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Ballads of Zimara Furniture

This is part of the Ballads of Zimara Crafting & Housing Summary.

Handcrafted Furniture

These recipes are contained within the three Zimaran Carpenter's Primer books, which can be purchased after you complete the first two quests in the Ballads of Zimara tradeskill signature line. They require level 126 to scribe.

Citrine Crystal Cluster
Crystal Cluster
Flat Hooluk Hide Pouch
Hooluk Azure Circle Pillow
Hooluk Azure Square Pillow
Hooluk Barrel
Hooluk Basket
Hooluk Bucket
Hooluk Bucket of Green Beans
Hooluk Crystal Shards
Hooluk Crystal Fragments
Hooluk Fuchsia Tree
Hooluk Golden Tree
Hooluk Golden Tree Trunk
Hooluk Hide Coin Purse
Hooluk Parchment Scrolls
Hooluk Post
Hooluk Sky Square Pillow
Hooluk Torch Post
Large Hooluk Hide Pouch
Small Hooluk Hide Pouch
Stack of Hooluk Oval Plates
Stack of Blossom Saucers
Stack of Hooluk Blossom Bowls
Stack of Hooluk Engraved Saucers
Stack of Hooluk Plates
Stack of Hooluk Square Plates
Topaz Crystal Cluster
Turquoise Crystal Cluster
Hooluk Lantern, Hooluk Dangling Lantern, Lit Hooluk Dangling Lantern

Mastercrafted Carpenter Furniture

These recipes are available for research after completion of the Ballads of Zimara tradeskill signature line.

Closed Hooluk Pot
Flat Hooluk Sage Pouch
Hooluk Basket of Green Chilles
Hooluk Blossom Bowl
Hooluk Blossom Saucer
Hooluk Bulb Plant
Hooluk Cast
Hooluk Engraved Saucer
Hooluk Forge
Hooluk Golden Bush
Hooluk Hanging Platform
Hooluk Jewelers Shelf
Hooluk Oak Shelf
Hooluk Oval Plate
Hooluk Platform
Hooluk Pot
Hooluk Pot of Redfruit
Hooluk Sage Coin Purse
Hooluk Square Plate
Hooluk Yellow Fern
Large Hooluk Sage Pouch
Lit Hooluk Lantern
Small Hooluk Sage Pouch
Zimara Stone Cactus

Researched Furniture

Explanation later, here's some in-progress pics.

Aqua Hooluk Petal Pillow
Arcaneframe Daggerclaw
Arcaneframe Stalker
Blightmetal Hammerhoof
Copper Boulder
Copper Rock Group
Dark Blooming Flower
Dark Blossom Arrangement
Dark Budding Flower
Green Hooluk Coin Purse
Helionae Marble Arch
Helionae Marble Block Segment
Helionae Marble Broken Wall
Hooluk Crafter's Wares Shelf
Hooluk Kitchen Shelf
Hooluk Rounded Pot
Ironbound Soldier
Large Green Hooluk Pouch
Orange Fan Grass
Pink Hooluk Petal Pillow
Purple Hooluk Crystal Fragments
Purple Hooluk Crystal Shards
Rust Colored Rock
Sang'huuu Scribe
Small Golden Hooluk Tree
Small Green Hooluk Coin Purse
Small Lava Fern
Small Orange Fan Grass
Tall Orange Fan Grass
Yazdani Vanquisher

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