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Scorched Sky 2019

You need not fear any of the devotees of Flame you are bound to encounter across Norrath during this time of celebration. Within the flames all mettle is tempered, that which is weak, distracting, and fleeting is burned away, leaving only the strong, pure, and resilient! Join them in lifting up the Tyrant of Fire and the Burning Prince and you too will know the cleansing intensity of Fire.

This is the second year for this new summer mini-event, and like most new events, it started small and is slowly growing. This year adds a new quest and 31 new buyables to the event. (To clarify, the items from last year are all returning as well.)

This event will run on the live servers* from June 26, 2018 at 12:01 AM PT until July 8, 2018 at 11:59 PM PT on the live servers. This event includes: 1 new quest in Darklight Woods, 1 repeatable fireworks quest in every city, 1 collection quest that requires shinies from at least 3 zones, 1 achievement, mobs to kill for coins, and vendors at the celebration bonfires in the same zones that the shinies spawn in. (*Kaladim will not receive this event.)

This event will occur in nine zones. There will be a collection that requires shinies from at least three zones. (Each zone has 3 purple shinies that can spawn near the celebration NPCs.) You can also visit any of the 9 locations to find scaling fire elemental mob types that will become active and aggro, at your level as you walk close to them. These mobs will drop tradeable Coin of Ember that can be used to shop at the merchants located in each of the 9 celebration locations. You can be grouped while killing these elemental mobs, and all group members will receive coin(s) from the mob chest. (Non-members get 1 coin, members get double currency, so get 2 coins.)

Collection and Celebration Locations

There are 9 overland zones in which you will find celebrators, event merchants, and mobs to kill for coins.

Polished Lapis Lava, Cut Magmatic Crystal, Cracked Blazestone

  • Darklight Woods near Smoldering Lake and Sableflame Crater (/way 34, -48, -8)
  • Sinking Sands near druid ring and beach to south (/way -1460, 229, -9)
  • Tranquil Sea, South Dshinn near Lobha Peaks (/way -1413, 121, -539)

Cut Lawflow Marble, Pyre Pearl, Chipped Flame Ruby

  • Pillars of Flame, north of Giant's Field carpet, NPCs in cave at shore-level near Siyamak (/way 1385, -230, -837)
  • Commonlands near Dog Trapper Lake (/way 11, -13, -750)
  • Great Divide - SW of Scar Bridge (/way -343, -347, 658)

Molten-heart Diamond, Cut Cinder Agate, Black Scorch Stone

  • Lavastorm near Dragon's Breath Tunnel mount station (/way -102, 17, 67)
  • Butcherblock Mountains near griff station above docks
  • Antonica in Windstalker Village for the NPCs, mobs and shinies in areas surrounding Windstalker

Collection reward is "Tapestry of the Magma Heart"

New Buyables

Each of the nine celebration locations listed above has an that sells items for "Coin of Ember".

Images have mostly had their brightness/contrast adjusted so that the preview images are slightly more visible.

Cracked Lava tileset
see below for prices)
Crystal Embernaut Plushie
4 coins
Doomfire Dais
4 coins
Ember Root
2 coins
Flame Bridge (animated)
10 coins
Magma Snail (housepet)
3 coins
Petamorph Wand: Ravenous Hellhound
3 coins
Pyrelord Firepit
2 coins
Pyrelord Grand Chair
(translucent center back)
2 coins
Pyrelord Side Table
(translucent top)
2 coins
Pyrelord Treasure Chest
(translucent legs and corner bits)
2 coins
Summoned Pyromaton Plushie
4 coins

The Pyrelord set has translucent bits of maroon "glass" that don't screenshot well. Hopefully when we have videos, it will help you visualize them better.

Cracked Lava tile set - 2 coins of ember per stack (15 in the stack for the "basic" blocks, 8 in the stack for the cut-outs).

Frock of Flame Armor Crate - 20 coins, includes robe, slippers, gloves, cowl and collar. Both the crate and the items within are heirloom.

Returning Buyables

Again, note that basic building blocks come in packs of 15. The "cut-out" blocks come in packs of 8.

Blaze Elemental (housepet)
heirloom, 3 coins
Emberorb Elemental (housepet)
heirloom, 3 coins
Petamorph Wand: Pyre Elemental
3 coins
Burned Stump
2 coins
Burned Tree
2 coins
Smoking Stump
2 coins
Flowing Lava Tile (15)
2 coins
Golden Flame Brazier
2 coins
Golden Flame Chandelier
4 coins
Lavastorm Coalbin
2 coins
Spilled Lavastorm Coalbin
2 coins
Block of Sunscale (15)
2 coins
Floor Tile of Sunscale (15)
2 coins
Half Block of Sunscale (15)
2 coins
Narrow Divider of Sunscale (15)
2 coins
Railing of Sunscale (15)
2 coins
Rounded Tile of Sunscale (15)
2 coins
Short Column of Sunscale (15)
2 coins
Stair of Sunscale (15)
2 coins
Tall Column of Sunscale (15)
2 coins
Tall Divider of Sunscale (15)
2 coins
Triangle Tile of Sunscale (15)
2 coins
Arched Doorframe of Sunscale (8)
2 coins
Horizontal Window Frame in Tall Divider
of Sunscale (8), 2 coins
Rectangular Doorframe of Sunscale (8)
2 coins
Square Window Frame in Narrow Divider
of Sunscale (8), 2 coins
Square Window Frame in Tall Divider
of Sunscale (8), 2 coins
Tall Window Frame in Narrow Divider
of Sunscale (8), 2 coins
Tall Window Frame in Tall Divider
of Sunscale (8), 2 coins
Vertical Window Frame in Tall Divider
of Sunscale (8), 2 coins

Sableflame Nightmare, 50 coins
(can convert into a house item)

Please note that the mount is heirloom - I just haven't updated the screenshot. :O

New Quest: "The Heat is On"

This quest will be offered at the celebration location in Darklight Woods. It does not involve any combat, though the event elementals will require at-level combat if you pass close enough to one to trigger it. (You need/want tokens for your shopping anyway, so this isn't a bad thing!)

Completion of the quest will reward you with 4 Coin of Ember (8 if you are a member), and your choice of either Flame Tuatara Eggs or Flame Tuatara Plushie. This quest does not give group updates at this time. (I will edit this if that changes during testing.)

Flame Tuatara Eggs
Flame Tuatara Plushie

Returning Quest: {City} Festive Fireworks

Cities have "A Fireworks Coordinator" and "A Sparkler Merchant". You must obtain the Festive Sparkler for 10c from the Sparkler Merchant before the Fireworks Coordinator will give you the ____ Festive Fireworks quest to light off 10 fireworks, which spawn within that city. Reward is your choice of a city-specific fireworks launcher or 1 Coin of Ember (2 if you are a member). The quest appears to be endlessly repeatable.

  • Qeynos - Claymore statue in NQ
  • Kelethin - beside the bank
  • Frostfang Sea - at /way -62, 148, -11 in New Halas
  • Timorous Deep - Gorowyn Docks
  • Neriak - Indigo Hollow in Neriak at /way 14, 16, -15
  • Freeport - across the street from the bank in WFP at /way 215, -3, -73

The Sparkler Merchant also has a more limited set of items for sale than the merchants out at the celebration spots. The items on the Sparkler Merchant are: Blaze Elemental (housepet, 3 coins), Burned Stump (2 coins), Burned Tree (2 coins), Emberorb Elemental (housepet, 3 coins), Golden Flame Brazier (2 coins), Golden Flame Chandelier (4 coins), Lavastorm Coalbin (2 coins), Petamorph Wand: Pyre Elemental (3 coins), Smoking Stump (2 coins), Spilled Lavastorm Coalbin (2 coins). Basically, everything but the mount and the building blocks.


Destroy 25 of the various fire elemental types that will attack you near the celebration bonfires, and you will complete the Tempered by Flame hidden achievement and earn the suffix title ", the Scorched."

A Closer Look?

This year's video preview (done by Mum) is nowhere near as fancy as what was done by Ocarinah last year, but it is at least something. For those wanting a closer look at the returning items, last year Ocarinah put together short and long walkthroughs, giving you a closer look at the furniture, scaling, etc.: Short Item Preview and Full Version Scorched Sky Preview. Thanks, ma'am!

Quest Tracker?

We have an updated quest tracker from Casdoe of Maj'Dul for tracking the achievement, quests and collection for your alts. (Some of you will also want to do fireworks in more than one city for your quest count!) Scorched Sky quest tracker in XLS form and there is also a PDF version..

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