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World Event: Nights of the Dead

Nights of the Dead (NotD) is a yearly event in EverQuest 2 that celebrates ghoulies, ghosties, long-leggedy beasties and things that go bump in the night ... or something like that. :)

Unlike the real-world Halloween that it is loosely modeled upon, though, Norrathians tend to like to celebrate this event for most of October, with quests, crafting and treats for all levels of characters.


Each year a new recipe book is added to the existing vendor lineup, with Nights of the Dead vendors handily lurking in all home crafting society areas. Each "Celebrations of the Dead" recipe book is heirloom and requires level 2 artisan to scribe. The recipes themselves are difficulty level 29. (What this means is that they will be more of a challenge for a very low-level crafter than an at-level recipe, they will also give considerably more xp per combine if you are below level 29 on the crafting front.) In addition to low-tier fuels and common materials, you will need a piece of Nights of the Dead candy. Visit the NotD articles at the bottom of the page to see what are in the past NotD crafting books.

NotD recipes yield 2 upon completion of a pristine (all 4 progress bars filled) combine.

Candy - Both Crafting and Currency

There are a few ways to get NotD candy these days:

  • Go on killing sprees of creepy-type mobs*. The mobs don't even need to be experience granting in order to get a candy body drop from them. (And they won't grant a candy every time.)
  • Have an upgraded pack pony (requires completion of A Gathering Obsession Beyond the Grave) that will bring back 100 assorted NotD candies when sent out during the event.
  • Harvest the purple shinies that appear in towns during the event and you may get collectibles, or you may end up with candy.
  • Complete the various NoTD quests, and several of them will offer you a choice of rewards that sometimes includes candy corn.
  • Chase down specific skeletons - there are skeletons that will spawn in Antonica on the road between the lighthouse and the front gates to North Qeynos. When a player gets in range of them, they will aggro at the triggering player's level and attack them, granting a better-than-normal chance at dropping peanut brittle. These skeletons can also be found on the beach off the Nektulos Forest docks, but in addition to the standing skeletons, there are glowing piles that spawn on the ground that can be clicked to spawn a skeleton during this event. There is also an achievement line for killing these skeletons.

*What was that about creepy mobs? The below is only a partial list, but it should give you a good idea of what sorts of mobs you will want to chase for candy.

Cubes (Vermin's Snye, etc.)Candy Corn
Flesh FeedersCandy Corn
GhoulsGummy Worms
GoblinsChocolate Buttons
GolemsNutty Chocolate Bar
Gorgers (LP, etc.)Cherry Gumdrops
GremlinsGum Ball
HarpiesFruit Flavored Hard Candy
LamiaGreen Chocolate Buttons
MummiesCotton Candy
NightbloodsRed Licorice
RatsJelly Beans
ScorpionsChocolate Bar
Shadowed MenLicorice Candy
SkeletonsPeanut Brittle
Snakes (including flying snakes)Caramels
Spectres (SS, Silent City)Fudge
Spinechillers (Void storms, etc.)popcorn balls
SpidersLicorice Rope
VampiresChewing Gum
WerewolvesWere Cupcake
"Wiggly Things" (centipedes, etc)Caramels
ZombiesGummy Worms

You might have noticed that there is quite the variety of candy dropped by these mobs. While any of it may be used for crafting, only candy corn is used for a variety of NotD vendor items (furniture, mounts, appearance items, illusions, etc.) Grabby Gigglegibber will be located in or in front of your home crafting area during the event to turn your various NotD candies into candy corn. This makes for easier storage, as well as shopping. (In past years, hailing him would only convert a maximum of 20 candy per hail, but in 2018 he learned how to count higher (50, 100, 200, 500 and 1000), making the trade-in process much faster.)


Who doesn't want to be a grave digger? Right? Um ... guys?

While it may not be your top job choice in the real world, gravedigging for this event can be some low-key fun. It is also needed for 2 quest starters and an achievement.

The first thing to do if you think you *might* have done the digging on a specific character in the past, is to use the inventory search to see if you have a gravedigger's shovel somewhere in inventory. (Search on "shovel" using the little magnifying glass icon on your character sheet and see if it shows up.) If you don't have one, go search up a new one while this event is running. It sparkles nicely on the ground in various cities, usually near some of the gravestones. If you have one already, you won't see the shovel spawn, so double-check using the search!

Make sure the shovel is in your weapon appearance slot and find yourself some graves in/around various cities and click to dig. (Maj'Dul and the docks of Thurgadin also have diggable graves.) In addition to various ghosts with whom you can interact (one quest ghost, one hide-and-seek ghost, and several that you can either fight or have celebrate), there are some critters that will attack you, and ... prezzies! (The presents open into a variety of house items, or titles, or a familiar.)

PROTIP: Turn "Singular Focus" on before gravedigging if you have any AE ability or proc, and you are somewhere where there is a chance of patrolling guards. The last thing you need is to hit a guard when you are fighting the mobs that can spawn from the digging! Really, watch for guards, and watch your AEs!

Pumpkin Bombing/Pulping

Pumpkin bombs are sold by Haint, a NoTD merchant in home crafting areas. Each bomb costs 2 candy corn.

Throwing a pumpkin bomb or "Bombing" is relatively simple. Be in a home city, target another player (NOT an NPC, merc or pet), and right-click the bomb to throw it. This will reward you, the bomber with a random item from a virtual reward crate [The Spirit of Giving]. Rewards in this crate include specific NoTD collection pieces, titles, or an Ancient Desert Urn house item.

Picking up one of the 8 "mysterious pumpkin" that sprouts in a circle around the targeted player when a bomb is thrown is called "Pulping". When you do so, you are rewarded with a random item from a piece from on of several NoTD collections, one several specific house items, or the ultra- rare bat mount.

Anyone nearby can pulp mysterious pumpkins from a thrown pumpkin bomb, so if you want to throw only for a specific friend, you will have to find some pretty out-of-the-way spots in city zones. You will also want to be sure you are in a relatively flat area, so that odd terrain, buildings, walls and such don't eat your pumpkins.

There are also achievements and titles earned for picking up X number of mysterious pumpkins, and you will want to check your Achievements tab for your progress.

There is an ultra-rare bat mount from pumpkin pulping, and the process for it works a bit differently. Your first "couple dozen or so" throws each day are the only ones that have a chance to obtain the mount. This was from a dev several years ago, and still holds to be true now. So if you are trying for the mount, only do 25 or so throws on a single day, then try more another day, etc. YOU CAN PUMPKIN PULP ALL YEAR LONG!

Other Quests

Since this event has been running for many years now, there are quite a few quests that will run during the event. For those familiar with the quests, you may just want the quest tracker spreadsheets to keep all your alts on track, but if you're new to them, or need a refresher on any of them, I recommend the wiki writeups.

One thing that I do want to add, since I already have the list handy, is some notes on the "Broken Mirrors" quest. When you first enter the instance, kill all the mobs in the bar, then kill every mob you see as you collect the following:

  • Agony - Diary - 2nd floor, East room, on the dressing table (there will be a floating piece of furniture in front of it when you have to go back to it during the fight, so remember where it is!)
  • Betrayal - Rose - 2nd floor, West room, on the bed
  • Deceit - Dagger, entry area, on a table
  • Honor - Scroll - 2nd floor, bookcase on the South end of the landing
  • Rivalry - Letter - 1st floor, East room, a flapping page on a table

Once you have collected all those items, and it is time to confront the ghost, keep an eye on what she says. After you hit her a few times, she'll say something and become invulnerable. With her targeted, mouse over the first buff underneath her name to figure out which memory she is ranting about at the time, then run to the proper item on the list above and click on it once the ghost is in the area with you to continue the fight. (Pet owners may need to call back their pet at every room change, so that the ghost will follow you.)

After you have had her relive all 5 memories, she'll get pretty furious and pop back into the bar area. You need to destroy every targetable bottle in that room in order to defeat her. USE THE FURNITURE where possible! Move behind the bar to destroy all those bottles, keep the long table between you as much as possible when destroying the bottles on/around the table, etc. The more obstacles you can put between the two of you, the less she will damage you while you destroy the bottles.


We now have numerous collections to keep track of with this event. The first is ground spawn in various cities. "A Swinging Wake" will require shinies from multiple spots: One pair is in Qeynos/Freeport in the NoTD-related areas, one pair is in Kelethin/Neriak in NoTD-related areas, one pair is in New Halas/Gorowyn in NoTD-related areas, and one pair is on the beach area just off the Nektulos Forest docks. Another collection comes completely from the grave digging event. The shinies you get from "Pumpkin Pulping" (having pumpkin bombs thrown at you) are actually several small collections that lead to a meta-collection. In addition, 2019 added additional collection to the bombing (throwing) side of things, and one to the pulping (collecting) side of things. 2021 has also added a new one from grave digging.

Past NotD Celebrations

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