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Furniture - Fancy Flooring

All tiles displayed here are standalone tiles that don't go with any set. Any tiles that are part of a matched set of building blocks are being displayed on the Building Blocks page.

Carpenter Recipe for a Sort-of Tile

This is a much thicker item than standard floor tiles, and does NOT carry the building-block tag, but it is called a tile, so here it is!

Scuffed Torsis Floor Tile
KA faction recipe

All-Classes Tile Love

Brontis in Drunder sells an all-class recipe book, Relics of Drunder. This book contains recipes for 10 floor tiles that any level 90 crafter can make, using common tier 9 resources. (Must have completed his questline.)

All of these tiles carry the building-block tag.

Engraved Drunder Tile
Insignia Tile of Sullon Zek
Sullonite Carved Tile
Tallonite Carved Tile
Insignia Tile of Vallon Zek
Tallonite Paving Stones
Vallonite Carved Tile
vallonite Paving Stones
Insignia Tile of Tallon Zek
Sullonite Paving Stones

YUM. These tiles are also the same from the bottom as the top, so if you want to raise them up to work as ceiling tiles, they work out nicely.

Tinkered Tiles!

The following two tiles from Tinkerfest (books can be scribed by a Tinkerer of 25 skill or higher) do not have matching block sets. (While there is a rusty set, the "rusty riveted floor plating" is the tile that matches that set, not the base "rusty" one.)

These tiles carry the building-block tag.

Corrugated Floor Plating
Rusty Floor Plating

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