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Frostfell Kittens!

This article is an addendum to the main Frostfell 2017 article. Please note that all screenshots were taken by a level 98 character on Test, and stats scale based on level.

Several new kitten familiars appear to be arriving in-game "soon". One will be sold on Gerbi Frostfoot in the Frostfell Wonderland Village for 50 token of E'ci. The rest of the ones that arrived on the familiars tab down with the rest of the familiars are assumed to be part of some holiday familiar pack. We will not know details until new Marketplace items are added sometime during the week of December 11. The token-buyable one is awaiting the next patch.

Token-Buyable Kitten

The Merry Frostfell Kitten is a no-trade familiar that will require 50 of the heirloom tokens of E'ci to purchase. It will be sold on Gerbi Frostfoot as soon as there is another live server patch. (Mum note: My current guess would be Dec. 12 for a patch, but that is just an educated guess.)

Other New Additions to the Familiars Page

As you can see from the picture at the top of the page, the small cluster of event familiars has grown from four (including the Merry Frostpaw Kitten) to 14. The other ten familiars are of varying quality levels, leading me to guess that they will be part of some holiday familiar grab bag or something similar. I don't know for sure right now, and we likely won't know more until sometime during the week of the 11th.

Netherborn Prowler Kitten
Imperial Prowler Kitten
Opalescent Prowler Kitten
Wreathed Pine Kitten
Wreathed Frost Kitten
Wreathed Coal Kitten
Wild Frost Kitten
Collared Frost Kitten
Festive Pine Kitten
Festive Coal Kitten

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