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Snowy Dwelling, A Quick Tour

While out and about during Frostfell, Mum heard rumors about a new home that was for sale, and decided to check it out. She arrived just as a Norrathian realtor was finishing a tour of it and nodded to him cordially before waving him off when he offered to show her around.

"Do nae mind me, lad. I'll jus' poke an' prod a bit on me own. Tis th' way I prefer tae check out new places."

Sensing a potential sale, however, the eager-looking human started trailing after her like a (thankfully silent) puppydog.

With a mental huff, she dismissed him from her mind, and began looking around.

The view was absolutely spectacular. Chilly, but spectacular.

When she stopped dead to more fully appreciate it, her uninvited shadow bumped into her.

"Och, lad! I said I'd look around on me own! If'n ye're going tae shadow me all o'er, at least make yuirself useful an' take notes!" It wasn't the first time she'd had folks follow her around when she was checking out something new, hoping for tidbits of information and the like, but it was the first time she'd had it happen while home touring.

A quick peek in the window showed her that the place was still unfurnished, but in good shape for a winter cabin.

"The windows are lovely, an' it looks like they'd make frae a fine view o' th' sunset o'er th' water, but they'll leak heat horribly. They'll need some extra-heavy drapes frae insulation, especially during storms."

She carefully kicked as much snow off her boots as possible before she entered the one-room dwelling.

"If ye're going tae be showing this aroond tryin' tae sell it, lad, ye might want tae lay a fire in that fireplace tae help take some o' th' chill off. It will make th' place feel much more welcoming as well."

Her eyes swept the room, then looked up. "Nice high ceiling. It'd be pretty easy tae build a bedroom loft up above.

She tsked a bit at the square hole in the floor with the ladder leading down into the cellar. "It'd be guid tae build a trapdoor o'er this if ye do nae want folks falling through."

Carefully climbing down the ladder, she stepped into the chilly basement area, eyeing the section with ice in it with interest.

"Hmmm. Mayhaps drill a hole in th' ice an' go ice fishing? Ye could alsae turn this intae a lovely place frae cold food storage, wi' shelving an' such on the wall. down here.

A short while later, she headed out the front door, and down to the small wooden dock, looking about with pleasure.

"A wee bit chilly oot here frae my tastes, but a guid place tae throw a fishing line, I suspect!

The realtor, whose name she still hadn't learned, simply nodded and shivered. He clearly wasn't dressed properly for the cold, but for some reason, still felt the need to shadow her. (His name was Peter Peabody, a struggling new Norrathian realtor, if anyone was wondering, and he wrongly assumed he had a potential buyer in Mum. He was going to stay by her side until he turned into an icicle, or she'd had enough, whichever came first.)

"An, och! What lovely colors ye see when th' sun begins tae set. Th' view is spectacular!" Her eyes glistened in wonder, even as she shivered a bit.

Mum stayed out there, wrapped in her thick cloak, until the late-dusk sky slowly purpled. At that point, the increasingly loud rattling coming from behind her finally distracted her from her star-watching.

"Och! Ye're going tae break yuir teeth if they chatter much more, lad! An' yuir lips should nae be that unhealthy shade o' blue. Go! Get somewhere warm! An' next time ye come here wi' a customer, remember not only th' notes I gave ye frae possible selling points, but some warmer clothes!"

"B-b-b-but... aren't y-y-y-y-you interested in b-b-b-b-b-b-buying it, m-m-m-m-ma'ammmmmm?"

"Buy it? Nae me! It is tae cold frae th' likes o' me. Mark me well, lad, it'll get bought in nae time, especially if ye gi' some suggestions like I gave ye while ye were following me aroond!"

Frostfell 2013 will run from 12/12/13 at 8am PST through 01/09/14 at 7am PST on the live servers. The above prestige home will be available for purchase from the marketplace while the event is running.

Mum note: It really is a fantastic place, and I expect it will sell like hotcakes. Sadly even looking at all that lovely virtual snowy expanse makes my joints ache in real life (darn fibromyalgia), and I'll get enough shivering and aching from running the Frostfell content on some alts without shivering year-round in this lovely place.

Further detail on Frosftell crafting and furniture goodness can be found in the Frostfell 2013: Snowy Facelift article.

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