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New Halas Level 10 Crafting Series

GU57 added three sets of crafting quests for lower-level crafters. The first quest series begins in New Halas and is available for all level 10 and higher crafters. However, you have a different quest starter based on alignment.

New Halas, Level 10

  • Tami Swifthammer in New Halas (in the building with the guild cloak designer) has quests for good-aligned who are level 10+ crafters.
  • Varla Z'Velram, also in New Halas (south of the village, in the Rogues of the White Rose building), has quests for evil-aligned characters and exiles who are level 10+ crafters.
  • These quests provide two very different storyline perspectives on the same series of events
  • Most steps of the quest reward you with your choice of a tier 2 rare harvest
  • When you finish either version of the questline, the table beside Tami will have a recipe book that you can snag, containing recipes for the items pictured below. (Since evils can't see Tami, you want to head to 61, 153, -130 to snag the book from the table, once you escape jail.)
  • Also when you finish the questline, Tami will gladly sell good folks any of their level 10-19 advanced recipe books. Varla will sell recipe books to those who helped her, after you finish speaking with her in the jail, as long as you shop before you exit the instance. Evils wishing to buy their level 10-19 advanced books after leaving the jail will have to chase down Varla, who has returned to the crafting area in Neriak. (Exiles, buy your books from Varla on the final step of your quest, or you'll need to either have someone call of the veteran you to her in Neriak, or finish your darn citizenship change first! ;D)

If you ding to a level 10 crafter after game update 57, you will receive an email telling you to head over to New Halas to help out. If you reached level 10 before Game Update 57, don't worry, you can just head over on your own and start the questa. (You don't need to receive that email in order to do the quests, it just helpfully points newer crafters in the right direction.)

Along with coin, crafting xp and AA, this series of quests rewards you with: tier 2 rare resources (you get to choose one after several quests in the series), a recipe book with three house item recipes in it (items shown below), and the ability to vendor-purchase your level 10-19 advanced recipe books.

To my knowledge, this is the first time where crafters pursue the questline in different ways based on their alignment, allowing those of us with crafters on both sides of the good/evil line to experience the same storyline from two very different perspectives.

Item Recipes Obtained From the Book

Good-Aligned Crafters

(If you are evil or currently exiled, go here instead)

Tami Swifthammer, a representative of Qeynos' Ironforge Exchange, is visiting New Halas, in hopes of working out a trade agreement with the quickly-growing Ravens of the North organization. You wouldn't just happen to have some time free to help her, would you?

Introduction to the Ravens - Tami Swifthammer has been sent from the Ironforge Exchange by Qeynos to offer help to New Halas. She has been assisting in establishing the new settlment and has plenty of work to offer to crafters willing to lend a hand. To start, she has asked me to deliver a letter of introduction.

Head up to the Ravens of the North (crafting area) and deliver the letter to Nikolas MacCraifft, who is working at one of the forges there. Return to Tami for crafting xp, AA and +250 faction with your home crafting society.

Restocking the Cookie Jar - Before diving in to help folks, it is time to get to know them! How?

"Why cookies, of course! Everybody loves cookies. And what better excuse to stop by and chat? Perhaps you could gather a few edibles to replenish my supplies, while I bake up a fresh batch of cookies?"

Harvest tier 2 nodes in the Frostfang Sea zones, then return to Tami with the local T2 harvestables. You will be rewarded with crafting xp, AA, +250 faction with your home crafting society, and your choice of a T2 rare.

Picking Up On Local News - take one of Tami's batches of cookies and introduce yourself to folks! Your map and minimap will helpfully highlight your quest targets, making it easier to run around and find everyone. When you're done, return to Tami to claim crafting xp, AA, +250 faction with your home crafting society, and, again, your choice of a T2 rare.

Let The Spinning Wheel Spin - Tami returned from her cookie delivery to find all the spinning wheels were broken. Can you make some new ones from the provided instructions?

You will receive a recipe for a Simple Spinning Wheel - trivial 15 (scribe at 10) - 1 maple lumber, 1 tuber strand, 1 tanned leather pelt, 2 glowing sandpaper on woodworking table - craft 3 of them, then return to Tami and replace the broken spinning wheels that you find in that building. When you're done, return to Tami to claim crafting xp, AA, +250 faction with your home crafting society, and, again, your choice of a T2 rare.

Party Plates - during my earlier cookies deliveries, I found that there was a shortage of plates for the upcoming banquet. (It seems the ones in storage were mysteriously damaged ... hmmmmm!) Tami provided me with a recipe to make some more. Again, you've got a reward of +250 faction, crafting xp, AA, and your choice of a T2 rare waiting for you when you finish this one.

Scribe the provided "Plate Recipes for All Occasions" to learn how to make Stack of Coldain Plates, trivial 15, level 10 to scribe: 1 electrum cluster, 1 iron cluster, 1 rough turquoise, 2 glowing coal. Return to Tami with the completed plates for your reward.

Rattled by Rats - Tami tells you that The Hopson's youngest seems to think there are rats in their home, even in this cold climate. Set his mind at ease by making a rat trap and placing it in their home. Scribe the provided " Building a Better Rat Trap" to learn the recipe: Rat Trap, level 15 trivial, level 10 to scribe: 1 maple lumber, 1 iron cluster, 1 tanned leather pelt, 2 glowing sandpaper. Place the trap over in the Hopson's home (there will be a green glowie to click on in the proper spot), then return to Tami for the standard reward (+250 faction, crafting xp, AA, and your choice of a T2 rare).

Fast Fabrication - Someone damaged the rolls of wool while everyone was busy elsewhere. Can you make 8 rolls of replacement fabric to help fill orders? Scribe the scroll Learning to Weave Fine Fabrics, and craft 8 Simple Roll of Fabric. Each roll requires 2 tuber strands, 1 maple, 2 glowing filament. When you have completed them, return to the building where Tami is and click on the damaged bolts of fabric to replace them. Then speak to Tami for the standard reward (+250 faction, crafting xp, AA, and your choice of a T2 rare).

Storage Situation - one of the merchants heard odd noises from the storehouse. Can you check on it to make sure nothing else has been mysteriously broken? Head over, and ... Gah! That isn't just broken, it is on fire! Grab the bucket of snowballs near the door and throw it on the fire! Then return to Tami and give her the bad news. Collect the usual reward from this questline, and she starts thinking aloud about the damage.

Premonitions of Disaster - If things have escalated to sabotage, there's a very tempting large target nearby, in the form of the shrine that Mithaniel Marr had set up for his beloved twin. You and Tami should split up to start warning the appropriate people! Head over to the shrine and warn Sister Thog MacGilly, then head to the NW to warn Gert Wolfbane of the Wolves of the North. Return to Tami to find out that your warnings were just in time, and they caught the saboteur before any damage was done. They suspect that the Coalition of Tradesfolke was behind it. Receive your reward of +250 faction, crafting xp, AA, your choice of a T2 rare, and 3 gold.

You are now finished with the questline. Remember to grab the recipe book from the table beside Tami so you have copies of the recipes for the three house items, and Tami will also sell you your tier 2 advanced recipe books if you need them.

Evil-Aligned or Exiled Crafters

Forget that helpful stuff, ok? You're either not welcome in most good cities (you're evil), or you're not welcome much of anywhere (exile). You're just the sort of shiftless sort that Varla, the representative of the Coalition of Tradesfolke, wants to shanghai to help her "persuade" the Ravens of the North to sign her exclusive trade agreement.

Before I dive into the questline details, I want to touch on the exile bit, and why they're lumped with evils, since it was asked at Fan Faire. If you're an exile, you're not welcome in Qeynos or Freeport. Whatever your past alliances, whatever your plans for the future, you're currently a homeless oath-breaker, and neither side is really going to trust you. That tends to make folks assume the worst of you, hence, you're lumped with the evil folks. While, for roleplay reasons, you may or may not agree with that assessment, that's what grey area exiles fit into in the grand scheme of things, so that's where you will fit, with regards to these two NPCs, for as long as you choose to be an exile. If you're actually not taking roost as a semi-permanent exile, you may want to leave this questline alone until you've settled into a new citizenship, so you don't confuse yourself and the NPCs, by changing halfway through the quest stream.

On the happy side of things, even though this is a good city, nobody wants to (quite) kill you (yet) and the fuel merchants in the crafting area will happily sell you fuel.

As mentioned up at the top, you evil folks or exiles will be looking for a lady dark elf by the name of Commissioner Varla Z'Velram. You can find her south of the village, in the Rogues of the White Rose building.

Varla just happens to have some work for someone willing to aid the Coalition of Tradesfolke, and you seem to be just what she's looking for!

Demands to the Ravens - It seems that the Coalition really doesn't want to share the market and wants to "convince" the locals that they should do business with the Coalition and only the Coalition. Take a letter filled with her demands over to the leader of the Ravens of the North (New Halas Crafting faction). Nikolas MacCraifft doesn't seem willing to be "persuaded", so after speaking with him over in the crafting area, return to Varla with the news. You will receive +250 faction with your home crafting society as well as a bit of tradeskill XP and AAXP.

Be Prepared - Varla declares them to be "short-sighted fools" and wants your help in enlightening them. First, however, you're going to need to familiarize yourself with the area, and a good supply of the local harvests. While in the Frostfang Sea zone, harvest up 25 of any combination of the following: maple, electrum, turquoise, iron or tuber strands. (She wants harvests from the local area, not some other Tier 2 harvesting area, so stay in zone for these!) Varla will reward you with tradeskill and AA XP, +250 faction with your home crafting society, and your choice of a tier 2 rare harvest.

Superior Spears - Now she needs spears and shields for some odd reason, and gives you a recipe page called "Unmarked Weapons and Shields". Scribe it and head over to the crafting area to make 4 Ry'Gorr Style Iron Spear and 4 Coalition Round Shield. Each spear requires 2 iron, 1 maple, 2 brown coal. Each shield requires 2 maple, 1 iron, 2 glowing coal. Finish these difficulty 15 combines (level 10 to scribe/craft the recipes) and return to Varla. She sends you to place the spears in the "designated spot" down the hill to the west, and she's marked it with a spell so that you can't miss it. Yep, she wants you to give spears to the orcs, so the White Rose folks will pay high prices for her protective shields. Gotta love the mercenary mind! If you can't see the green glowie against the bright white snow, you want to head to 91, 70, 269. It should also show up as a big cyan circle on your minimap when you are on this quest. Drop off the spears and return to Varla. Again, you will be rewarded with tradeskill and AA XP, +250 faction with your home crafting society, and your choice of a tier 2 rare harvest.

A Little Friendly Sabotage - Next comes some stealth work. While she arranges for a distraction outside the Fur and Leather Shop, you slip in and arrange an "accident" for all those spinning wheels to hinder their weaving. (Oh, how fortunate that the Coalition has extra wool in stock, eh?) Your map helpfully has a big cyan dot over a building in the NW part of town. Head for it and your target building. Slip inside and click on the 3 spinning wheels to break them before returning to Varla. Yep, you guessed it: you will be rewarded with tradeskill and AA XP, +250 faction with your home crafting society, and your choice of a tier 2 rare harvest.

There's a banquet coming up, and Varla knows just where the extra plates are stored. It is time for another "accident", don't you think? Head back over towards that NW corner of town, and the storage building across from where you broke the spinning wheels should be highlighted on your map. Inside, find the crate that says "Storage Crate" and smash those spare plates! Return to Varla to report your success, and I bet you can guess what your reward will be! Sure enough, you will be rewarded with tradeskill and AA XP, +250 faction with your home crafting society, and your choice of a tier 2 rare harvest.

Ratting Them Out - Now it is time for "a little fun" while waiting for the locals to come buy extra plates for the banquet. She really wants some "loathesome" froglok to go back to their swamps instead of preaching about good, valor and {shudder} free trade. How about dropping off some lice- and flea-infested swamp rats in their home to help hurry them on their way? Head into town and the target house is the first building on your right. There will be a green glowie just inside the house to the left where you can click to place the bag. Listen to Tad Hopson panic about monsters! {evil laugh} Return to Varla to collect your 30 pieces of sil- I mean to be rewarded with tradeskill and AA XP, +250 faction with your home crafting society, and your choice of a tier 2 rare harvest.

Market Shortages - Are you sure you broke all the plates in the storehouse? There haven't been any requests for more plates, so it seems they had more ... somewhere. And the wool demand doesn't seem urgent yet, either. Perhaps you could help with that? Maybe with a bit of acid to spill on the rolls of fabric that were made from the wool? She just so happens to have a recipe for you. Scribe the "Working with Acids" recipe page that she gives you, and head into the crafting area. You will need 1 iron cluster, 1 tanned leather, 1 electrum cluster, 2 glowing candles and access to a chemistry table. After you finish crafting the vial, head back to the building where you destroyed the spinning wheels, and start destroying the rolls of fabric. Return to Varla with the news that while you destroyed all the fabric, it seems that have found more spinning wheels somehow. Again, the standard reward of crafting xp/AA/faction/T2 rare.

A Dry Goods Run - This confirms a suspicion of Varla's - those dratted Ironforge Exchange Crafters must be helping out - and practically for free! This seems to have ruined her plans for an exclusive trade agreement, so it is time to teach the citizens of New Halas a lesson. Scribe the scroll "High Explosives For All Occasions" that Varla so helpfully provides and head back to the crafting area. Craft the Keg of Explosive Powder at the chemistry table using 1 maple, 1 iron, 1 electrum and 2 glowing candles. Once finished, head over to the storehouse where you broke the plates to test it out. Click on the green glowie to place the keg, back up to the doorway, right-click to detonate the keg and back up fast. Those explosives can hurt if you're too close when they go off! Return to Varla to report on the keg's performance and to claim your now-standard reward of crafting xp/AA/faction/T2 rare.

Hit 'Em Where it Hurts - Now it is time for the finishing blow in in this "lesson" for the residents of New Halas. Make more two kegs and place them behind their precious statue of Erollisi in the Cairn of the Huntress. Now matter how stealthy and quick you are, however, you are caught and jailed. Whoops! Fortunately, when you regain consciousness, Varla is right there, standing over some unconscious guards. Update her on the situation and she tells you that she is leaving town, and you should, too. She also awards you with Crafting XP/AA, a T2 rare, +250 faction with your home crafting society ... and 9 gold. Before you leave the jail and head out of town, however, why not shop from Varla? Now that you've helped her, you can buy all your tier 2 advanced crafting recipes from her, and it is easier to buy them now than to chase her down in Neriak later.

No matter what dire fate Varla fears, thankfully for you, the residents don't seem to be aware of your wrongdoing, so you can still safely wander through New Halas. Since that is the case, you will now want to head back to the building where you destroyed the spinning wheels and the wool to pick up the recipe book that the Ironforge folks left lying around on a table. Now you know where they got the replacement spinning wheels, fabric and plates! Not only that, but you can now make those house items for yourself and others. the book is labeled "Ironforge Basic Recipes" and it is on a table at 61, 153, -129.

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