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RoK: High Risks, Higher Profits

This quest originates with Taskmaster Greeblentus in Teren's Grasp (Kylong Plains). It requires that you be a level 75 crafter, own the RoK expansion, and that you must have already completed the level 70 crafting quest New Lands, New Profits. Rewards for this quest are cash, crafting experience, achievement experience, and the ability to perform crafting writs in the shipyards of Danak (located in the Jarsath Wastes zone) to earn faction for the purchase of your level 76+ recipe books.

Many thanks go to Gnomana for the original run-through, and for members of our community for adding extra bits of information for this guide!

I strongly recommend that you use the eq2maps addon for this, as it includes map points for the NPCs needed for this quest, making it a bit easier to find them in unfamiliar territory.

This quest writeup includes not only High Risks, Higher Profits, but also the sub-quests Not Your Ordinary Messenger, parts 1 and 2.

Taskmaster Greeblentus in Teren's Grasp has been keeping an eye on your crafting progress. When you have attained level 75 in your crafting career, he is ready to offer you a new quest, provided you have already completed his first quest, New Lands, New Profits.

Taskmaster Greeblentus says to you, "Welcome back ____. It is good to see you growing in knowledge and skill. If you are willing to risk more for greater profits, I can tell you about the Legion of Danak."
You say to Taskmaster Greeblentus, "Yes, tell me about the Legion of Danak."
Taskmaster Greeblentus says to you, "The disagreement between the Bathezid's Watch and Riliss armies are but a minor scuffle compared to what the Legion of Danak faces. The Legion is currently fighting the mightiest of all foes, dragons. The amount of supplies required to fight these formidable creatures is being depleted at an alarming rate. "
You say to Taskmaster Greeblentus, "Continue..."
Taskmaster Greeblentus says to you, "Armor, food and weapons along with materials to support the shipwrights working the shipyards are required. All of their crafters are currently working day and night trying to keep up with the demand, this makes it a great time for crafters of your skill to gain favor by offering your services. Take this note to Scout Master Talisk in Jarsath Wastes. He will tell you more about the work and evaluate your skills to decide if letting you into the shipyards is right for you. "
You say to Taskmaster Greeblentus, "How can a crafter like me help?"
You can tell that he planned in advance, just hoping you would stop by and offer to help, as he has a "Note for Talisk" (no trade and all that jazz) already written up and ready to hand to you at this point.
Taskmaster Greeblentus says to you, "It's a dangerous path between here and there! Unless you have some powerful allies to escort you, I suggest that you take a sokokar from the post here in Teren's Grasp up to Highton. From there you'll cross the log bridge, then you need to head northwest, keeping the canyon on your right, and then follow the path with due care west through the pass to Jarsath Wastes. Once in the Wastes you'll see a great fortress ahead and to the left, you can't miss it. Talisk is stationed there."
You say to Taskmaster Greeblentus, "Thank you again, Greeblentus!"
Note that little bit above in italics about the log bridge? It was an oops and is being removed from the quest text. Ignore it, k?

Greeblentus mentions the Highton sokokar post, but since GU56 you can fly straight to the Jarsath Wastes post at 1901, 158, -2548. Don't worry, there will still be plenty of aggro for you to dodge on your own along the way!

Hop on your sokokar and fly from Teren's Grasp up to the Jarsath Wastes post. (You might want to stop at Highton anyway for a look around. For those of you who played EQ, yes, this might just be where "Burned Woods" moved to this week!)

Now comes the fun part. Even if you are also an adventurer, there is little sense in casting invis on yourself, as some of the mobs between you and the zoneline to Jarsath see invis. If you did any quest to get a leaper or glider mount, now is the moment to be really glad you did. Take a couple deep breaths, make sure you know where your sprint button is, and weave and dodge your way up the road to the Jarsath zoneline. You can get there without aggro, if you're willing to wait long enough on pathing, but if you're the impatient sort, make sure you've fired off sprint the second you have aggro and simply do not stop until you've zoned. Now that ground mounts go at 130%, you should be able to outrun anything that takes a fancy to you. Just don't look back. (I have done this with adventurers as low as level 25 with a 24% travel speed, so I know it can be done.)

Other tactics that can be used in this spot: a) have a friend at the Jarsath zoneline with call of the hero handy, b) have a friend at the Jarsath zoneline if you're a tinker with the Call of the Tinkerer item, c) have an adventurer who is high enough to take some lumps, but still KoS with the sarnak in between the Jarsath sokokar post in Kylong and the Jarsath zoneline run right in front of you to grab aggro and follow in their wake. I've personally used a) and c) - my tinker is an adventurer, so I didn't get to try b).

Once you have zoned into Jarsath Wastes, there will be a sokokar post to your left.

There are quite a bit of upper-70s mobs around, but they are generally well-spaced for dodging between them as you head for your goals in this zone. Take it slowly, and whatever you do ignore the glowies and ignore the nodes!!. Yes, I know that I'm asking you to do something really hard, and most crafters have a hard time resisting, but you will thank me later. Once you have your quest updates, then come back and play dodge-the-mob and harvest all you want, but get your updates out of the way first.

Head towards the fort that you see in the distance, and you will find Scout Master Talisk V`Rass located on some rocks to the right of the fort at -277, -23, -137.

Scout Master Talisk V`Rass says to you, "Ahh yes, you must be another of Greeblentus' crafters. The last person he sent to help us never returned from the errand I sent him, however. You are here to help? I trust you are more reliable than the last fellow ..."
You say to Scout Master Talisk V`Rass, "I am reliable, and willing to assist if I can."
Scout Master Talisk V`Rass says to you, "We shall see about that! Since the last fellow Greeblentus sent us never returned, let's see how reliable you are at completing that mission. One of our best scouts, Vazhda, is making reports of the surrounding area and the activity of our enemy. Every few days we send a messenger to him to bring back the latest information; that's how we knew to prepare for the attacking you see in progress here. Unfortunately, the last messenger never returned, and all our forces are busy fighting, so I need you to retrieve Vazhda's reports for me."
You say to Scout Master Talisk V`Rass, "I will retrieve the report for you."
Scout Master Talisk V`Rass says to you, "You should be able to locate Scout Vazhda in Traitor's Pass, to the west of here. He will know I sent you when you reply "And he is the Darslayer!" to him. Be careful and watch your step, this is not a friendly area for anyone. If you return and show you're reliable, I will consider your request to do further work for us."
You say to Scout Master Talisk V`Rass, "I shall not fail."

Ulp. The last fellow never returned, eh? That sounds ominous!

Turn your back on the scout master and set your waypoint for -300, 11, -1239. While you might think that hugging hard left is the way to go, be aware that just after the littel graveyard, there's some ruins with undead in them, and if you mis-step a bit while hugging the wall, they are going to be hugging you with painfully strong bony arms! Plan your zigging and zagging around mobs accordingly, and immediately past the undead, take a hard left into the Traitor's Pass area. You can hug left here, just watch for a roaming aggro sarnak scout as you go. Along the way, you will pass a crafter's corpse - I guess we know what happened to the last guy that was sent on this errand!

Once you have reached the Scout Master, hail him, of course! :)

You say, "Hail, Scout Vazhda T`Larr"
Scout Vazhda T`Larr says to you, "We serve the Dominus!"
You say to Scout Vazhda T`Larr, "And he is the Darslayer!"
He will immediately award you with tradeskill experience and around 8 Gold, 37 Silver, 21 Copper. You will also be awarded achievement experience for completing this chunk of the quest.
Scout Vazhda T`Larr says to you, "You are not the one I expected, this could means things are not going well for us. However, you have reached me just in time; I was just adding some new information to the report for you to take back. It will take me a moment to finish this up, I could use your help with something else while I do that."
You say to Scout Vazhda T`Larr, "How can I help? "
Scout Vazhda T`Larr says to you, "I'm running very low on food. The previous messenger they sent me was a Provisioner, and he went off to gather supplies for a cabbage stew, while I gathered firewood to cook it. I have the firewood all ready, however that was a few days ago, and he has not returned... "
You say to Scout Vazhda T`Larr, "I thought I passed a corpse in the pass on my way here..."
Scout Vazhda T`Larr says to you, "Hm, I hope that was not him, but in this dangerous environment it's entirely possible. Will you go back through the pass and see if you can locate the fellow, or his remains? If you do find him or his belongings, check to see if he still has his portable brewing pot so we can at least restock my provisions. While you do that, I'll finish getting this report ready for you to take back."
You say to Scout Vazhda T`Larr, "I will do my best."

Alas, we don't even know the dead fellow's name, but we're going to have to rummage through his remains nonetheless. Make sure that you have room for at least 6 items in inventory, then head back to -273, -22, -928 and the crafter corpse. Search it (this will take a couple seconds, so watch pathing carefully), and receive 6 walnut kindling, 2 baubbleshire cabbage, 2 jumjum, 2 aerated mineral water, 2 root and a collapsible cooking kit.

Run back to Scout Vazhda with the items, and you'll find a stack of kindling behind him to right-click to start up a fire for making his stew. One click and you're ready to start cooking. The cooking kit obdiently expands into a Collapsible Brewing Pot, and the fire not only lights itself but settles into the proper ember form for cooking the stew. If only all outdoor cooking experiences were so simple!

Treat it like you would a stove and keg and click on it to open up your recipe book and begin crafting. Cabbage stew is a level 4 artisan recipe, so even if you're not a craftsman, it shouldn't be too difficult for a crafter of your expertise. Pristine-grade will yield you two stew (which is all that is required for the quest, even though you've been given supplies to make 2 combines). The moment you have the quest update, the brewing pot, fire, etc. immediately disappear. At least there are no dirty dishes for you to clean up!

Now, feed that hungry sarnak before he starts gnawing on something (such as your leg!) and get his report.

Scout Vazhda T`Larr says to you, "You are very skilled ____, thank you for making these for me. I have finished the report, here it is, please deliver it to Scout Master Talisk as soon as possible. "
You say to Scout Vazhda T`Larr, "Be safe, and you are welcome."

Now head back to the scout master (-277, -23, -137) to receive your reward for this part of the questline, and to be given the final step.

You say, "Hail, Scout Master Talisk V`Rass"
You receive tradeskill experience, achievement experience for completing the quest, 7 Gold, 39 Silver, 19 Copper, and a Coin Purse (no trade, no value etc., etc.)
Scout Master Talisk V`Rass says to you, "The report will provide us with tactical information to allow our troops to survive the onslaught. You have saved many lives today _____, if your abilities here are any indication of your crafting skill, I will be glad to recommend you! Take this back to Greeblentus, he will know my response to your request. Safe travels to you!"
You say to Scout Master Talisk V`Rass, "Thank you Talisk."
Depending on how adventuresome you are still feeling, you can either run back and zone to Kylong, run past more aggro to get to the Jarsath sokokar post in Kylong and fly the Jarsath-Highton-Teren's Grasp route, or you can find a more roundabout way to get there (gate home, then take the boat back to Kylong, etc., etc.) However you manage it, head back to Taskmaster Greeblentus for your reward.
You say, "Hail, Taskmaster Greeblentus"
You receive tradeskill experience, achievement experience for completing the quest, 3 Gold, 19 Silver, 59 Copper, just enough faction with the Legion of Danak to pull you out of the default KoS, and are now flagged as able to do the crafting writs in Danak Shipyards.
Taskmaster Greeblentus says to you, "You are not only skilled but trustworthy! I am sure you will make a great addition to the Legion of Danak and their war efforts. Scout Master Talisk has given word to the guards of the Danak shipyards to not harm you. It is always great to see another crafter that is willing to risk danger to be a master of their profession. Be well and may your profits be great! "
You say to Taskmaster Greeblentus, "It was a pleasure working for you."

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