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KA - Twark, Round One

This is part of the Kunark Ascending Tradeskill Questline and is but one chunk of several. Please refer back to that article for important details and links to other parts of the questline.

This segment picks up where the KA - On the Beach article left off.

Requesting Blessing

Summary: Speak with Glibnox after obtaining the quest from Vhesh. Collect 3 slug slime from tame forest slugs, return to Glibnox. Rewards: AAxp, coin, 2000 Bloody Tooth Clan faction, Charm of Lost Things, Sovereign of Rile.

Details: The finding charm still needs the magic added, so Vhesh sends you up to speak with the Soothsayer Glibnox (/waypoint 133, -164, -768). However you're warned that you need to be polite and speak goblish with him. If you do not yet know the goblish language, you can roam in the now-friendly goblin "village" of Twark and collect goblin territory marker ground spawns to complete the language quest. (They can be seen and tracked only on this quest step, and only if you do not yet know goblish.)

He, too, is a busy goblin, and wants you to collect slug slime for him while he works on the blessing for you. You will need to collect slime by clicking on 3 tame forest slug in the area. Ewww, does it ever smell! Give him the slime, which is used in a healing balm, and he hands you the Charm of Lost Things and your first of the new crafter currency, Sovereign of Rile.

A Finding Charm

Summary: Speak with Glibnox. Use the charm and follow the provided wisp to an injured goblin. Return to Glibnox. Rewards: AAxp, coin, 4000 Bloody Tooth Clan faction.

Details: Speak with Glibnox, then use the provided charm to get a wisp to something lost. You will find an "injured goblin" at the end of the wisp trail. (/waypoint 484, -191, -507). Speak with him to find out about "bad ghosties" then return to Glibnox in Twark to get help.

Mission of Mercy

Summary: Speak with Glibnox, craft goo brew, return to the injured goblin, then return to Glibnox. Rewards: AAxp, coin, 4000 Bloody Tooth Clan faction. Requires 5 thaumic coal.

Details: Glibnox will continue to help you if you will help mix up and deliver some healing goo brew. Use the goblin fire beside him (you will also need 5 thaumic coal) to make "goo brew" and return to the injured goblin. The goblin (named Growf, apparently) is most grateful, but was too busy looking at plants to notice any strangers. Return to Glibnox with the news.

Bone Collecting

Summary: Speak with Glibnox, gather 4 chokidai bones, return to Glibnox. Rewards: AAxp, coin, 4000 Bloody Tooth Clan faction.

Details: Glibnox believes that your friends may be too far away for the charm to work and suggests scrying bones since Vhesh told you they were taken by iksar. First, you need something related to iksar, which means going out and collecting some chokidai bones. Fly high to avoid aggro, and head downstream. You will find an area with chokidai (/waypoint 439, -202, -194). You will want to remember this area as you will be coming back here for other chokidai bits on other quests, including a couple daily quests. The bones are ground spawn, and there are usually 2 up with nearly instant respawn somewhere in that area. Be careful of the static spawn aggro iksar duo on the southern end of this little area. Return to Glibnox.

Scrying Eyes

Summary: Speak with Glibnox. Craft Soothsayer's Scrying Bones, use the bones and follow the provided wisps, repeat the use/follow as prompted. When you arrive at a cave mouth, walk forward to get update, then loot corpses on the path behind you until you get a quest completion popup. Rewards: AAxp, coin, 4000 Bloody Tooth Clan faction, Crusaders of Greenmist Disguise. Requires 5 thaumic coal.

Details: Speak with Glibnox, who will have you craft Soothsayer's Scrying Bones on the goblin fire beside him. You will also need 5 thaumic coal. Cast the scrying bones, fly high-ish to avoid aggro, and follow the wisp. Check carefully for aggro as you land at the proper spot (/waypoint 100, -226, -132), recast the bones and fly off following the wisp again. (You must land to recast the bones.) Land at the proper spot (/waypoint -76, -125, 63), recast the bones, and start following again. The iksar currently don't like you, so be careful landing the next time (/waypoint -290, 45, 546) to recast the bones a final time. When the wisp trail ends this time (/waypoint 695, 221, 825) there is no update, but you're staring at the entrance to a cave, with some iksar within. Run forward until you get the update (/waypoint 718, 221, 872), but don't over-shoot by too much and careen into those aggro iksar!

Now you need to find a way to get the iksar to trust you. It is utterly optional, but the trooper on the right, Trooper Selisk will give you a hint if you speak to him, telling you that you don't appear to be a Crusader of Greenmist, and so aren't welcome there. Turn around, head out of the way, and you'll find "dead crusader" corpses scattered along the trail leading away from the caves. It may take 1 corpse, it may take a dozen, but eventually you will scrounge up enough bits and pieces that you receive the quest completion and a "Crusaders of Greenmist Disguise". You will need to use the disguise to obtain the buff that will allow you to be non-KOS and obtain the "Deeper Disguise" quest which will be documented in the next section.

Once you have completed these quests, you may then proceed to KA - The Caves.

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