere Resonant Crystals
"Rage in Karack Peak"
Light of Drinal
"Spies Among Us"
Open Vesspyrian Banker Box
"Essential Sparks"
Round Segmented Verdant
Rug -- "Spore Chore"
Small Misty Blueleaf
Sapling -- "Tears of Ice"
Veeshenna Tol Altar Table
"Guardian of Growth"
Vesspyrian Researcher's Table
"Waters of Strife"
Vesspyr Isle Bookcase
"Shadow Hunter"
Vesspyr Isles Whisper Column
"Making the Connection"
Young Lavender Darkleaf
Sapling -- "Tears of Ice"
Spirits Astray
(Tome Collection)

Purchased after Questing

The furniture vendor is located in Falinpol (in the tower at one end of the main island in Vesspyr Isles). Items are still being added to this vendor, and while they are fully tradeable, a certain amount of quest progress is required before you can purchase them. So far, all of them require you have finished the signature quest "Tears of Veeshan: Falling Tears", but this may change in the last few days of beta.

Highkeep Large Crate
Large Decorative Planter
Leaning Palm Tree
Picklaw Heavy Door
Twisted Palm Tree
Windswept Palm Tree
Ethereal Music Box:
Picklaw Jig

Yep, I use a lot of playermade notebooks when researching in a beta, so I can remember which what came from where, and so I can drop it in the right display home ...

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