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This is part of the Altar of Malice Crafting/Housing Preview

Decorators always want more furniture, so I scrounged the corners of our beta guildhall for these 31 house items. They are a mix of adventure rewards and collection rewards, and I present them to you without details on which what they came from where. However, generally a name will be enough to send you on a hunt either on the broker, or out in the lands for yourself.

A Carrion Skitterer
A Dshinn Basilisk
Alchemy Beaker
Ancient Shissar Artifact
Archaeologist's Worktable
Construct of Malice Plushie
Dshinn Palms
Dshinn Twisted Palm
Excavator's Tools
Gazanti Grave Marker
Grim Platinum Tower
Grim Shales Ceremonial Urn
Luxuriant Zavith'loa
Glow Flower
Netted Barrels
Orange Spotted Mushroom
Pygmy Appetizer
Pygmy Bone Rack
Pygmy Road Marker
Pygmy Roasting Spit
Pygmy Skull Banner
Pygmy Gazebo
Rotating Globe of the Far
Seas Trading Company
Saddle Rack
Simple Shissar Brazier
Tall Glow Bulb Plant
Turquoise Mushroom Cluster
Urzurach Web Wrapping
Woven Basket of Coin
Woven Basket of Grain
Zavith'loa Hanging Vines
Zavith'loa Hatching Egg

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