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This page is part of the GU109 preview and quest goodness. It will be broken down by furniture that can be researched and that which will be purchased. These items will be available from within the Anchorage as they become unlocked.

Note that these lists are not complete! Some items may not be revealed until a server's researchers have ranked up enough to unlock the item on a vendor. EXPECT CHANGES!

Also Note: Many of these items do not preview well! In order to fit the entire item into the preview window, you often lose the light, making the preview screenshot far too dark. In several cases, I will have placed the item in an empty spot in the guildhall and taken a shot of that. There WILL be a video walkthrough of the house items before this all goes live on the 16th, but for now, I've done what I can to give you a feel for the items.

Also Also Note: A lot of these items have special animations or other reasons needing notes. These will be noted below the table full of images in each section. (Also known as "Mum's making all these notes to make sure folks have the needed information, but she can't make you actually stop to read it all!")

Also Also Also Note: If I list an item with "(Lightsource)" in the tables below, it is not only a valid source of light, but it also has that "(Lightsource)" in the item name. The same goes for "(Collision)" and "(No Collision)" tags.

This page only contains items that have an art object tied to them (furniture and wearables). The master research lists can be found HERE.


Everything in this "Research" section from the four guilds are researched recipes to unlock.

Bondrin will be performing the research and his assistant Baranti will be the one selling the buy-only items as well as recipes unlocked by Bondrin's research.

Faefly Stool
Metallic Glowing Brazier (Lightsource)
Fiery Skull Candelabra
Dark Glowing Brazier (Lightsource)
Azure Glowing Brazier (Lightsource)
Great Stone Counter
Great Covered Stone Counter
Lit Brazier of War
Lit Orb of War
Pointed Emerald Throne
Great Helm Centerpiece

  • Faefly Stool - has little colored sparkles (faeflies) randomly floating from the base upwards
  • Fiery Skull Candelabra - has a crackling flame sound effect tied to it
  • Lit Orb of War - gives off a reddish light

Hibbie will be performing the research, while her assistant Puck sells the buy-only items as well as the below unlocked recipes from Hibbie's research. (Nonfurniture items will be added to the list during the 14th).

Overcooked Jum Jum Pie
Flat Clay Plate
Velium Pottery Round
Flat Silver Plate
Velium Pottery Short
Velium Pottery Tall
Basket of Blueberries
Noble Sconce of Light (Lightsource)
Noble Chandelier of Light (Lightsource)
Basket of Cranberries
Noble Brazier of Light (Lightsource)

  • Overcooked Jum Jum Pie - has a considerable cloud of smoke surrounding and wafting up from the pie. This will make the pie also perfect for sinking into things where you want a smoke effect! (Mum's comment: Perhaps it is good that Hibbie will be doing less cooking and more researching from now on! :D)
  • Flat Clay Plate and Flat Silver Plate aren't truly flat. They are more of a cross between a plate and a shallow bowl. Regardless, they're great dishes!
  • Velium Pottery Round and Velium Pottery Tall are the same height. But, of course, one is more rounded than the other.

Jurie will be performing the research, while her assistant Sprocket sells the buy-only items as well as the below unlocked recipes from Jurie's research. (Nonfurniture items will be added to the list during the 14th).

Singing Crimson Shrubbery
Shooting Star Shrubbery
Tall Bamboo Light Lamp (Lightsource)
Kasa's Mischievous Sconce
Wall Shield Emblem Type I
Glowing Double Sconce (Lightsource)
Wall Shield Emblem Type II
Small Bamboo Light Lamp (Lightsource)
Glowing Hands Sconce (Lightsource)
Tock's Tinkered Tinkerstation
Light Glowing Crystal (Lightsource)

  • Singing Crimson Shrubbery - has small musical notes swirling around it. They are on the understated side.
  • Shooting Star Shrubbery - cycles from just sitting there, to having a shooting star fire up from the center of the shrub (pictured above), that makes a lovely HUGE arc before disappearing. (It was on the first floor of the Antonica T3 guildhall, and was shooting up into the second floor.
  • Tock's Tinkered Tinkerstation - ornamental-only. It is not a real crafting station.
  • Light Glowing Crystal - bobs a little. At last check, default placement is sunken partway into the floor, but it is easy to raise it up, as pictured above.

Eifae will be performing the research, while her assistant Ellania sells the buy-only items as well as the below unlocked recipes from Eifae's research. (Nonfurniture items will be added to the list during the 14th).

Leucosia's Humanoid Recipes
Floating Sconce (Lightsource)
Throne of Past Kings
Light Glowing Sconce (Lightsource)
Dark Glowing Chandelier (Lightsource)
Light Glowing Lamp (Lightsource)
Light Glowing Chandelier (Lightsource)
Light Standing Lamp (Lightsource)
Light Bent Lamp (Lightsource)
Natural Blooming Chandelier (Lightsource)
Elven Lamp (Lightsource)

  • Floating Sconce - Wall mounted. It bobs ever so slightly
  • Light Glowing ____ (Lightsource) and Light Bent Lamp (Lightsource)- all items that start with that name in Eifae's offerings have an animated center ball.

Vendor-Only Items

In addition to the recipes (shown above) as they unlock, each of the above-mentioned assistants will sell a few items from the very beginning, with more items appearing as the researcher gains in ranks. A fifth vendor, Barrius Nam'terin, stands beside Whilhelm Nam'terin inside the Anchorage as a "Specialty Merchant".

Most of the below items will be available to purchase immediately (well, as soon as you have enough chits to buy them!) The exceptions are: Mirt's Illuminating Beam, which unlocks at a higher researcher rank, the chef's hat(s) which unlock at researcher rank 4, and parts of the block set, which unlock at various ranks on the different vendors.

A Mischievous Castle
Available on a vendor immediately
Mirt's Illuminating Beam
Unlocked on a vendor at rank ?
Large Limestone Platform
Available on a vendor immediately
Mine Support Large
Available on a vendor immediately
Mine Support Small
Available on a vendor immediately
Mischievous Tapestry
Available on a vendor immediately
Anchorage Banner
Available on a vendor immediately
Roped Stage Curtain (Collision)
Available at rank 2
Stage Curtain (No Collision)
Available at rank 2
Mischievous Drooping Curtains
Stage Hanging Curtain Top
(No Collision)
Available at rank 2
detail on Stage Hanging Curtain Top
Niami's Chef Hat of Yummy Creations
It makes me bald, but I love it!
Unlocks on a vendor at researcher rank 3

  • A Mischievous Castle - port to Cobalt Scar item for those who have unlocked access to the Anchorage. Currently it is set to drop you up in Scarstone near the bell, instead of down near the entrance to the Anchorage We're hoping this gets changed
  • Mirt's Illuminating Beam - The light color changes over time. See images and video below!
  • All the stage curtains! Note carefully the "no collision" and "collision" bits. These are parts of the actual item name, and indicate which are solid (have collision) and which can be walked through (no collision). These items have been taken from Bristlebane's castle, and he IS the god of Mischief, so trick curtains are right up his alley!
  • Mischievous Drooping Curtains - are a ceiling-placed item and are NOT solid.
  • Anchorage Banner - is a wall-placed item, but is pictured floating here due to lighting issues in the preview window combined with a placement bug on beta that will be fixed.

Times listed below for Mirt's Illuminating Beam are the in-game (Norrathian) times!

Moonlight (6 p.m. to 5 a.m.)
Sunrise/Sunset 5-6 (a.m. and p.m.)
Sunlight (6 a.m. to 5 p.m.)
Need/want a closer look at that light as it changes colors?

-- take a look at this video.

There are also TWO building block sets that will unlock on the vendors over time. The blocks, half-blocks and tall and short columns were visible from the start, and the plan is to unlock the rest of each set (including cut-outs) at various researcher ranks. Currently, the tile for each set is missing. Gninja's passed it back to the Art folks to figure out what happened to it, but since it can unlock later in the research ranks, it isn't urgent to have it ready for launch day.

Block of Foolhardy Tiled Marble
Block of Mischief Tiled Marble


In addition to the beam of light video above, there are two preview videos for the furniture: Vendor-Only Furniture and Researched House Items

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