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GU53: Housing Hijinks

Ngranna was considered a picky eater, for an ogress. If something was capable of talking back, she wouldn't eat it. (She'd started by vowing to not eat anything intelligent, but she had seen enough amazingly stupid sentients along the way to make "intelligence" an iffy sort of thing.)

Right now, however, she really wanted to break her self-imposed diet and eat a gnome. Truly she did.

It had all started out innocently enough on the surface. A new neighbor of hers, a gnome by the name of Glorianna Gizmofidget, needed help arranging heavy furniture in her new home, and promised Ngranna a home-cooked meal in return for her help.

Ngranna, who adored food, but hated to cook, thought this was a perfect deal. After all, gnome-sized furniture would be easy for the powerful ogress to move around, and shouldn't take long to arrange at all. Right?


Glorianna changed her mind frequently. Even more frequently than a halfling got hungry. Almost more frequently than a person needed to breathe!

First came the living room layout. First she wanted the couch against the west wall, and the piano along the east wall. Then she wanted the reverse. Then she wanted the couch along the north wall, and the piano on the south wall. Then she wanted two huge potted palms to either side of the piano. Then she decided the palms needed to go up in the roof patio area, where they could "breathe the fresh North Freeport air". Then she decided the piano was going into the study, instead, and the palms were going back down in the living room. Then the piano had to go back down in the living room.

Each room seemed worse, if possible, as Glorianna made Ngranna drag furniture all over the place, only to change her mind over and over again.

Several hours passed.

Finally, every room was arranged ... exactly as it had been before all the rearranging began.

Yep. After moving most items a good ten times apiece, and some items as many as twenty times, Glorianna decided she liked the original layout the best.


"You know, I think maybe I want the piano ..."

Not this again, thought the increasingly-grumpy ogress. Best to distract the gnome before she wanted everything moved again. "'Granna hungry."

"Yes, yes, I'll feed you. But first, I think I want to try moving ..."

"'Granna hungy."

"Just hold on! I just want to try ..."

"'Granna hungry NOW!" Licking a tusk, she loomed over the small gnome, her green face drawn into a fearsome scowl.

"But, but, I want you to move ... EEP!"

Ngranna wouldn't eat anything that talked back, but maybe if she gagged the gnome first, it would be all right. Wouldn't it?

This feature is part of Game Update 53, which is currently on Test. As with any changes being tested on the Test server, details can change before the feature is released to other servers.

Players can now save and restore their house item layouts. Use the commands save_layout and load_layout . House layout files can only be loaded in houses of the same type. This also works in guild halls!

In a nutshell, you can save the current locations of the furniture in your home or guildhall, completely rearrange it all, then go back to the original layout any time you want. (With certain limitations, of course!)

This can be especially handy if you truly love how your home is laid out, but wish to put up temporary seasonal decorations, set up a different layout for an rp event, move from one inn room to another, and so on.

How It Works

Saving: Be inside the home or guild hall for which you want to save the current arrangement. Type: /save_layout layoutname
Loading: Be inside the home or guildhall of the exact same home type as was used for the save (i.e., Qeynos 2-room, type 1 or such). You must also have trustee access to the home in which you are trying to load the layout. Type: /load_layout layoutname

More Details

It looks pretty simple, on the surface, as "poof" the furniture gets dragged back into the arrangement that you had saved, but of course, there's a bit going on during the process:
  • The house type from the save file has to match the house type you are trying to load it into (city/size/layout type). You can't use it to save your Freeport inn room layout, betray to Qeynos and expect to load in your Freeport layout into a Qeynos home. Nor can you move from a 2-room home to a 3-room, for example, and expect it to work. If you move from an inn room in Baubbleshire, however, to an inn room in the Willow Wood, since they're the same base house type, you can load the layout from one to the other.
  • Only the furniture that is in the home at the time of the load gets rearranged. Everything else stays exactly where it was before the load.
    • Any furniture that was added to the home after the save file was made stays right where it is when you load the layout. (i.e., save, move stuff around, add 3 lamps, load. The 3 lamps stay right where they are, everything else in the home gets moved to the saved location.)
    • Any furniture that was removed from the home after the save file was made stays right where it is as well. (i.e., Save, move stuff, remove and bank a bed, and when you load, the bed is still in the bank.)
    • Saved layouts are stored on your computer, not on your character. (It is a good idea to be descriptive with layout names, so you remember which layout goes to which alt's home!)
    • The loading process is "smart" about items in packing crates in the home. Save the layout of your home, pack the contents up (optionally move to a home of the exact same size/type), and load the layout, and the load will happily pull the items out of the packing crate and place them for you.**
    • /Load_layout now properly remembers item resizing.

    **A new feature on Test allows you to pack single items in your packing crate (from the right click on the furniture item). This allows you to easily rearrange before/after the holidays, while keeping the extra items handy in a packing crate. (And since /load_layout can find items in a packing crate, it makes for easier redecorating using crate-stored items!) Do remember, however, that items in your packing crate count towards your house item count, so if something isn't part of a saved layout, storing it in your house vault may be a better bet.

    If there are further details or changes before this feature is released, this article will be updated accordingly, and notes made below with the details of the change.


    • Sept. 6: layouts are now properly remembering item resizing!

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