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GU60: Floored

Mum was covered in dust, head to toe, as she crawled through her attic. It was jam-packed with spare furniture that she had collected here and there, and she was trying to make some sense of it all. "Hmmm, that goes tae th' new cold storage ... that can go tae th' monk's dojo ... garden ... och! This one I give away, if I can, an' if not, toss it ... cold storage ..."

A sudden pounding on her front door was a welcome interruption, though it took her a bit of time to weave her way through the stuff in the attic and make her way downstairs.

She finally opened the door, in time to see a half-elf pushing a hand-cart turning away as if to leave.

"Tibbins? Sorry aboot th' delay. I was up in th' attic, cleaning an' sorting.

Tibbins the Tile man didn't stop by often, but when he did, he usually had the newest and best in home flooring samples to show her. Over the years, it had become a game for them - he'd try to sell her lots of tiles, while she tried to figure out his new source, so she could buy them direct. (If she did manage to figure it out, she always sent him away not only with some tasty treats, but also the names of several folks that would buy as much of his stock as he cared to obtain. This made it a happy win for both of them.)

"Mum! My favorite halfling! I was hoping I would be able to show you these before I sold out of them all! I have not one, not two, but ... TEN ... new floor tiles to show you!"

"Ten?! Oh blessed Bristlebane's furry feet, come in! Come in! Make yuirself at home, an' break oot th' samples while I get some o' this dust off me. I'll be right back wi' a snack frae ye!

As she ushered him in, she could smell a nearly overwhelming scent of root beer wafting off him. That sparked a thought that was gone before she could latch onto it, but she kept trying to chase it down as she quickly changed out of the dusty hair kerchief and clothes, then scampered to the kitchen for freshly-baked sconces and other treats.

As she brought a filled tray into the living room, however, she stopped dead, tray and food forgotten. "Och!"

Nearly mesmerized, she watched the ebb and swirl of three patches of colored mist, mouth hanging open. She only came to herself when Tibbins tried to pry the tray of food out of her hands.

"Sorry aboot that, lad. Th' mist is lovely! It is nae harmful, is it?"

"I thought those would catch your eye." Tibbins grinned gleefully. "They're perfectly safe. The dr- ... um, makers of it use safe, nonharmful magic to create them. Just colored bits of mist."

Quickly, he changed the topic, hoping to distract her from his near-slip. "And just look at these, will you? Perfect for the nature-lovers! Peaceful fallen leaves for the fall garden, with no pesky raking needed! Muddy tiles for the water-loving frogloks to place around their ponds. And, why till the soil by hand, when you can obtain it, magically tilled and fertilized by the finest zygomid soil tenders!"

Seeing the light of understanding start glint in her eyes, he quickly cast about for a less-revealing spiel. "Look how finely put together these two stone tiles are! Look at the painstaking polish on this nicely-veined marble! Such workmanship!"

Playing along, Mum pretended not to understand, while idly throwing in a leading question, "An' wooden shingles? Those would be perfect frae not only floor use, but also frae th' roof o' the stables at th' guildhall, as long as they're watertight."

Tibbins tried to look affronted, but the mouthful of cranberry sconce ruined the effect. He swallowed quickly. "Would I sell you, oh mistress of the munchies, inferior workmanship? The finest brownie artisans worked on it, and guarantee it to be sturdy and watertight!"

His eyes widened in comic dismay, and he clapped his hands over his mouth

Mum's green eyes glinted merrily. "Brownies and zygomids eh? An' mayhaps some dryads? Add that tae th' smell o' root beer, an' ye've been playing in th' enchanted grottos, eh, laddybuck?

"Pfft, ye make it too easy on me, tallstuff. Lucky frae ye, I know of some impatient folks who will want these now, instead o' trying tae visit the grottos an' wheedle their own deals. Especially if ye tell them ye actually managed tae sell thrifty me some!"

His face had fallen as Mum started to talk, but as she continued, he began to beam, and rub his hands together. It was hard to tell if he was more excited about the thought of actually selling her some tiles for once, or the list of near-guaranteed sales ... or just the thought of more scones to eat as they hammered out a deal.

Regardless, there was a spring in his step, and a contented rumble in his stomach, when he left Mum staring, mesmerized, at a half-dozen misty tiles, with a dreamy look on her face as she mumbled about mood-tiles.

There are two updates to the monthly Moonlight Enchantments ("grotto") event coming next month. These should be available on all servers for the June 20-21, 2011 Moonlight Enchantments event.

Firstly, the quest for Strong Brew Root Beer in the Enchanted Brownie Grotto is changing in several ways. You will now only need 4 sweet vine and 4 spicebracket for the quest (instead of 10 and 10). You get the recipe when you accept the quest, and you will need to make two combines, both to pristine (4th completion bar), instead of lazily only finishing the first progress bar and handing in the quest. Howeverrrrrr ... you will be able to get the quest as many times as you wish while the event is running. This will allow you to earn more elemental tokens per month, if you wish, without having to do the crazed alt-hop all over.

Do you really need all those tokens? Granted, there are some great house items for the nature-inclined, but, still ... of course you need them -- if you're looking for new floor tiles!!

Starting with the June Mooonlight Enchantments event, there will be ten new floor tiles for sale! Yes, ten!

  • Enchanted Brownie Grotto (Darklight Woods): Wooden Shingled Tile
  • Enchanted Naiad Grotto (Enchanted Lands): Large Paved Tile, Scattered Stone Tile
  • Enchanted Zygomyd Grotto (Nek Forest): Fallen Leaf Tile, Muddy Tile, Pale Marble Tile, Tilled Soil Patch
  • Enchanted Dryad Grotto (Antonica): Misty Blue Tile, Misty Fog Tile, Misty Red Tile

These tiles cost 1 elemental token apiece and grant 15 rent status reduction when placed in your home. The three "misty" tiles are tile-sized colored & animated mist/fog. (The mist swirls around within the space of the tile.) They are pictured below laid on top of a black marble tile so that you can see them more clearly (the misty fog is extremely hard to see on a light background, such as an Antonica guildhall floor).

Wooden Shingled Tile
Large Paved Tile
Scattered Stone Tile
Fallen Leaf Tile
Muddy Tile
Pale Marble Tile
Tilled Soil Patch
Misty Blue Tile
Misty Fog Tile
Misty Red Tile

Icons are all well and good, but I know some of you will want a closer look. At the top of the page you will find the tiles. Below, in order, are: muddy, wooden shingled & fallen leaf, then pale marble tile & tilled soil patch, then scattered stone tile & large paved tile. At the top of the page are: misty fog, misty blue & misty red tiles (again, the misty tiles have been placed on a black marble tile so you can see them more clearly):

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