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CD: Myrist, The Great Library

This article is part of the Chaos Descending Information Clearinghouse collection of articles. The Chaos Descending expansion will be released on Nov. 13, 2018. Information for this article has been gathered during the beta testing phase, and some things may still change before (or just after) release.

Welcome to Myrist, the Great Library -- Repository to every book ever written in Norrath. (Well, everything except for stuff that happened while they were cut off from access to everywhere else, but they'll rectify any missing tomes soon enough, right?)

It needs to be large, to fit all those books in there, and learning which who wants which what where can be confusing for the directionally-challenged, even with a handy-dandy map, as you try to trace out which blue dot matches up with what other blue dot on the map.

Annotated map courtesy of Sigrdrifa on the EQ2 forums

Thankfully, it is all about the compass points, as everything is north, south, east or west and first or second floor.

  • East, floor 1 - entrance (including gear box); L - Comissary (stove, Cookie); R - Conservatory (Temry)
  • South, floor 1 (side hallway) - Librarian's Quarters that have been turned into a sickroom, Dylindra
  • South, floor 1 - Prophecy Portal (Disease, Coliseum of Valor, Plane of Magic)
  • North, floor 1 - Elemental portal gallery - Vegarlson (Earth), Doomfire (Fire, of course), Eryslai (Wind). Also mission NPCs
  • West - floor 1 & 2
  • South, floor 2 - Crafter's & Smith's portals: Smith's (workbench, woodworking table, forge, Ghida, Ramyn, wandering fuel/etc merchant, tinkering/transmuting/adorning dailies, adorning and tinkering merchant, tinkering and adorning trainers); Crafter's (chemistry table, loom, engraved desk, Mourndax, crafting trainer, fuel merchant, rush order and work order NPCs). South wing also leads to Grand Librarian's office
  • North, floor 2 - Services Gallery portal (banker, broker, mender/reforging) & Merchants Gallery portal (ammo merchant, status merchant, various currency or unlock merchants, furniture merchant)
  • Anywhere in the outer ring of the central area of the first floor - Yrag the Swift(roams)
  • Second floor mezzanine area, south end - Recipes for Adventure
  • Second floor mezzanine area, east side - The Scrivener

Also, please be aware that this is a special zone with regards to mounts. Mounts are not visible within the zone in order to prevent folks with huge mounts from parking on top of quest NPCs and the like. However, you will have the speed buff from your summoned mount. You will also not be able to fly in this zone.

Need to See it To Remember It?

While the fibro sometimes makes me trip over my words more than I would like, I've put together a 14-minute tour video of the library, pointing out the various spots of interest that are listed above. Myrist Tour

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