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Gallery - Frostfell Crafted Furniture

This is a master gallery of all Frosfell craftable furniture. With the 2013 addition of permanent Frostfell crafting stations for the home, you may now craft these items year-round. However, the ingredients and the fuel must still be obtained during the annual winter Frostfell event, or on April 1, during Bristlebane's high feast day.
Chipper Gingerbread Plushie
Cold Pine Wreath
Decorative Blue and
White Striped Cane
Decorative Green and
White Striped Cane
Decorative Red and
White Striped Cane
Cold Spark Incense Burner
Dotted Green Frostfell Stocking
Festive Gingerbread Plushie
Festively Banded Frostfell Stocking
Glacier Block
Glacier Half Block
Glacier Narrow Divider
Glacier Railing
Glacier Rounded Tile
Glacier Short Column
Glacier Stair
Glacier Tall Column
Glacier Tall Divider
Glacier Tile
Gleeful Gingerbread Plushie
Merry Gingerbread Plushie
Green and White Mounted Fairy Lights
Red Corduroy Frostfell Stocking
Red and Green Striped Frostfell Stocking
Snowy Pine
Tall Pine

Fancy Red and White Divider Giant Blue Raspberry Sour Giant Butterscotch Taffy Stick Giant Cherry Sour Giant Green Apple Taffy Stick Giant Green Gumdrop Giant Peppermint Swirl Giant Red Gumdrop Giant White Gumdrop Holiday Candy Bowl Blue and Green Frostfell Bow Blue and White Hanging Fairy Lights Emerald Icicle Bauble Envious Snowflake Rug Frostfell Gravy Boat Frostfell Roasted Veggies Gold and Purple Hanging Fairy Lights Gold and White Mounted Fairy Lights Gold Shiny Bell Grand Snowflake Rug Green and Red Hanging Fairy Lights Pink and Red Frostfell Bow Purple and White Frostfell Bow Red and White Hanging Fairy Lights Red and White Mounted Fairy Lights Ruby Icicle Bauble Silver Shiny Bell Topaz Icicle Bauble

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