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Advanced Journeyman Tasks

This quest requires the Desert of Flames expansion, level 50+ in your crafting class, and completion of the Advanced Service quest. You will also need several tier 6 common resources.

Premise: It seems the Grandmaster has lost track of one of their contacts who brings trading news from abroad. They're a bit worried about her, and ask you to go check on her. You're then assigned a few tasks on behalf of the ill contact, before you can claim your reward.

Rewards are a fancier tradeskill class cloak (175 vs heat, +5 for your crafting skill, such as fletching, and a fancier look), Bert's Big Book of Health (house item), crafting experience, achievement experience for completing a quest, and 1000 faction with your city's tradeskill society.

You will find Vanesta Leaftraveller in the Oasis of Marr area of Sinking Sands, around the corner from the docks. (-1162, -212, -279). She seems rather unwell, throwing up all over the place, and so on. Offer to help her and you will obtain a copy of "Emergency Shelter for Dummies" with a recipe in it for a level 50 recipe, a "rough tent". Whip up the tent with 3 succulent roots, 2 indium clusters, 2 sandalwood, and 6 lambent filaments, and get that poor gal under shelter! Head back to town to create it, or visit the crafting equipment at the Golden Scepter in Maj'Dul, then return to her.

Once you return with the tent, you realize she's really, really not looking well, and you check around with nearby traders and merchants for something to help her further. Head over to the Croc Hunter Camp area of the beach, and buy a copy of Bert's Big Book of Health from a rather shady fellow there. Scribe the book to obtain 4 recipes.

If you've not caught on to the fact that you're going to be running in circles a bit, the fact that there are four recipes in the book might give you a clue as to what is in store for you here. It is important to note that you cannot shortcut and pre-make the items. You will need to wait until you are on the proper step before you craft the needed item.

Since Vanesta mentioned mushrooms, the first thing to try is a fungus potion. Time to head back to town and brew one up using a slimy conger eel and stuff. Bring it back to her, and have her drink it down. Urrrkkk ... well, that didn't work so well. {wince}

Perhaps she just needs a good strong energy drink to get her back on her feet? Back to town you go to brew some up with some nice, strong, Maj'Dul Coffee beans. While pouring it down her throat does manage to revive her, she is quick to tell you that she felt better when she had the plague.

You're really grabbing at straws here, but since there was a plague remedy spell in the book, perhaps it is time to try that? Run, craft, run, cast. I'm sure you can figure out the drill by now ... and you can likely guess that the result isn't going to be quite what you hoped for!

A savvy crafter could pretty much figure out that the next thing to try is going to be the acupuncture kit, right? I mean, you've tried everything else, surrounded her with animate fungi, given her the plague and so on. What harm can sticking needles in her be after all that, right? Maybe the 4th time will be the charm? {duck} Wellllll, not quite, as good old "Bert" turned out to be none other than Bertoxxulous, god of decay and disease.

She sends you off with an important lesson: "An artisan is only as good as the knowledge he invests into his craft. All the recipes in the world won't make you a master of your trade if you don't know and understand what you are making."

Duly chastised, you return to the Grandmaster with an edited version of a report of your actions, and receive your rewards.

Well, it says it is a big book of health, right?
I wonder what it looks like when placed in the house ...?

You can take it with you (and you should)

You can save yourself a LOT of time and travel by bringing resources, fuel and (most important) portable crafting stations. Here�s a complete list of what you�ll need to complete the quest without leaving the balmy comforts of the Oasis of Marr (and without wearing out three pair of boots)..

Harvests (All Tier 6 � Sinking Sands, Pillars of Flame, and Lesser Faydark)

  • 4 Beryllium cluster
  • 1 conger eel
  • 7 Indium cluster
  • 2 Maj�dul coffee bean
  • 5 Rough nacre
  • 4 Severed sandalwood
  • 2 Soluble loam
  • 3 Stonehide leather pelt
  • 4 Succulent root


  • 1 Aerated Mineral Water
  • 4 Lambent candle
  • 6 Lambent coal
  • 6 Lambent filament
  • 6 Lambent incense
  • 1 Lambent kindling

Crafting stations

  • Portable Chemistry Set
  • Portable Cooking Set
  • Portable Desk
  • Portable Forge
  • Portable Sewing Table

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