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Epic Quest 4: Scholar Errands

This is the only step of the tradeskill epic quest that is archetype-specific.

This page is specifically for the Scholar version of the quest (Sage, Jeweler, Alchemist) and is based on information provided by EQ2TC community member Kaisha, as well as from Mum.

Neeta Cabbageleaf says to you, "Ahh ... I feel much better! There's nothing like a fresh-baked jumjum pie to fill your stomach, is there? I can't think straight when I'm hungry. Was there anything else you wanted to know?"
You say to Neeta Cabbageleaf, "You mentioned some jewelry earlier.
Neeta Cabbageleaf says to you, "Oh yes! My grandmother's famous earring. Well, of course, not all the ingredients are available to us any more. But I've been working on finding substitutes, and I'm trying to find a recipe that will work. Tell me, what's your specialty?"
You say to Neeta Cabbageleaf, "Alchemist."

(Of course, you answer with Sage or Jeweler, instead, if you are either of those!)

Neeta Cabbageleaf says to you, "Good, then you can get me some of the information I need, and make one of the items that I think that my new recipe requires. Are you interested?"
You say to Neeta Cabbageleaf, "Yes, I am."
Neeta Cabbageleafsays to you, "There used to be an area south of Freeport in my grandmother's time known as the Desert of Ro. It was separated from what the Overlord now calls the continent of D'Lere during all the times of upheaval, and contact was only reestablished in the past few years. I hear they're a strange people, but they do have some very old libraries. I'd appreciate it if you could look there for any information that might reference my grandmotherís old recipes. I haven't been there myself, so I can't give you exact directions. I've heard there's a great observatory tower not far from the city gates though, that would probably be a good place to start asking."
You say to Neeta Cabbageleaf, "I would be glad to scour their libraries for you."
Neeta Cabbageleaf says to you, "Thanks!"
You say to Neeta Cabbageleaf, "I'll be back soon."

Head up to Maj'Dul and visit the Tower of the Moon. On the second floor, speak with the Steward of the Vizier for your next clue.

You say, "Hail, Steward of the Vizier"
Steward of the Vizier says to you, "Yes, barrashar? What brings you to the Tower of the Moon?"
You say to Steward of the Vizier, "I'm trying to track down some very old information that might have made its way into your libraries. Can you suggest where I might start looking?"
Steward of the Viziersays to you, "The Library of Light is where our most important books and research documents are stored. Much of the information that we saved throughout the cataclysms has been preserved there."
You say to Steward of the Vizier, "That sounds like where I need to look! Where would I find this library?"
Steward of the Vizier/a says to you, "The library is just down the stairs from here, near the entry gate. But strangers are not welcomed there, barrashar. If you try to enter, the librarians will not be welcoming, and you will have only yourself to blame for your foolishness."
You say to Steward of the Vizier, "I see. Well, thank you for the information anyway."
Trundle back towards the gate and enter The Library of Light: Scholar Errands instance. "The librarians will not be welcoming" indeed! This place contains several aggro heroic librarians that are up to 20 levels above your adventuring level (Their level scales based on your adventuring level). What's an eager scholar like yourself to do?

Throw books at them!

Just inside the entrance to this instance, there are shelves to either side. Mouse over until you find something actionable, and grab yourself "a weighty tome" ... or 30. These will be no-trade no-zone items that you can throw from inventory. (Save yourself some time and put the tome on a hotbutton for fast throwing, and get used to using "f" to gather books, instead of the more ponderous right-click actions.)

Throw books at the two librarians on the ground floor and zip past them both and down the stairs. Note that the de-aggro only lasts 60 seconds, so get used to moving quickly when near mobs, and finding safe spots to stop and breathe, re-throw, etc.

Downstairs are several 2-sided book shelves. (Ignore the taller shelves against the walls.) These shelves contain not only more "a weighty tome" so that you don't run out of ammo in mid-search, but also contain 4 unique "an incomplete recipe fragment". Remember that 60-second timer when you're rummaging through the shelves looking for the four fragments, and only search a shelf or two at a time, restun anything near you, search more shelves, throw more books, etc.

Now, if you're like Mum, who admits to becoming very easily lost, you're having a hard time sorting out where you found the pages the first three times you died, while simultaneously keeping track of the librarians, and the state of their stuns. Fortunately, Kaisha managed to whip up a quick map for us.

If you still die, because you're ogling the map, answering questions in craft chat, etc, as of the Feb. 12 hotfix, you should revive inside the zone, so you do not lose all of those lovely no-zone items you have already collected.

Once you have all 4 fragments, head back up the stairs, bob, weave, clamber, throw books what have you, until you're up the stairs from the ground level, where you will find 2 engraved desks. The shelf against the wall to the right of the desks will contain "The Restoration of Damaged Documents: A Primer". Grab this, scribe it, then call up the Document Restoration Instructions recipe on the engraved desk and carefully piece those four fragments into "a sheaf of restored recipes."

Flee! Flee! I mean, head back to Neeta to be awarded achievement experience, 30-some gold, and your class recipe. Alchemists: Celestial Solvent, Sages: Protection of the Cabbage Spell, Jewelers: Ruby-Encrusted Stein

You are then ready to proceed to the 5th quest: Proof in the Pudding

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