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GU52: The Denmum Diaries, Vol. 1

This article contains a more in-depth look at the crafting-related items in GU52. At this time, it is only available on the Test and Test_copy servers. GU52 is currently slated for release on June 16. As with all information regarding anything that is on the Test server, be aware that things can/will change during the testing phase based on bugs and feedbacks that have been found. It is expected that all of this will be in the final release of GU52, but Bristlebane can always interfere!

Sages who are level 50 or higher can do a very straightforward little quest to obtain the recipes for crafting the 16 notebook styles. You must have completed at least the basic quest series from Ingrid on the docks in Mara, thus earning the trust of the Mara residents, before you can obtain the notebook quest from Meledi Augren.

Sages will want to scrounge both common and rare hides for these lovely books, so if you have lagged behind on your trapping skills, now might be a good time to work on them! In addition, they will need some roots, common gems and common soft metal from the appropriate tier. (There is 1 common and 1 rare book in each tier.) Naming for the blank books is "{leathername} Leather Notebook", such as Rawhide Leather Notebook.

As you can see from the above, the book orientation alternates, with the books lying flat in Tier 1, standing in Tier 2, lying in Tier 3, and so on. Other than that and the different covers/bindings, there is no difference between the notebooks - all hold the same amount of text.

Players who purchase the sage-made notebooks will find that there is an Edit option at the bottom of the book, when they examine the book and select Read. A progress bar at the bottom will tell you how full you have already filled the book, and that will allow you to save the contents, change the language, etc.

Once a player has begun to write in a notebook, no other player can write in that same book. They can, however, read the contents, see who wrote the book, see who crafted the book, etc.

Authors will have the option to Copy the book into another empty notebook while the book is in inventory. Also while the book is in inventory, the original author can select the Read option, and then Edit it. (Which is quite handy when you find a typo, as I did when prepping the screenshots for this article!)

You can see larger and more detailed pictures of these notboooks here.

Koros Splinterlimb, the faction vendor in Mara, will have for sale a book entitled "Chemists Reflections". It is a level 79 alchemist-only book containing the recipes for 8 new potions. Be aware that not only will you need 40,000 faction with the Far Seas Supply Division in order to purchase the no trade scroll, but the recipes all require a reflective smoldering shard. (Obtained from several Kunark dungeons, some crafting missions, and from TSO zones.)

At last check, the potions included are:

  • Magmatic Detonation - large heat DD, as well as massive heat debuff (short duration)
  • Hemotoxic Venom - poison proc DoT (15-minute duration)
  • Immaterial Ingenuity - procs power debuff, mental damage (15-minute duration)
  • Holy Sight - procs divine damage and self-heal (15-minute duration)
  • Frozen Mists - large cold damage, massive cold resist debuff (10-second duration)
  • Vile Outbreak - large disease damage DoT and massive disease debuff (10-second duration)
  • Runic Destruction - procs magic damage (15-minute duration)
  • Subtle Perception - procs piercing damage (15-minute duration)
All have a level 80 requirement, no class restrictions, and will only work on level 50 or higher mobs.

Needless to say, given the price of smoldering reflective shards on most servers, these won't be items for everyday use. (The price may go down a little, as the addition of the TSO shard drops helps increase supply a bit.) However, for certain pivotal fights (epics, etc.) or raids, they may save the day and be worth the expense.

A History of Exotic Furnishings is a tradeble level 70 Carpenter recipe book, found on the second floor of the Estate of Unrest (Jessa's room, a stack of books that can be clicked). It contains the following recipes:

  • carved mahogany rattle
  • elegant mahogany couch
  • elegant mahogany dining chair
  • formal mahogany dining chair
  • mahogany bedside table
  • mahogany crib
  • mahogany dining table
  • mahogany dresser
  • mahogany long bench
  • mahogany queen bed
  • mahogany short bench
  • octagonal mahogany gaming table
  • octagonal mahogany table
  • ornate mahogany couch
  • ornate mahogany dining chair
  • ornate redwood bookend
  • padded mahogany stool
  • damask pillow

What do you mean, you want more than just the item names?! Eeesh, you want pictures, too? Well, lucky for you, Kaisha did a ton of work taking pictures of them all after I crafted them, just for you! (I'll do all the php/html coding for the size comparison images as a separate article, and link it in later.)

Elegant Mahogany Couch
Elegant Mahogany Dining Chair
Octagonal Mahogany Gaming Table
Mahogany Long Bench
Mahogany Crib
Octagonal Mahogany Table
Ornate Mahogany Couch
Ornate Mahogany Dining Chair
Padded Mahogany Stool
Mahogany Short Bench
Carved Mahogany Rattle
Damask Pillow
Mahogany Bedside Table
Mahogany Coffee Table
Mahogany Dining Table
Mahogany Dresser

Note that the main difference between the two couches is the lighter trim detailing along the edges of the couch. The formal and ornate mahogany dining chairs use the same model, but with a slight size variation (the formal is larger).

Again, we don't have details on exactly where in there to find it within Charasis at the moment, but we managed to get a copy of the new provisioner book that is being added there. The scroll, Culinary Secrets of the Ssstibbler Clan, is a level 75 provisioner book containing eight new recipes that use the Kunark mob-dropped meats. While meant mostly for fun, there are a couple of nice surprises in here as well!

Brute Meat Onna Stick, Cockatrice Sausage Inna Bun, and Moutain Giant Meat Pie are all +power foods, that you can then wash down with a refreshing Cabilis Classic Cola. Want something with a bit more kick? Torsis True Brew and Soggy Skyfire Mountain Dew are both +power drinks that are also alcoholic!

The true surprise, however, comes when you take a peek at the spicy sarnak tail (food) and the Emerald Jungle Juice (drink). These items, which each take a beefy 120 (yes, one hundred and twenty) tier 8 kindling, create a stack of 20 (yes, twenty!) heirloom food or drink, respectively. So yes, provisioners, there is something you can make in bulk, but with some restrictions. The heirloom tag means it is for your own use. It cannot be brokered or traded.

Hex dolls are getting an amazing facelift! I think folks will be pretty pleased with the automagic increases. Here are a few examples for you (using INT for consistency, but it impacts all dolls):

  • Your old +4 burlap (T2 common) INT dollie turns into a +6 INT doll with 3 health & 3 power
  • Your old +9 roughspun INT dollie turns into a +10 INT dollie with +5 health, +5 power and +60 to all resists
  • An old tier 4 broadcloth dollie with 6 INT would turn into a dollie with +12 INT, 7 health, 7 power
  • The rare tier 4 cloth dollie with 11 INT would turn into a dollie with +20 INT, 15 health, 15 power, 140 to all resists. Oh yeah, now we're talking some nice little dollies, aren't we? :D
  • Starting in tier 5, STA is added to all rare dollies as a secondary stat. Common dolls add STA as the secondary in tiers 7 and 8.*
  • Tier 8 common hex dolls will have +30 to their main stat, +10 STA, 18 health, 18 power.*
  • Tier 8 rare hex dolls will have +40 to their main stat, +20 STA, 40 health, 40 power, 347 to all resists, +1 to: melee crit chance, ranged crit chance, damage spell crit chance and heal crit chance. Yowza!
  • *For the ruin (STA) doll lines, when there is mention of STA as a secondary stat, STR is the secondary instead

In addition to the above, there is a set bonus for equipping 2 different (rare) mastercrafted dollies. (You can mix and match tiers and types as long as they are not both the exact same tier and type.) The Vexing Hexing bonus gives you a 5% reduction in hex casting time, and a 5% increase in hex effectiveness.

All existing crafted hex dolls will automagically be upgraded to the new versions.

The tailor-made ranged items - bandoliers, statchels, quivers, pouches, will have new versions with their damage ratios slightly improved. The new ranged leather goodies for thrown weapons will have STR/STA/AGI/health/power for all tiers. +1 parry is added in Tier 2; Tier 3 adds +2 parry, +7 spell and combat art damage; Things progress from there, so by Tier 8, you are up to +4 parry, and the mastercrafted tier 8 ones have +35 spell and combat art damage. As mentioned in my earlier sneak peek, and this bears repeating, due to the nature of these changes, old ranged items will NOT be automagically upgraded to the new items. Only newly-made (after GU52 is released) ranged items will have the new stats.

Crafted bows will also be given a long-awaited boost. This will include slightly better ratios, more stats, and +parry starting in with Tier 2 rare (Tier 3 common) bows. Rare bows also get spell and combat art damage bonuses starting in Tier 3. Due to the nature of these changes, old crafted bows will NOT be automagically upgraded to the new stats. Only newly-made (after GU52 is released) bows will carry the new stats.

Sweeping changes to the naming of all spells and combat arts are occurring with GU52. This will impact everyone, and likely confuse everyone repeatedly before we get used to the new system, but it will be doubly confusing for the scholar classes.

Not only are spells within a spell line consistently named, so that, for example, the level 1 mystic heal being called Rejuvenation, the level 7 version of it being Rejuvenation II, the level 15 version being Rejuvenation III, and so on, but the naming for upgrades to each spell is changing as well.

  • Apprentice I (autolearn) spells are called Apprentice
  • Apprentice IV (crafted) spells are called Journeyman
  • Adept I (dropped) spells are called Adept
  • Adept III (crafted) spells are called Expert
  • Master I (dropped) spells are called Master
  • Master II (character development) spells are called Grandmaster

What this means is that scholars are going to have to get it settled in their heads that Journeyman = App IV (handcrafted), and Expert = AD III (mastercrafted), and that customers are likely to get the names jumbled up, and neglect to tell you which level of the spell they want, etc. Triple-check with your customer for your own protection before making spell upgrades for them and be ready with a large clue-by-four when someone is being exceptionally thick-skulled about the need to be explicitly clear on which spell upgrade they really want. :D

In addition to this, if I am understanding the new Research Assistant NPCs that are being added, in order to have the assistant research a spell for you, it must already be upgraded to either Journeyman (handcrafted) or to Expert (mastercrafted), before the assistant will offer to upgrade it (to Adept or Master, respectively). This means that there may actually be slightly more demand for crafted spells, so that adventurers can sprinboard from them to even better versions. I may have it confused, so it is a good idea to check in the forums later, but that seems to be my understanding of it.

There are a few other odds and ends of note as well:

  • Daily faction (crafting) missions in Tupta, Grobb, and Firmroot Moot will award more faction. Firmroot Moot will be 2000 faction, Tupta and Grobb will be a net gain of 1500 faction (2000 positive with one, -500 negative with the other)
  • Tradeskill Experience awarded via a writ or quest will be awarded to you even if you have your Quest Experience turned off

I really feel like my brain is leaking out my ears, as not only is the GU52 testing going on over on the Test server, but also there have been two different Live events in testing over there, and both have tons of furniture items and such that we're also trying to track. I will cover both of those separately, once I manage to reboot my brain a bit, but I wanted to get this out the door first.

I am sure that, given all the distractions from so many things going on at once, and several folks talking at me about each of them at the same time, I will have missed something. It is also likely that there will be some late additions and changes. As I have corrections or additions, I'll update not only the appropriate paragraph of this preview, but also keep a running list down here of it all, so it will be easier to find.

Updates After the Fact

As expected, there are some updates and clarifications added after this was published:
  • Reflective smoldering shards quietly snuck in as drops in TSO zones, which should help with the alchemy potions.
  • The hex doll set bonus can be gained by mixing and matching types and tiers of hex dolls. However, it will not be gained if you have two of the same doll equipped. (i.e., wielding two discord imbued linen hex dolls will not give you the bonus, wielding a discord and a chaos, or a T7 and T8 discord doll at the same time, however, will.)
  • We are not sure if the heirloom food & drink will be able to be commissioned after all, so I have removed the note from above
  • June 16 is the target launch date for this game update. If that changes, I will update everyone accordingly
  • Larger pictures of the books, including binding details, can be found here
  • With GU52 released (June 16), we're still collecting information on the two recipe book drops. The provisioner book is apparently on a vendor in Charasis: The Emperor's Athenaeum and costs 10p. (New zone is in the western side of the Howling Stones pit in Jarsath Wastes. There's a level 83 heroic see invis mob before you can explore far, so this will need adventures ).
  • The carpenter recipe book has been found in Unrest - a stack of clickable books in Jessa's room (2nd floor).

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