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Tradeskill Revamp Information (LU24)

LU24 is changing a LOT with regards to tradeskills. It is currently on the Test server, and slated to go live on June 14. Testing is still frantically going on, but here's my best attempt at some details I feel crafters will want to know. Note that there are some important changes in the Class-Specific Revamp Details guide that I've highlighted in bold, red and all that fun stuff. If it still comes as a surprise when this launches, then you have only yourself to blame. :P

Before I go any further, a heartfelt "Thank You!" to all the longtime residents of Test (and the crafting addicts who came over from Live) for all their help during the testing of all this. Keep up the good work, gang, and don't let the snerts get you down!

These are turbulent times for crafters, with many changes happening all at once. While I would love to give a "simple" guide to the changes, the fact is that there are many details that folks want/need. So, as I rewrite this, I'll try to give brief overviews of things, then go on to the nitty-gritty details.

Disclaimer: These changes are on TEST server until June 14. Things can/do change on Test. Be aware that due diligence is being performed to make sure this document has current information, but things can change without notice on Test.

Broker Revamp Overview

The broker system is being totally redone, and, when complete, will consist of a consignment system where you list things directly at a broker, then a vendor system where you place the vendors in your home. The consignment system portion of it will be released with LU24. With the consignment system, you get one default container slot to sell out of if you own no home. The number of available slots for homeowners is based on how many house vault slots are in your home. To reword the above, you will be listing things directly at a broker. You are NOT selling from your house vault anymore, BUT, the number of house vault slots you have IS determining how many container slots you have to sell from on that broker. Per Silverfrost on the forums, the vendor portion of the system is going to be delayed:
Unfortunately we won't have the special containers ready for live update 24. We have most of the implementation for them done but in the end we had to make a decision between making sure the existing subset of the functionality was polished vs getting special containers in and we decided that polish won. Special containers and the ability to physically place them in houses has been defered to live update 25.
When I know more details on the vendor portion of the system, I'll post it in the selling guide we have here on the site.

Harvesting Revamp Overview and Detail Link

Fungi nodes are being removed, and some food harvests have been removed in tiers 1-6. Note that instead of the now-unused items having a cash value, all of these now-obsolete items other than fish and meat will be able to be substituted for the appopriate tier roots. Fish and meat that were made obsolete will be able to be substituted for the apropriate tier of fish or meat in recipes.

When you harvest a node after the LU24 revamp, you will harvest 1, 3 or 5 of a single resource on each attempt, or a rare, or, once in a great while, a rare plus 10 common resources. (Note: the Queen's Colony and the Outpost of the Overlord continue to have a special subset of normal resources, and are in flux ... they may/may not have multiple harvests and/or rares.) You will totally fail to harvest anything only when your harvesting skill is not maxxed. Chances for rares and the higher yields will increase slightly as your harvesting skill goes past the tier in which you are harvesting, but only by a bit.

For a more detailed explanation of what the harvesting changes will be like (as well as what is being removed and what happens to it), please see the new Harvesting Revamp Guide

Tradeskill Revamp Overview

The long and the short of it is that there will be no more refines or interims, and no more need for cross-skill combines. No inks, no WORTS, etc.

However, that statement just scratches the surface of the changes - Old subcomponents in your inventory should work in the new recipes in place of a single raw ingredient. New crafted armor sets are being added, food and drink progression is being changed, potions and poisons are being totally redone. Harvesting tools are being added, and more. Rather than make this document massively huge, I've added separate articles for different topics:

Potion and Poison Revamp Overview

All potions and poisons for Tier 1 through 6 are being replaced with potions and poisons that follow the same format as the current tier 7 potions and poisons. Anything made before LU24 stays the same, but all ones made after the change will follow this new system. (All of them will be made with common loam for the common potions and poisons, rare dust for the rare.) For more details on what the progression of potions and poisons looks like, check out the Revamp Potion and Poison Guide. One thing I will recommend is that folks convert their rare crafted loams to vials and glasses before the change, if they have the correct books to do so. :D

Tradeskill Society Changes

After LU24 there will be one single tradeskill society available in each hometown region (instead of 1 wholesaler and 3 professional societies in each). You will be able to enter any of them with no membership requirements. Currently on Test, the level 10+ tradeskill books for your profession are sold on a trainer NPC outside the active tradeskill instance, and you will be able to see/buy only the ones appropriate for your tradeskill profession/tier.

The societies that remain open will be:

  • Nettleville Hovel: The Elusive Commonwealth
  • Starcrest Commune: The Luminary Cache
  • Graystone Yard: The Stalwart Township
  • Castleview Hamlet: Charter of the Truthbringer
  • Willow Wood: Wayfarer's Stockpilers
  • The Baubbleshire: The Deductive Directory
  • Big Bend: The Ransacker's Annex
  • Stonestair Byway: The Brokerage of Nepeta Cataria
  • Temple Street: The Circle of Vaniki
  • Beggar's Court: The Ring of Wanderlust
  • Longshadow Alley: The Dark Bargainers
  • Scale Yard: The War Hagglers

Tradeskill Writ Changes

When LU24 goes live, any outstanding tradeskill writs or society tasks will autocomplete, and you will be given personal status (none goes to any guild that you are in) for the completion of the quest. Currently, fresh tradeskill writs/tasks cannot be obtained. We don't know yet when the writ revamp will be implemented, but we do have a basic idea of how tradeskilling for guild status will work - eventually: The general plan will be to allow players to craft whatever they want, then hand those items in to a special status NPC for guild status, much like the current dropped faction items work with specific NPCs. We don't know about cash rewards, limits on number of items you can hand in per day, etc. yet, so stay tuned for more details. (As of June 13, we still have no new details on these changes.)

Other Important Notes for LU24

  • Tier 6 Rare Furniture Preview
  • Beghn mentioned a couple months ago that some of the "racial" furniture that was added when furniture vendors were removed were too high in status for their tier, and that he wanted to lower them in-line to what the rest of the items in the tier use. Bet you thought he forgot, eh? He didn't, and changes are retroactive. (For a list of items that have been confirmed to have changed status, click here.)

Editorial notes:

  • May 31 - added basic subheadings with blurbs, linked in harvesting details guide
  • June 1 - added in some quick details for the packrats regarding the interims they have stockpiled
  • June 2 - added furniture link, added warning about furniture status changes.
  • June 3 - Slight tweaks to each section with updates on status
  • June 7 - Updated the Class-Specific Revamp Details guide. It is a MUST READ.
  • June 9 - Updated some broker information, and updated the fact that we have no update on the tradeskill writ revamp. Also updated the change in how obsolete harvestables will be handled. Added a list of furniture items that had their status changed. (Thanks Mungo and Jonluke!)
  • June 11 - Added substitution chart to the Tradeskill Revamp section
  • June 13 - Updated the broker section, will also be updating the packrat's interim guide with news about ingots

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