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Summer Jubilee 2022

Summer 2022 sees the first annual Summer Jubilee in EverQuestII. First I will include the official announcement text, then I'll follow with more details on many of the lovely items that you can obtain.

We're proud to announce the launch of our first annual Summer Jubilee! This event lasts all summer long and will incorporate Tinkerfest, Scorched Sky Celebration, and Oceansfull Festival where players can earn Copper Jubilation Medals which can be used to purchase exclusive items.
Here's what is coming for Summer Jubilee:
Live Servers
Jubilation parades can be found in each of the player cities, pathing near the event merchant.
Jubilation merchants can be found in each of the player cities exchanging event exclusive armor, house items, recipes, instruments, and equipment for Copper Jubilation Medals.
Copper Jubilation Medals are heirloom and can be gained by completing most Tinkerfest, Scorched Sky Celebration, and Oceansfull Festival repeatable content.
Daily Mission for each event dungeon end boss and can be updated in either solo or heroic.

Special Rules Servers (Including Varsoon)
Start earning Copper Jubilation Medals during Tinkerfest and continue earning them through Scorched Sky Celebration and Oceansfull Festival.
Along with the Copper Jubilation Medals, we’re also adding in Golden F'Aestival Bracers. They're huge, they're shiny, and best of all, they're pretty powerful especially if you complete the Summer Jubilee event! How do you get a pair? Just log in during Tinkerfest and complete the event dungeon, Innovation: Tinkerer's Trial, six times. Once you do that, you'll have your new, Mythical bracers and ready to take on Scorched Sky Celebration and Oceansfull Festival.
Here are the stats which include a new buff, Steam Powered Metabolism:

As you cruise through Summer Jubilee and complete this summer's in-game events, the stats get better and better making you all the more powerful. Now, if you miss Tinkerfest, you can still unlock the Golden F'Aestival Bracers during Scorched Sky or Oceansfull, but you'll miss out on the previous event's stat bonus so keep that in mind.
Now that you know what's happening and what you need to succeed, let's dive into what you can earn. This band of dedicated Jubilation merchants has scoured Norrath for many prized and well sought-after items for your home and character including a new pet and musical instruments!
Summer Jubilee is going to be amazing! Keep your eyes on (the EQ2) site and social media for updates regarding Tinkerfest, Scorched Sky Celebration, and Oceansfull Festival which are all being revamped for the jubilation. Summer Jubilee begins on June 2, 2022, as Tinkerfest begins, and ends on August 24, 2022, when Oceansfull ends. Here's the schedule:
Tinkerfest — June 2, 2022 to June 15, 2022
Scorched Sky Celebration — June 30, 2022 to July 13, 2022
Oceansfull Festival — August 11, 2022 to August 24, 2022


To sort of summarize: Tinkerfest, Scorched Sky and Oceansfull have been given some extra content this year, repeatable quests from those events should be giving copper jubilation coins and Kaitheel has ensured that TLE's can also earn coins, even if they cannot reach the main event zones. (TLEs might have a bit less coins they can earn, but they also won't have any use for the high-ticket (100-200 coins each) armor and accessories that are on the vendor for the live servers.

The coins are heirloom, and the coins and vendor items will be the same for all three events, so you don't "have" to rush to earn all the coins in one swell foop.

If you are a max (or near-max) adventurer, then you will definitely want to complete the mission achievements in all three events (6 repetitions of the Tinkerfest adventuring dungeon, and probably the same amount of repetitions from the Scorched Sky and Oceansfull dungeons, though I've not heard a number confirmation for those.)

On to the Eye Candy!

Each home city will have a jubilee merchant, and a guard within your city should be able to point you to "Jubilation" if you are having a hard time finding them. (So far, I know the Qeynos one is near the palace in North Qeynos.)

All items require Copper Jubilation Medals of varying amounts.

Bag of Luclin Teleportation Pads
Quantity: 2pads
4 Medals
Belted Leather Quiver
36 ammo slots
20 Medals
Butcherblock Merchant Display Cart
4 Medals
Colorpoint Kitten (fluff pet)
4 Medals
Exquisite Arcanum Jar
1 Medal
Kexia Marble Hearth
4 Medals
Lazy Drain Guardians
4 Medals
Mistmyr Chalice
1 Medal
Mistmyr Goblet
1 Medal
Pastel Marble Building Blocks
(recipe book for full set)
50 Medals
Pastel Marble Hearth
4 Medals
Portrait of an Oakmyst Dryad
4 Medals
Potted Fordel Fiddle-leaf
4 Medals
Potted Paludal Philodendron
4 Medals
Tawny Owlbear Chick Plushie
4 Medals
Tranquil Reflection
4 Medals
Wirehaired Retriever (fluff pet)
50 Medals
Valorous Plate Armor Crate
(Skillet not included)
50 Medals
Valorous Robe Armor Crate
(Skillet not included)
50 Medals


These are unlimited use inventory items that can be activated to turn on the animation, and then deactivated when you want to turn the animation off. They are tradeable, and they not only animate your character playing the instrument, but also make musical notes float around you. While they say "until canceled" there are a few things that can make them stop prematurely, so don't be surprised if you can't just bounce back up from death and still be strumming away on your lute without activating it again. :)

Ornamented Wooden Flute
20 Medals
Polished Wooden Lute
20 Medals
Resonant Hand Drum
20 Medals

Gear and Other Items and Their Prices

The F'Aestival Bracers stats are pictured above. I have not included stats on the other items, but they tend to be level 123 items with 300 resolve.

  • Golden F'Aestival Bracers - 200 Medals and 74g
  • Sunlit Calm Sea Boiled Boots - 200 Medals and 74g
  • Sunlit Calm Sea Bracelet - 100 Medals and 74g
  • Sunlit Calm Sea Chain - 100 Medals and 74g
  • Sunlit Calm Sea Heavy Boots - 200 Medals and 74g
  • Sunlit Calm Sea Mailed Boots - 200 Medals and 74g
  • Sunlit Calm Sea Slippers - 200 Medals and 74g
  • Sunlit Open Sky Bracelet - 100 Medals and 74g
  • Sunlit Open Sky Mantle - 200 Medals and 74g
  • Sunlit Open Sky Pauldrons - 200 Medals and 74g
  • Sunlit Open Sky Shroud - 200 Medals and 74g
  • Sunlit Open Sky Sleeves - 200 Medals and 74g
  • Sunlit Verdant Field Chain - 100 Medals and 74g

The following three items can only be purchased once per character:

  • 2022 Jubilee Mercenary Training Reduction [30 Day] - 300 medals, 1p 11h
  • 2022 Jubilee Familiar Experience [100,000] - 200 medals, 74g
  • 2022 Jubilee Mount Training Reduction [30 Day] - 200 medals, 74g

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