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Erollisi Day 2020 - Purple Passion

"Event Season" in EQ2 is ramping up and we will be seeing four events within the next couple of months. First in this lineup is Erollisi Day, which hit Test on Jan. 30. It will be available on the live servers from 12:01 a.m. Pacific on February 6, 2020 through 11:59 p.m. Pacific on February 19, 2020.

A Quick Note on Timezones

For those who are eternally confused about the a.m./p.m. thing with regards to events, it starts at 1 minute after midnight Pacific on the 6th, and runs until 1 minute before midnight Pacific on the 19th. Your ingame calendar WILL show you different starting/ending times and dates if you are not in the Pacific timezone because the calendar is snazzy like that and adjusts the listing to your local timezone. We tend to get several folks with every event that get worried because their calendar shows that the event runs into the next day for them, and they haven't read the fine print on the event listing to realize that it is just the timezone thing at work.

What's New?

To save myself some retyping, here are my notes that went with the preview home for Ocarinah:

Are YOU New?

If you're familiar with Erollisi Day, you can skip this section. :D

The wiki article is not yet updated for 2020's event, but the 2019 information on there will give you details on the various quests, collections, etc., and I cover the new stuff below.

Various mobs around Norrath will drop love notes or hard candies. Generally, this tends to be mostly humanoid-type mobs, such as would be likely to have Lore and Legend quests, though there are a few odd ones, like shik'nar, that you wouldn't traditionally think of as intelligent. :D Additionally, a pack pony that has been upgraded via A Gathering Obsession Beyond the Grave" can bring back 100 mixed love notes and hard candies per 2-hour run.

The vendors for the event can be found in Qeynos Harbor and in East Freeport. In both cases, they are outside the building housing the city's mercenaries, and the NPCs in both cities have the same names.

The notes and hard candies can be: 1) used as-is as the primary ingredient in the holiday crafting recipes, 2) traded in to Heartgar MacInnes (Qeynos Harbor & East Freeport) for barbarian love notes, so they all can stack together for easier depot storage, 3) traded to Liannya Heartswell (also in Qeynos Harbor and East Freeport) to convert them to Erollisi Coins. Once they are converted to coins, they cannot be converted back to love notes, so make sure you're not mass-converting your entire stash into coins when you wanted to set some aside for crafting. Bank/depot the ones you want to craft with before you convert the desired number into coins.

The coins can then be spent at the two vendors, Douglas and Steven. (Imagine that, they are also in Qeynos Harbor and East Freeport!) While I am only presenting information on this year's new buyables, not the other offerings on the vendors, there are lots of lovely goodies from past years on them as well.

As for the quests in/around Qeynos and Freeport, and in New Halas, I'll leave that to the wiki link above.

Now, on to the eye-candy!

New Crafted Items

The merchant selling the recipe books, Steven, is located in Qeynos Harbor and in South Freeport. In both cases, he is located outside the building housing the for-hire mercenaries. He has added "Romantic Gifts to Craft XIII" to his offerings.

Alabaster Piano
Alabaster Piano Bench
Blush Lace Sapling
Blush Lace Seedling
Courter's Inkwell
Indigo Star Pillow
Pearly Purple Tile
Philter of Affection
Plum Petals Round Pillow
Violet Marble Tile
White Candle Ringed by Poppies
Yellow Candle Ringed by Poppies
Peach Stucco Cutout Set*

**The existing peach stucco block set has been changed to the above color, instead of being an off-white with stains. In addition to the tint change to existing blocks, this year's recipe book includes the cut-outs for the block set to complete the set.

New Buyables

These items, which are sold on Douglas (standing next to the above-mentioned Steven) in Qeynos and Freeport, require Erollisi Coin, a tradeable currency. You will obtain these coins from quests as well as being able to trade in some of your spare love notes and hard candies into coins.

Adoring Heart Sign Plate
(customizable sign)
5 coins
Sunset Enthraller
(heirloom housepet)
20 coins
Twilight Lovebird
(heirloom housepet)
20 coins
Supple Crimson Leather Armor Crate
30 coins
Supple Violet Leather Armor Crate
30 coins

Wings of Passion
(pictured above)
500 coins

Like the other event armor sets on Douglas, the two armor crates are Heirloom, and the three items within them are NO-TRade. This set does not include shoulders, so if you have shoulders that are visible, you might want to hit up the February 2020 Kelethin City Festival for shoulders and forearms from the Imperceptible set for your appearance slot! if you don't want your armor to show through.

Holiday Overseer Quests

Sister Marinah Highgleam, located in front of the Cairn of the Huntress in New Halas, offers you the first of five new overseer quests, along with a bit of backstory. The five-quest series can only be done by one of the characters on your account at a time (provided that character has done the initial starter overseer quests) but it can be repeated. It does NOT count towards your daily 10 overseer quests per account. The quests will disappear from your overseer listing as you finish them, since they are single-use quests. The first four quests will be 30-minute, single agent quests with a base 0 bonus and 5% fail rate. The final one will be one hour in duration. Once you have completed the series, you may do it again by returning to Sister Marinah Highgleam to get the starter once again.

  1. "Thralg's Bejeweled Cutlass" (30-minute duration) - granted by Sister Marinah Highgleam, it autoscribes the single-use quest into your overseer tab. Rewards: a basic overseer reward crate, the next quest in the series, and agent Umbriel.
  2. "Thralg's Mad Grobb Grog" (30-minute duration) - autoscribed at the end of the previous quest, it rewards the next quest in the series plus a basic overseer reward crate
  3. "Thralg's Trained Monkey" (30-minute duration) - autoscribed at the end of the previous quest, it rewards the next quest in the series, the basic overseer reward crate plus an heirloom Huckleberry Zelniak Calf Clothwork fluff pet.
  4. "Thralg's Blessed Cologne" (30-minute duration) - autoscribed at the end of the previous quest, it rewards the next quest in the series, the basic overseer reward crate plus a Sweet Cherry Zelniak Clothwork Plushie.
  5. "Delivery of Thralg's Affection" (1-hour duration) - autoscribed at the end of the previous quest, it rewards the basic overseer reward crate, the prefix title "Heartswoggler" and a single charge of the Smitten Bilgebelly Pirate Illusion.

First quest
Final quest reward
Huckleberry Zelniak Calf Clothwork
(fluff pet, 3rd quest)
Sweet Cherry Zelniak Calf Clothwork Plushie
(housepet, 4th quest)
Smitten Bilgebelly Pirate Illusion
(5th quest)
(agent, first quest)

Public Quest Changes

The Public Quest "Love Will Lead You Back" returns again this year with a few small tweaks.

  • You can only give a dearly departed a rose once every few seconds (Mum comment - this is to help prevent a single player from rose-stuffing the zombie to the point that others can't earn participation rewards)
  • The distance at which you can hand in a rose to a dearly departed has been increased
  • The size of each dearly departed has been increased (Mum comment: we still think it is hard to see if too many adds dogpile around it and have asked for a further size increase)
  • The dearly departed walk a bit slower toward their.... dearly departed.
  • 3 new rewards added

That last one needs a bit of commenting. At last check, nobody on Test had gotten any of the three new rewards, so my screenshots are based on examine links from the reward crate. (i.e., I can't get more detailed shots of the antlers due to how equipment previews won't allow you to zoom in on a certain part of the body. Once I can get them on a mannequin, I can zoom in to my heart's content.) Most of the other rewards in the reward crate are old stuff, such as CD recipe books. The "usual" reward tends to be an Erollisi coin or three, plus a love note, but the list is huge and quite outdated with stuff from the last expansion. We have requested that they review the list, but with only a week between when this hit Test and when it goes live, there isn't a lot that can/will be done.

Crimson Hart Antlers
Hart's Desire Antlers
Dapper Darling Baby Dragon
Clothwork (housepet)

New Achievement

A new achievement has been added for collecting love notes and hard candies from specific mob types. Any of these mobs that appear in more than one zone should be able to be hunted in those zones. A few, however, will only be dropping in the Luclin zones. Therefore, you must have the Blood of Luclin expansion in order to loot the proper corpses.

Quest Tracker?

Casdoe from Maj'Dul has already updated her quest tracker with the new goodies from this year. Snag it in XLS or PDF form if you need to keep track of lots of alts.


Ocarinah has done it again with two versions of her lovely item previews for you - The long narrated version and a shorter, silent version. As always, thank you SO much for doing this!

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