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Gallery: Level 80-84 Rare Carpenter Furniture

This furniture is part of the Sentinel's Fate expansion, and is not yet available on Live servers. As with all content in beta testing, it can be changed before launch. Please see the the Sentinel's Fate Information Clearinghouse for further information on the expansion as well as links to the other image galleries for this expansion.

eucalyptus bar
eucalyptus end table
eucalyptus firepit
eucalyptus large armoire
eucalyptus long bench
eucalyptus long table
eucalyptus office desk
eucalyptus short bench
eucalyptus side table
eucalyptus small armoire
eucalyptus washstand
eucalyptus wine table
elaborate brellium chandelier
elaborate brellium lamp
elaborate brellium sconce
eucalyptus candelabra
eucalyptus candlestick
eucalyptus hanging chandelier
azure gabardine tapestry
crimson gabardine rug
crimson gabardine tapestry
ornate brellium chandelier
ornate brellium sconce
verdant gabardine tapestry
azure eucalyptus armchair
azure eucalyptus canopy bed
azure eucalyptus chaise lounge
azure eucalyptus couch
azure eucalyptus dining chair
azure eucalyptus loveseat

All brellium lights are good light sources. All eucalyptus lights are ornamental.

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