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GU37 - Plants!

Halflings traditionally had a hard time with houseplants. Not so much due to a black thumb, or anything like that, mind you. Rather, the problem was with sunlight, or lack thereof, in the bungalows and burrows that they loved so much.

Family legend had it that the pre-Shattering residents of Rivervale had developed some hardy houseplant varieties that thrived on minimal sunlight. Until now, however, Niami had thought it was just a myth.

"Well, if that isn't a cutting of Misty Ivy, I'll, I'll ... shave my toe fur!" Mum moved closer to the hanging planter, eyeing the scruffy plant carefully, before inhaling deeply. Inhaling the tangy scent, that had best been described as "citruschocolatemint" by her great-great-grandfather, she murmured to herself, "Och, I think my toe fur be safe enow, though I thought this variety had been lost generations ago."

Blue eyes round with wonder, she finally stopped ogling the hanging ivy long enough to check out the potted shrubs sitting below it on the windowsill. One of the two shrubs even had tiny yellow-orange berries on it.


Nimble fingers deftly picked one of the small berries, which she popped in her mouth, "just to be sure."

Humming happily to herself, Mum continued on to the next room, to see what other goodies were in store.

  • hanging plant
  • potted shrub
  • potted shrub with berries
  • and repeat performances by vale briarwood candelabra and the hanging mine lantern

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