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The Rise of Kunark, the newest expansion for EQ2, hit the stores, and the internet, on November 13, 2007. On top of an entire new tier of recipes and items, there are several things that folks might want to know about on the crafting front, and I've tried to gather it in one spot for you.

  • RoK and Resources - a quick look at the resources of the expansion.(Nov. 9. 6pm Pacific)
  • Altars! - the furniture page for altars now includes pictures of the altars for Bertox, Karana, and The Tribunal (Nov. 9. 6:20pm Pacific)
  • Tailored Dress Clothes - including the pink set, just for Winwin! They are the last 4 images in the above-linked tailored dress clothes gallery (Nov. 9. 7:58pm Pacific)
  • Crafted Armor Fashions - you say you want to see all the new crafted armor looks? Greedy, aren't you? Well, we've got most of them. (Rare reverent and info on cloth armor updated, Nov. 12, 8:40 pm Pacific)
  • Tradeskill-related Racial Traditions - a look at what the racial traditions related to tradeskills are likely to change to once RoK goes live (Nov. 9, 10 pm Pacific)
  • Lower Tier Furniture Preview - this includes one tier one item, and several tier 6 and tier furniture items that are being added with the expansion, including fountains! (Nov. 9, 10:20 pm Pacific)
  • Tier 8 Furniture Preview! - This one is huge, but worth the wait. (Nov. 10, 5:00 pm Pacific)
  • Totem Quick Reference guide - now updated with information on the four new tier 8 totems. (sometime on Nov. 10)
  • RoK Crafting Changes and You - If you read nothing else before you try crafting, you will want to read this. Of course, I know some of you will ignore this, and then wonder why their crafting hotkeys don't work and so forth, but at least I've tried to spoonfeed you the information! (Posted in the wee hours of the 13th)
  • There's a New Crafting Tutorial and it does a really great job of covering things like crafting events, reaction arts, etc. Check it out! (Posted in the wee hours of the 13th)
  • More guide updates! The hex doll guide has had tier 8 information added, and the Home Sweet Hovel is updated with preliminary Gorowyn housing info. (I've got one question outstanding on the non-status 2-room, which may turn out to be an expensive 1-room with simply an extra broker slot, but the rest looks to be accurate). (posted 10:30 am on the 13th)
  • NEW!RoK Travel for the Lost Crafter Hopelessly confused as to where to go to get off on the right foot with regards to the expansion? This guide will tell you how to get to Kunark, and Teren's Grasp, as well as some pointers to make travel a bit easier. (Nov 14th)
  • NEW!Adventurers aren't the only ones who can quest for a sokokar! The Crafters Sokokar Quest series allows folks who are under 65 in their adventuring class, but above 65 in their crafting class, to gain access to this creature and it's flight paths (Nov. 14th)
  • NEW! If you heard that you can do faction questing to gain your tier 8 advanced crafting books, you heard correctly! New Lands, New Profits is the quest that introduces you to the first two factions, and gets you going on the right path. The writeup still needs fleshing out, but there should be enough there to get you going. (Nov. 14th)
  • NEW!Want still more information on all this RoK faction and why you may or may not want to work on it? Check out RoK Faction from a Tradeskill Perspective for more information.

Quick Blurbs:

  • Log out sitting in your house, log in still sitting in your house, instead of out in the street!
  • Stacks of 200 for resources, fuels and transmute gunk? {swoon}
  • Attune your harvesting tools and tinkered crafting items ... and leave them in inventory. They'll give you the benefits from there as they finally TRULY become charm (optional) to match their labeling. You currently must momentarily re-equip these items (or zone) after death, in order to re-apply the appropriate buffs.
  • We've hit a hard limit on box size now, so there will NOT be a rare strongbox in T8.
  • Wolf totems seeming a bit slow in light of the AAs to increase travel speed and faster mounts? There will be a 45% runspeed totem that can be used by level 65+ adventurers
  • Now that there will be a tier 8, transmuting level 70 items after RoK launch will yield tier 8 transmute resources.
  • Weaponsmiths are going to be able to make thrown ammo in T8 (they'll share these with woodworkers). WS's will also get some consumable temporary (15 minute) weapon adornments to increase demand for their class. Pretty nifty, eh?
  • Byproduct dusts (used for making rare potions and poisons) also stack to 200!
  • Your level 70-79 essentials recipe books can be purchased from the same crafting trainer that sells all you other essentials books! (i.e., in your hometown)
  • Getting around the large zones in Kunark can involve use of flying dragonfrog-critters called "sokokar". You must first quest for your very own pet version, then you bind him to the various posts you find in your travels, to teach him flight paths. I don't have quest writeups done yet, but Calthine over at the Zam Network has the combat version of the quest series here and there is also a crafter version of the series for those who are low-level adventurers, but high-level crafters.

Pre-NDA Press Tours and Stuff

More details, of course, can be found at the EQ2Players site, and you should preorder now if you want the new burynai house pet item! Pre-orders for the digital download end at midnight on Monday, November 12, so act now!

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