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Ballads of Zimara Crafting and Housing Summary

From the official forums:

This is for level 125+ crafters who own the Ballads of Zimara expansion.
Your first stop for the tradeskill signature line is a hooluk named Orren on the Whisperwind Isle in the Barren Sky.
If you did not participate in the prelude event these last few months, don't worry, you didn't have to do it. The only thing you are missing is some faction (which you can still earn in the expansion) for the house item vendor, and a bit of story. LOTS of debris crashed into the docks area in the Thundering Steppes and Nektulos Forest, though nobody was sure where it came from ... which leads to Orren having a request for your help.
The tradeskill signature line is composed of 8 quests. Flight unlocks in each overland zone once you finish all the quests for that zone. Completion of the signature line then unlocks:
The tradeskill researcher back in Splendor Sky Aerie that will research your advanced recipe books, and various bits of furniture (more furniture items will be coming on Dec. 5)
Five side quests with a small golem named Burnish in Aether Wroughtlands. Finishing those side-quests unlocks daily tradeskill missions, which will grant you time reductions on your personal research on the tradeskill researcher.
Yep. Researcher NPCs work a bit differently this time around, with them unlocking after the completion of certain quests, and then letting you choose research specific to you, instead of it being server-wide research where you have to just wait for your research item to be next to be researched, etc.
By having the advanced class recipe books on a researcher, there are no complaints of the RNG not dropping your books for you in a month or two, and so on. Without doing the tradeskill daily missions, I believe it will take about 10 days per book or house item for research. With doing the tradeskill dailies and cashing in those research tokens before they expire, it should be about 5 days per research. (I didn't set the timers and such, so my numbers are from memory.) On the adventuring side, researchers will be used for new mounts, new familiars, and more with their research tokens dropping from missions and rarely from mobs.
One word of warning is to READ YOUR JOURNAL CAREFULLY. Every year we run into people who decide to craft something before they are told to and so on, and they get themselves all snarled up. The quest journal is literal. If it tells you to talk to someone, don't skip ahead and craft something that you have the recipe for. Wait until it is asked for.

Other than that, dive in, have fun, drop questions in the forums as needed.

I will have a bunch of information dropping onto this page as time and energy permits, but work and health come first, so a lot of it will be in fits and starts when I have some stray energy during my personal time. Please be patient.

Reaching Level 130

The eight quests of the signature line "should" be enough to get you from level 125 to 130. Due to some bugs at launch, some players may have fallen slightly short, but the side-quests from Burnish are more than enough to make up for the lack until the experience grant on the final quest is fixed.

The first update in January will also add in level 126-130 writs for those who need/want to grind status, and for those completionists who feel the need to change their crafting class to boost their quest count.

Recipe Books

Once you have completed the first two quests of the tradeskill signature line, you will have reached level 126, and the three Zimaran handcrafted ("Primer") recipe books for each class will unlock on guildhall and crafting society recipe vendors. All-class "Craftsman" books will also unlock, containing the handcrafted mount gear recipe books.

After completion of the entire tradeskill signature line, the Researcher behind Goldbeak and Hydona will unlock so that players can research their advanced books, along with various house items. Each class will have three advanced crafting books, other than provisioners, who, as usual, only get one advanced recipe book.

Additional special recipes (adorning, transmuting, advanced mount gear, etc.) will be available from other sources, which includes chrono dungeons, solo and heroic dungeons, and where appropriate, raid dungeons.


Flight in Zimara unlocks zone-by-zone as you progress through the tradeskill signature line, with unlocks for the final zone (Aether Wroughtlands) unlocking at the end of the tradeskill signature line.


I will document the Ballads of Zimara tradeskill signature line and the side-quests that come after it as time and energy permit. There is also a Twitch video of it listed at the bottom of this page.

Eye Candy?

This section is going to be more time-consuming to code and present than the writeup of the eight signature quests, five side-quests, and the daily missions, as there are over 100 images to prepare and present. It will be dropped in a bit at a time, and updates will be added at the bottom of the page so that you can see what has been updated since your last visit to the page.

Nov. 29, 5 p.m.: Normal ("Primer") recipe books for 126-130 are found on recipe book vendors throughout the land once you are a level 126 crafter who has finished the first two quests in the Ballads of Zimara tradeskill signature line. The exception for the moment is carpenters (see update below).

Nov. 29, 6 p.m.: After various contortions, we have decided that guildhalls are "weird" in how changes are pushed to them, and have manually reset crafting trainers in Freeport and Qeynos on live servers (US and EU). Other crafting trainers and recipe vendors in other areas should be up to speed with the next server downtime.

Dec. 17, 315 p.m.: More details have been added, and handcrafted furniture images are now linked in. A broken foot, exhaustion from the fall chaos and a cold have slowed me down a lot, and I am just getting started on catching up now. If you want a quest walk-through before the written one is completed, you can catch it on this Twitch stream.

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