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Primordial Adornments and New Rare Food/Drink

On March 9, 2015, we learned that new white "leveling" adornments were being added to the game on March 10. We also learned that new provisioner harvests and recipes were being added to the game at the same time. These weren't patched to Test until the afternoon of the 9th, and we didn't realize there was anything major for us to test until the patch notes were made for the Live server downtime. I've spent the last 7 hours frantically harvesting and testing. Mostly harvesting. Once you see the details below, you will understand why.

What You REALLY Need to Know About These

I know many like to skim patch notes and such quickly, but you REALLY want to read the below summaries if you're going to play with these, so that you know what you're getting into.

Food and Drink

Recipes: Your T1 recipes and T2 recipes have been auto-added to existing recipe books (Advanced Artisan Volume 1, and Advanced Craftsman Volume 10, respectively). The T10 recipes have been auto-added have been auto-added to Advanced Provisioner Volume 90. All other tiers require the purchase of a new Advanced Provisioner recipe book from recipe vendors.

Harvests: The new rare food harvest for each tier will come from that tier's shrub nodes - and they are rarer than the rare roots off the shrub nodes. For T1 through T9, the rares share the harvest table with the rare roots. In T10 and T11, you will not receive rare root harvests from shrubs anymore, to increase your chances at harvesting the food rare.

Primordial Adornments

Recipes: There are 10 new primordial adornment recipes for the 11 tiers. Make note of this, as it'll come back up in the harvests notes below. These recipes are sold by adorning vendors, like the one on the BBM docks, and are one per tier, except for T10/T11. NOTE that failure to complete the combines appear to return the fuel, not the rare.

Harvests: The primary ingredient, which will be a primordial fragment of some sort, seems to an ultra-ultra-rare off any node in the appropriate tier. (For example, a glowing primordial fragment from tier 2 nodes.) My experiences in these many hours of driving myself crazed harvesting are that they are rarer than spellshards and fragments. The fragments are also no-trade, so you'll need to harvest these on the person who needs the adornment.

The adornments Each adornment fits in one slot and only one slot. It is also Heirloom (the harvest is no-trade, the adorments have been changed to be heirloom).

You also may remember that I mentioned 10 adornments for 11 tiers. We know the final tier of primordial fragment drops in T10 (Vesspyr, etc), but we have no confirmation if it also drops in T11 or not.

More Details

These are down and dirty screenshots, first of the food and drink, then of the adornments. Note that the screenshots come from a couple alts, so the durations may differ based on racial abilities, AA's, etc.

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