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GU37 - Beds

Staying excited for any length of time was exhausting work, even for Niami. Therefore, what happened in the next room should not have come as any surprise to anyone familiar with halflings.

The soft glow of ironwood table lamps shone down on something almost as important to halflings as food.


More importantly, glorious matching beds in two sizes. Ones that not only matched each other, but that also matched several pieces of the lovely green padded furniture scattered throughout the showrooms.


Tales of several instruments for her music room could wait.

After all, someone had to test and make sure the "guest bed" was actually suitable for a guest to sleep in. Right?

She was out like a light in seconds flat.

While Mum takes a quick nap, we present you with the last of the formal pre-Test "room shots", introducing:

  • Vale briarwood bed
  • Vale briarwood guest bed

There are still some pieces not featured, and images of individual items, including several display-only (not equippable or playable) musical instruments, are still to come. The first batch of those images should start going up on the site on Monday.

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