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Epic Quest 4: Outfitter Errands

This is the only step of the tradeskill epic quest that is archetype-specific. This page is specifically for the Outfitter version of the quest (Tailor, Armorer, Weaponsmith) and is based on information provided by EQ2TC community member Kinday.

Neeta sends outfitters to the Overrealm (Specifically, to the Whisperwind Island in Barren Sky) on a quest called Outfitter Errands. For those not familiar with the Kingdom of Sky, your best bet will be to take the teleporter pad in Thundering Steppes or Nektulos Forest, which dumps you on the proper island. From there, it is a short climb, and some creative mob-dodging, to the Nest of the Great Egg. You will have to sneak around a special instance of the Nest of the Great Egg, collecting 3 items: a bolt of cloth, a sickle, and a book about crafting hammers. (Make certain you select the Outfitter Errands version of the instance!)

Of course, if that were all there were to it, you'd not need a guide, now, would you?

It seems that there are a lot of very aggressive red con vultak allll over the place in there, and there really isn't any way for you to waltz right in and grab what you need. Being a resourceful crafter, you decide that a crafted disguise is just the thing!

First, you have to sneak past a couple of relatively nearsighted heroics to the little room on the right and pick up "Vultak Anatomy: An Illustrated Guide", which is on a clicky book shelf in that room. The mobs are aggro, and high enough above your adventuring level that invisibility is not an option.

In order to craft the recipe, which is for a vultak disguise, you need to locate 3 different coloured feathers and some threads off the floor in the main room, whilst avoiding more aggro heroic vultaks. Note: you do NOT need to run back to town and get thread filaments! Even though the required fuel has the same name as the Tier 2 fuel for the loom, it is found in the zone on a clicky upturned chair. The feathers are clicky feathers off that first floor.

Once you have crafted your vultak disguise, which is a level 100 recipe, you can go downstairs and pick up the 3 items that you were sent for: there's a clicky rug in an antechamber off the first room, a clicky weapons stand in the hallway, and a clicky book shelf in the last room.

If the above map isn't enough to help you find them, and you need extra visual clues, check out this visual guide.

Return to Neeta for 30-some gold, achievement experience for completing the quest, and your class-specific recipe - Tailor: Ceremonial Solstice Robe, Armorer: Smithy Hammer, Weaponsmith: Mistletoe Cutting Sickle. You are then ready to proceed to the 5th quest: Proof in the Pudding

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