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Welcome to the information clearinghouse for the Sentinel's Fate expansion! There is a lot going on with this expansion, and to prevent information overload, it will be broken down into manageable chunks. As various sections are fleshed out, links to more detailed documents will be dropped into place, and the very bottom of this page will contain a master list of links added (making it easier for you to see when something new has been added).

For a quick appetizer with some eye-candy that includes the new tinkered hoverpad, you might want to start out with my tongue-in-cheek press tour "The Other Eight Lives of Mreean Prrtan"

Expect more details in the next hour or two!

Disclaimers & Details

As you read through this information, please remember that as this goes to press, the Sentinel's Fate expansion is currently in beta testing. This means that details can/will change without warning. While I will do my best to update any information that changes, there is only so much that a single person can track. I apologize in advance for anything that I miss.

This expansion will go live ("pre-launch") for retail pre-orders and Fan Faire attendees on February 16, 2010. The digital download version will be available on February 23, 2010. The expansion contains level 80 and higher content for both adventurers and crafters, and level caps for both will be raised to level 90.

Things To Note in Advance

While much of the information presented will be less time-sensitive, there are a couple things that you might want to know right away.

Enigmas for Adornments - any of the non-transmuter Enigma books (Enigma of the Carpenter, etc.) are going to be rendered useless once the expansion hits. Save your coin, and vendor the ones you get as drops.

Adornments in General - If you are particularly attatched to a specific adornment, you may wish to ask in the forums if a) there is an expansion equivalent, and/or b) if the adornment converts over happily. While every effort has been made to ensure that things converted over properly, some of the changes to stats, crits, etc. may make it impossible for some of the more exotic adornments to transfer properly. (Adornment tweaking is not yet complete on beta, so a full new adornment list is going to have to wait.) More on transmuting and adorning "soon", along with everything else.

Stat Changes - There are a lot of stat/crit/combat changes in store, and there's no way I could research it all and still cover all the crafting stuff. For now, know that folks may start looking for different stats on crafted gear (and some crafted gear sets are being tweaked accordingly), and that some may be stockpiling gear jewelry, adorns, etc. in advance. In a nutshell, each class will have ONE stat that impacts their spells, heals, combat arts, poison damage, etc., instead of the old "INT for spells & poison, STR for this" etc.

Questions or concerns on the above? Hit up the forums and drop a question. Those who have been in the beta can now talk to you and answer your questions. :D

Crafting-Related Highlights

Quests, Quests and More Quests!

There is a considerable amount of crafting quest experience to be had for the level 80+ crowd, in a massive questline that: a) helps you earn crafting xp for something other than grinding, b) gives you a significant storyline filled with local flavor and lore, and c) earns you faction with several areas with importance to crafters and adventurers alike.

The SF Crafting Questline can be found here.

Recipes Galore!

On top of the recipes for an entire new tier of items, there are additional recipes in the form of class-specific faction recipes, as well as one kerra faction recipe book for all crafting classes (lovely bolts of cloth, shown below).

Further recipe information will be in the class-by-class breakdown that will be, yep, added as time goes on.

Double Your Secondaries!

With this expansion, you will be able to learn both adorning and tinkering on the same alt. Yayyy!

Transmuting vs Adorning

There was quite a bit of discussion on the SOE forums over the last several months regarding plans to change transmuting. Those changes will be arriving with the expansion.

Anyone can learn to transmute (break down items for adornment materials), and it will be treated like a harvesting skill as far as level caps and the like. You will be able to break down grey con items for skillups! (So a person with a 400 transmuting skill will be able to break down a level 1 Adept, and still have a small chance at a skillup.) Please remember that if you are currently at the level cap of 400, you won't see any skillups until after you hit level 81 in either adventuring or crafting.

Anyone who is already a transmuter will find that they have that skill in both transmuting and adorning. (A 200 transmuter will become a 200 adorner with a 200 transmuting skill.) Adorning will be the actual act of making adornments, and you will gain skill increases from making any adornments (including grey con items).

Currently existing adornment recipes will go away, though any adornments you have already made should still exist. Totally new adornment recipes have been added, that will be available to those who have trained in adorning.

It should be noted that any current transmuter who has scribed transmuting recipes will convert over to having the corresponding adornment book scribed. (So if you have scribed the tier 1 through tier 8 common and rare enigma of transmuting books, you should have the tier 1 through tier 8 common and rare adornment recipes in your book.)

If this doesn't make sense, please ask in the forums and I'll try to clarify a bit more when less overwhelmed with information overload. :D Meanwhile, more on the actual adornments will follow once they have been finalized on beta and I can poke at them with a sharp stick. (We're still waiting on fixes, changes, etc.)

A quick look at the new Transmuting & Adorning can now be found here. For a listing of what adornments will be available check out this forum thread.

Faction Action

During your romp through the above-mentioned questline, you will not only earn a small bit of Far Seas Supply Division faction, but you will be introduced to four new areas, each with their own factions. While three of the factions each lean towards a specific subclass of crafter (craftsman, outfitter, scholar), all four areas have faction items (mostly furniture) that will have a more widespread appeal. In addition, there have been some changes/additions to the Far Seas Supply Division faction vendor - check them out here.

Paineel: The main hub for the new expansion, it contains a full crafting area, daily crafting task NPC (once you've finished the questline) and fuel vendors in the same area that houses the broker, the banker and the faction merchant. There is quite a bit of lovely faction furniture to be had! (Check out the Paineel Faction Furniture here.

Kerra Isle: While more outfitter-oriented (including the outfitter faction recipes), there's also a lot of lovely faction furniture to be had, as well as an all-class faction recipe for bolts of cloth for your home. As with the other areas, there is a daily crafting task NPC, but be aware that some of her daily tasks can only be completed by outfitters. (Check out the Kerra Isle Faction Furniture here. (edit: fixed the link!)

Hua'Mein Village: This home of the hua'mein (pandas) is more for the craftsmen than the other classes, with craftsmen-specific faction recipes. However, there is also a lot of lovely faction furniture to be had, as well as panda illusion items to buy, for those who work up their faction. Again, the daily crafting task giver has some tasks for everyone, but on some days will only have tasks that can be completed by craftsmen. (Check out the Hua'Mein Faction Furniture here.

Quel'Ule: This area caters to the scholars, and includes the scholar faction recipes. There are some lovely bottles and other faction items here, but, again, the daily crafting tasks will include some that can be completed by any class, and some that can only be completed by scholars. (Check out the Quel'Ule Faction Furniture here.

Specific Class Information

The tons and tons of information to go in this section means that a separate article (or several articles, such as for carpenters!) will be needed to explain specifics. For now, however, let me whet your appetite a bit ...



Further details will be incoming, but I wanted to be sure folks had some eye candy for the weekend. Grab those drool buckets, you're going to need them before we're through! Links will become clickable as the pages are coded.


Tons and tons of nummy food and drink await you, in a dazzling array of gourmet variety. Four mob-dropped meats take a slightly, um, meatier, role in the tier, providing you with the components for power and/or health food and drinks (non-stat), as well as providing the basis for the faction recipes for infusions and reductions. I'm hoping to get you a food/drink chart for the tier later in the week, once I can clear my plate a bit more.


On top of the expected wooden weapons, ammo and suchlike for the tier, woodworkers have a few other lovely things in store. A compact harvesting kit, which is an all-in-one tool for all harvesting skills with a 2.5 harvesting speed reduction on it. (That is the max speed reduction, so this kit mostly clears up several inventory slots for you.) Special faction arrows can be made from a raid drop (void warped wood), when there is the need for over-the-top arrow frenzy. Last, but definitely not least, seven totems await you:



A new tier of armor awaits you, as well as some slight tweaking to armor stats to make them more appealing based on the stat changes mentioned above. In addition, you will have one batch of faction recipes from Mara for level 80 battleground gear, and one batch of faction recipes from Kerra isle for level 90 battleground gear. More details as time permits.


Take what I just said for Armorers and apply all of it to tailors as well. In addition to that, tailors have a faction recipe from Kerra Isle for a new one-piece casualwear set of mastercrafted appearance clothing, in 14 different colors.


You've got a rather large array of weapons in normal, blessed and imbued versions, and the expected new tier of ammo. In addition, you can pick up a faction recipe for 3 new temporary weapon adornments.

Check out the SF Outfitters summary page for more details, and for screenshots of the new tailored casual wear! Oh, you want more eye-candy? How about: handcrafted, mastercrafted and the battleground sets


The biggest thing to note is that there are no loams in tier 9. Alchemists will use kaborite clusters to make fighter Experts, jewelers will use ulteran diamonds to make scout Experts. (This change was announced at the Fan Faire and discussed in the SOE forums several times since then.) There is ZERO loam change to earlier tiers, this is only a Tier 9 change.


Another tier of potions, poisons and fighter CAs are in store for you, of course, but there are a few other little bits to look into as well. As mentioned above, there are no loams in this tier, and you will be using the rare soft metal (kaborite cluster) for the crafting of Expert spells. There will be a new Alchemist quest to bulk-convert byproduct dusts into the next tier of dust, 10 at a time (this is a followup to the existing quest to create one dust at a time). There will also be a faction recipe book for 3 mastercrafted potions, using the tier's byproduct dust as a primary. More details will follow in a separate article as time permits.


You'll see pretty much what you would expect from another tier of jewelry and scout CAs, taking into account the above-mentioned change to using the teir's rare gem (ulteran diamond) for the creation of scout Experts. In addition, there will be a faction recipe book for nine mastercrafted jewelry items that can be equipped at level 89. More details as time permits.


Spells, spells, and more spells! Plus a faction recipe book that contains: three notebook recipes (including one that is an open book model), and two of the short-duration adorn/buff scrolls.

Scholar details can be found here (linked fixed from the oops of earlier in the week - why did nobody tell me I had linked in the wrong article? :P)


In addition to vendor sold recipes for skillup progression from 400 to 450 tinkering, there will be a few rare recipes that are mob drops. Please also note that you will now be able to be a Tinker as well as an Adorner on the same character. I'll flesh this section out with more coherent details after sleeeep.

Common Tinkered recipes

Rare Tinkering Blueprints

personal harvest depot
Tinkered Vision Enhancer
hotwired gnomish hoverpad

Odds and Ends

Achievements - a few crafting achievements are being added. I suspect a few more may be incoming for the other faction questlines in the expansion. I've now made a Tradeskill Achievements page.

The Food, it is Taunting Me!. Please administer emergency chocolate and pie dosages immediately. Mum is ready to gnaw someone's leg off after making this teaser page

Warm Fuzzies

I'd love to thank the entire EQ2 team. Frequently we talk about "the devs", and more specifically the (well-deserved) Domino love. However, a huge shout out has to go out to everyone involved in getting this out the door, including developers (coders, designers, etc., etc), artists (omg, you folks SO outdid yourselves on this one), QA, the community team, PR folks, and allll the folks who work with and support them.

There are some thank-yous that should go out to the player community as well:

The folks from Test - from the start, folks like Cloudrat and Chikkin were at the forefront in beta, posting walkthroughs & spoilers to aid testers in the beta forum, answering (and re-re-re-re-re-re-answering) the same questions a gazillion times in the /beta channel and much, much more, to help organize the early testing and keep us all on track. For opening up the Heroes of Test guild to all and sundry, so that all beta testers who needed access to guild amenities had them. And then, the boggling task of moving a T3 guildhall from Gorowyn to Qeynos (complete with all the required redecorating, etc.), just so that Kaisha had access to a hall with light backgrounds for her screen captures for the site.

Kaisha - for so many things in so many ways. I know you didn't get to experience a lot of content in beta due to all the work involved in getting images for the site, and you truly are a sanity-saver. I'm going to reserve a padded room beside mine for you!

Master List of Updates & Changes

(any times listed are in the Pacific timezone)

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