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Gallery: Level 80-84 Common Carpenter Furniture

This furniture is part of the Sentinel's Fate expansion, and is not yet available on Live servers. As with all content in beta testing, it can be changed before launch. Please see the the Sentinel's Fate Information Clearinghouse for further information on the expansion as well as links to the other image galleries for this expansion.
azure spuncloth rug
continental map scroll
dark sumac bookcase
easel with boat schematics
easel with camels
embellished sumac screen
single blue paint pot
single indigo paint pot
single orange paint pot
vigilant double bed
easel with castle layout
easel with female fighter
emerald stained glass oval
erudin screen
group of paint pots
intricate stained glass oval
quicksilver vase
regal spuncloth rug
easel with formal armor
easel with green abstract
mirrored sumac platform
mosaic inlaid mirror
ornate stained glass oval
ornate sumac screen
paineel screen
easel with lion
easel with male fighter
elaborate stained glass oval
plain sumac room divider
reflecting mirror
round spuncloth rug
ruby stained glass oval
burgundy spuncloth throw cushion
easel with oil painting of a knight
easel with orange abstract
sapphire stained glass oval
star map scroll
vigilant screen
vigilant single bed

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