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ToV: Travel for the Crafter

The Tears of Veeshan expansion and the locations for the ToV crafting content can be a bit feisty for some of the squishier crafters. Then again, even sturdy adventuring crafters (or crafting adventurers) may like a quick reference on getting around.

The Basics

Vesspyr Isles: Can be accessed from any druid ring. In-home port items can be obtained from both a red shiny collection (from shinies in Vesspyr) and from a solo adventuring quest reward

. You will need to use a flying mount in this zone!

Cardin Ward in Obol Plains: Crafters will be teleported here during the Captain's Lament quest. Completion of that quest will make a spirit anchor appear in Ethan's tent on the docks of the Isle of Mara, which can then be used to travel back to Cardin at will. A house item version of the spirit anchor is obtained from a a red shiny collection from the area around Cardin Ward. You can also reach this area using a Drinalian Whisper column if you have access to a home/guild hall that has one placed.

More on Vesspyr

Be aware that there is often aggro in the treetops on these islands. Squishier crafters should fly high and wide. When first getting a feel for things, squishies may want to circle islands from a distance to get a feel for locations, aggro ranges and so forth. The edges of the outer islands tend to be "mostly" safe, and if you're watching for it, you can outfly aggro before it hits you.


The northern part of the main (center) island in the Vesspyr isles is Falinpol. The tower located there will be your Vesspyr crafting quest hub. (Pictured at the top of the page.) There are two levels to this tower, so if you cannot find your quest NPC on the level you are on, use the teleporter in the center to check out the other level.

What teleporter?

That one. :D

You're still going to need to travel to the other islands during your crafting questing, and there are things that will speed you up, slow you down, and outright distract you.

These two orbs will be floating in the sky between the various islands. The green multi-ring orb will give you a short flying speed boost. The dark blue one will temporarily slow you down OR temporarily speed you up OR give you a sky shiny. It is random, and you never know what you will get in advance.

Be careful when you see dark blue over an island, though. Chances are what you think is a travel orb will turn out to be an aggro flying mob. (Good rule of thumb until you get used to things for yourself - dark blue in between islands = randomly good. Dark blue over an island = aggro mob.)

I mentioned outright distracting you, and while the above dark blue orbs can/will distract you from your travel, there's a definite distraction that may be the same color, but is smaller, and far more distracting.

Sky Shiny ... nuff said?

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