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Furniture - Sign of the Times?

New signs were added to tier 3 and above advanced carpenter recipe books, as well as the level 19 advanced craftsman book in Game Update 61. (One per tier except for T9, which has two.) These signs, which use rare wood as a primary, allow you to set both a title and a longer text field, both of which will be visible on a mouseover. I will do up a proper furniture page for these once Nyte gets done with the icons.

  • Qeynos Sign - level 19, severed bone (craftsman recipe)
  • Freeport Sign - level 29, severed fir
  • Rivervale Sign - level 39, severed oak
  • Gorowyn Sign - level 49, severed cedar
  • Kelethin Sign - level 59, severed ironwood
  • Roadmarker Sign - level 69, rough lumbered ebony
  • Orcish Sign - level 79, mahogany lumber
  • Coldain Sign - level 89, eucalyptus lumber
  • Neriak Sign - level 89, eucalyptus lumber
Coldain Sign
Freeport Sign
Gorowyn Sign
Kelethin Sign
Neriak Sign
Orcish Sign
Rivervale Sign
Roadmarker Sign
Qeynos Sign

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