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SF: Far Seas Findings

This writeup is part of the preview information for the Sentinel's Fate expansion that will go into retail launch on Feb, 16, 2010. Since it is being written before the beta testing phase is complete, there may still be some changes and updates incoming. For further information on this expansion, check out the SF Information Clearinghouse

Leave it to the Far Seas Supply Division to be at the forefront of exploring a new area in search of new markets and new crafting opportunities! While we will eventually will cover, in great detail, the huge Sentinel's Fate crafting questline that is kicked off by a Far Seas representative, let's head over to the Isle of Mara for a bit and check out things that may be of interest to any level 50+ crafter.

Koros Splinterlimb, the Far Seas Supply Division faction vendor has a few changed items, and a few new items, in store for those who have the appropriate levels of faction.


The mounts that Koros sells for 40K Far Seas Supply Division faction have been given a bit of a speed boost!
  • Appaloosa Pack Horse - now 50% speed
  • Hillrunner Pack Horse & Palomino Pack Horse - both now 58% speed
  • Pack Unicorn - now 60% speed

Shard Armor Recipes vs Mark(?) Armor Recipes

While I don't know what the community will start calling the new tier of mission armor, since there is a new tier of mission armor, using the new Mark of Manaar, the void shard armor recipes are being moved. The four Far Seas Strategic Pricing Manuals will move to be sold on Koros Splinterlimb in Mara (40K faction and just under 20g and 10 tokens for each book), and new recipe books for the recipes using the Mark of Manaar will drop in the 4 crafting missions instead. (Click here if you are not familiar with the crafting missions and want an overview.) While some might grumble and groan about grinding more of the crafting missions in order to get the books, with 9 master crafters on my main server, I'm looking forward to a way to grind up some crafting experience that doesn't involve my alts fighting with each other and everyone else for resources so much during the initial expansion leveling rush!

New Recipes

Armorers and Tailors get two new sets of faction armor for Battleground (BG) wear. The level 80 BG recipes are sold in Mara on Koros to those with 40K or more Far Seas Supply Division faction (1 book for tailors, 1 book for armorers), and the level 90 BG recipes will be faction purchases from Kerra Isle.

What Doesn't Change?

The crafting writs from Kaisha Swifteasel for Far Seas Supply Division faction will not be adding T9 writs (T9 crafters will be able to do the T6-T8 writs). At this time, it also looks like there are no new crafting missions added, though the rares that can drop from the missions have been changed from T8 rares to T9 rares.

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