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Building blocks of varying types allow for considerable customization when decorating. They now also have their own item count in a house that is separate from the main item count. This block item count exactly matches the item count available for the house - if your house has an item count, including expanders, of 900, then you will have a building block item count of 900 as well.

Included on this page are the building blocks that are part of matching sets. (Tiles and dividers that are not part of matching sets are on their own separate pages.)

What Do We Mean By "Set"?

A "set" includes Block, Half Block, Narrow Divider, Wide Divider, Railing, Rounded Tile, Short Column, Tall Column, Stair and Triangle*. All carpenter sets other than the Ethernere Stone set also include a Room Divider. With the arrival of Erollisi Day 2017, we saw the addition of "cutouts" to the first crafted set. While city festivals are starting to get cutouts, at this time the only crafted set to have cutouts is the Stone of Adoration set. Cutouts include: Arched Door Frame, Horizontal Window Frame in Tall Divider, Rectangular Door Frame, Square Window Frame in Narrow Divider, Square Window Frame in Tall Divider, Tall Window Frame in Narrow Divider, Tall Window Frame in Tall Divider, Vertical Window Frame in Tall Divider

Closer Look at a Basic Block Set
Closer Look at a Cutout Set

Carpenter-Made Sets

Tier 7
Tier 3
Banded Sandalwood
Tier 6
Tier 1
Ethernere Stone
Tier 10
Fancy Fulginate
Tier 5
Tier 7
Tier 6
Tier 2
Mossy Briarwood
Tier 4
Plain Briarwood
Tier 4
Plain Fulginate
Tier 5
Plain Redwood
Tier 8
Plain Sumac
Tier 9
Plain Teak
Tier 5
Tier 7

**There are two Halasian tiles, "Halasian Tile" and "Halasian Carved Tile".

All-Class Sets

Baked Gingerbread
Corrugated Wood
Sundered Ground
Ice Brick
Impacted Metal
Rusty Metal***
Sundered Ground
Stone of Adoration****
Erollisi Day

***The matching tile for the Rusty Metal set is called "Rusty Riveted Plating". The "Rusty Floor Plating" is NOT a match for this set.

****As mentioned near the top of the page, the Stone of Adoration set includes the cutouts pictured in the second image on this page.

But Wait, There's More!

The Terrors of Thalumbra (ToT) and Kunark Ascending (KA) expansion preorders not only included a new prestige home, but building block recipes to match the homes. The recipe books were no-trade, and the blocks are heirloom, but can be commissioned. Both sets require level 100 resources. Each combine will yield 4 of the item crafted.

Those who purchased the Collector's Edition or the Premium Edition of the Terrors of Thalumbra expansion were able to claim "Dhalgar Building Block Recipe Book".

Dhalgar Archway
Dhalgar Bridge
Dhalgar Circular Column
Dhalgar Domed Roof
Dhalgar Keystone
Dhalgar Railing
Dhalgar Rectangular Platform
Dhalgar Round Platform
Dhalgar Square Column
Dhalgar Square Platform
Dhalgar Stair
Dhalgar Stone Dais
Dhalgar Wall Section

Those who purchased the Collector's Edition or Premium Edition of the Kunark Ascending expansion were able to claim recipes to make City of Mist themed building blocks.

City of Mist
City of Mist
City of Mist
Fence Section
City of Mist
City of Mist
Rectangular Platform
City of Mist
City of Mist
Round Column
City of Mist
Round Platform
City of Mist
Square Column
City of Mist
Square Platform
City of Mist
City of Mist
Stone Dais
City of Mist

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