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Panda, Panda, Panda 2021

There is enough pandamonium going on that the 5th annual "Days of Summer" event has been renamed "Panda, Panda, Panda!" For nine weeks, starting after the patch on September 21, 2021, one quest a week will unlock on Mei Lan near the wizard spires in the Sundered Frontier. (All other quests will unlock at 12:01 a.m. Pacific each Tuesday, but the first one happens with a patch.) The quests can be completed any time after they unlock, and will be permanent additions to the game, so if you don't get to them for a few weeks/months/etc., you can do them all in a bunch later.

In order to do the new 2021 quests, you will need to have completed all the previous Days of Summer quests on that account:

The unlock flag is account-wide, so you only need to do this questline once per account.

Before I get too deeply into the quest and reward information, I also want to remind folks that the non-housing items (adventuring gear, adornments) are only visible if you are the appropriate level, so you won't see the newest gear on Pas Yu unless you are level 120. Furniture bundles and so forth should be visible at any level.

The Quests

Can you imagine living in a land that has no real weather or seasons? Where everythng is unchanging, and many of our Norrathian seasonal holidays just don't seem to make sense to the locals? That is what it is like for those living on Ultera, such as the hua'mein. Since Mei Lan has come to rely on you and trust your judgement, she is now turning to you once again to help show her some things that represent some facet of the various Norrathian holidays.

Week One (available starting Sep. 21, 2021): Traveler's Holidays - Getting a Feel for Frostfell

Mei Lan first wishes to learn about Frostfell, seems like a relatively easy task. Rather than wait until the holiday rolls around, head to the always-frozen lands around Frostfang Sea and pick up a few items to show her.

Items will spawn in the areas near these rough locations:

  • 4 Icy Keep Snowballs: /way -299, 25, 327 (near the zone-in to Icy Keep)
  • 4 Cragged Spine Poinsettias: /way 246, 37, 173 (in the Cragged Spine area)
  • 4 Pilgrim's Gifts: /way 79, 30, -352 (Gwenevyn's Cove camp, across the water from the newbie area.)
  • Return to Mei Lan.

Week Two (available starting Sep. 28, 2021): Traveler's Holidays - Evoking Love

Mei Lan is curious about Erollisi Day. Head to Everfrost, home to the portal to the Shard of Love, and bring back some signs of love and devotion.

Items will spawn in the areas near these rough locations:

  • 4 Love Blooms: /way 46 -18 12 (island near zone-in, in sight of the portal to the Shard of Love)
  • 4 Bitterwind Sweets: /way 459 0 -202 (next to a woman cooking in the Bitterwind Camp)
  • 4 Snowsworn Pillows: /way -279 4 -242 (Snowsworn Camp near Hollowfrost Grove)
  • Return to Mei Lan.

Week Three (available starting Oct. 5 2021): Traveler's Holidays - More than Beer?

Mei Lan wants to know if there is more to Brewday than "just" beer, so head to the Butcherblock mountains for some examples representative of the event.

Items will spawn in the areas near these rough locations:

  • Dockworker's Ale: /way 687, 24, 590 (bottles around the docks)
  • Yarpsnarl Totems: /way -561, 106, 475 (near the Yarpsnarl camp)
  • Kaladim shovels: /way -180, 151, -415 (near Kaladim)
  • Return to Mei Lan

Mei Lan: I thought you said it was about more than just the beer?
You: It is about all of Brell's creations and how they work hard AND play hard. Beer is usually involved, but ...

Week Four (available starting Oct. 12 2021) Traveler's Holidays - The Meaning of Mischief

Mei Lan wants to know more about the mischief involved in celebrating Bristlebane Day. Head to the Enchanted Lands and see what you can find!

Items will spawn in the areas near these rough locations:

  • Seamist Dice: /way -596, 6, 66 (druid ring island)
  • Misty Ridge Messes: /way 159, -2, -490 (goblin debris outside damaged gate leading to Misty Ridge)
  • Bramblefoot pies: /way -234, 24, -1005 (Bramblefoot Hills mount stop)
  • Return to Mei Lan

Week Five (available starting Oct. 19 2021) Traveler's Holidays - Oceans for the Oceanless

Mei Lan wants to know more about Oceansfull. Travel to the Great Divide and find some good examples of Prexus' bounty.

  • Harbor Shells : /way 1400 -540 477 (Thurgadin docks)
  • Icelad Candles : /way -1392, -534, -2126 (Icy Fingers)
  • Sea Urchin : /way -1600 -542, -2500 (ice floe near Lodizal)
  • Return to Mei Lan

Week Six (available starting Oct. 26 2021) Traveler's Holidays - Under a Burning Sky

Ultera has a very mild climate, and Mei Lan doesn't understand the concept behind Scorched Sky. I am headed to one of the hottest outdoor spots that I know, Lavastorm, to find suitable symbols of the event.

  • Fennin's Pass Soot Piles: /way -442, -118, 479 (Fennin's Pass)
  • Volcanic Rock: /way -656, -67, -169 (near Goblet of Ro)
  • Western Pass Mount Feed: /way 153, 0, -401 (Western Pass Mount Station)
  • Return to Mei Lan

Week Seven (available starting Nov. 2 2021) Traveler's Holidays - Gears and Gadgets

Mei Lan has a hard time understanding gnomes, much less their celebration of Tinkerfest. I will go to the Steamfont Mountains in her stead, and try to find her some non-explosive examples of the holiday.

  • Scratched Observatory Lenses: /way -976, 171, 721
  • Gnomeland Gizmos: /way -637, 131, 932
  • Meldrath's Mining Lanterns: /way -1213, 88, 996
  • Return to Mei Lan

Week Eight (available starting Nov. 9 2021) Traveler's Holidays - Deadly Nights:

Mei Lan likes the scary sound of the Nights of the Dead, but not the implied danger that goes with it! Head to the Loping Plains and see what you can find for her.

  • Grave Dust: /way -432, 14, 49 (Somborn Graveyard)
  • Ghost Grass: /way 64, 62, 257 (above ramp to Timorous Moor)
  • Mistmoore Gargoyle Gravel: 794, 71, -124 (between Mistmoore and the zone to Loping Plains)
  • Return to Mei Lan

Week Nine (available starting Nov. 16 2021) Traveler's Holidays - We Need a Hero:

Mei Lan wants me to demonstrate to her the concept of Heroes' Festival. I should go to the Sinking Sands, which is one of the first new lands we rediscovered, and find things that show the fun as well as the hardships of being a hero.

  • Croc Camp Souveniers: /way -1334, -227, -569
  • Skystrider Heroes' Feasts: /way -1390, -162, -773
  • Twin Tears Armor: /way -467, -75, -1003
  • Return to Mei Lan

The Eye Candy

I am not going to cover all the level 120 adventuring gear. I will note 2 things about it, though. If you're searching only for the level 120 gear, adornments, etc., using "hua" in your filter will display only those items. Additionally, more tweaking is expected on some of the adornments.

As usual, I will cover the items that are not level-specific, and list which quest completion is needed to unlock the "purchase" (for 0c) the decoration pack containing the item(s). The packs are named "Days of Summer 2021 Decoration Pack 1" through "Days of Summer 2021 Decoration Pack 9". (Filter on "2021" to find just the new decoration packs.) You may claim and unpack one of each decoration pack per character.

Red Velvet Sleigh Bed
finish Quest 1
Red Velvet Stool (quantity 2)
finish Quest 1
Magical Kobold Plushie
finish Quest 2
Bull Plushie
finish Quest 2
Grunting Warrior (housepet)
finish Quest 2
Red Velvet Dining Chair (quantity 2)
finish Quest 3
Red Velvet End Chair (quantity 2)
finish Quest 3
Green Cub Carrier (44 slot pack)
finish Quest 4
Mistmoore Manor Rug
finish Quest 4
a small potion bottle
finish Quest 5
a Thexian wine bottle
finish Quest 5
a thin lab bottle
finish Quest 5
Ebon Manticore Plushie
finish Quest 6
Gorek the Assembled (housepet)
finish Quest 6
Rum Cellar Copper Pot
finish Quest 7
Rum Cellar Copper Vessel
finish Quest 7
Rum Cellar Pump
finish Quest 7
Skulker's Ship
finish Quest 8
Skulker Captain's Hat
finish Quest 8
Antony (ground mount)
finish Quest 9

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