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Planes of Prophecy Carpenter Furniture

This article is part of the Planes of Prophecy Information Clearinghouse for the PoP expansion to be released on November 28, 2017. Due to the nature of beta testing, details can/will change, and every effort will be made to update these articles as changes are discovered.

First off, you may be wondering why I used a picture of an overland area in the new expansion to be the first image you see on, well, a page that should be carpenter furniture. Wonder no more - several of the things you see in that image are ones that we'll be able to craft.

That isn't the best news, though! Carpenter recipes from this expansion are crafted in stacks. Handcrafted recipes will yield 2, and mastercrafted will yield 5. You can have up to 10 of the same item in a stack, saving you inventory and broker space. For mastercrafted, the first progress bar completed yields 1, the second progress bar completed yields 2, the third yields three and the final bar yields 5. (Since these recipes require 5 rare wood, you'd really want to finish all 4 progress bars, of course, but it is good to know the yield mechanic for these.)

Ok, we need a mass-revive for the decorators now, as a good chunk of the folks reading this for the first time have had heart attacks ... :D

This article now includes both handcrafted and mastercrafted items from level 101 to 110.

Level 101-110 Carpenter Essentials

Again, remember that this can be subject to change during beta. Items may be added/removed without warning.

Aether Ghost Catch
Aether Ghost Flower
Aether Ghost Grass
Aether Ghost Reeds
Aether Plant
Aether Sprouts
Circular Floor Grate
Clump of Mana Stalks
Clump of Storm Stalks
Cluster of Mana Stalks
Cluster of Storm Stalks
Concordat Stone (sp?)
Covenant Stone
Decayed Brazier
Decayed Chest
Decayed Sarcophagus
Decayed Lamp
awaiting Art fix
Decayed Urn
Detailed Pedestal of Ro
Dregs of Aetherstone
Etherium Boulder
Etherium Slab
Etherium Stone
Fang of Ro
Fragment of Aetherstone
Gnarled Entwood
Group of Decayed Urns
Innovative Aperture
Innovative Bin
Innovative Buzzkill
Innovative Cabinet
Innovative Chest
Innovative Crate
Innovative Fan (animated)
Innovative Grate Doorway
Jawbone of the Ancient
Jawbone of the Wurm
Jawbone of the Wyvern
Molten Brazier
Pedestal of Ro
Pod Plant
Pod Plant Cluster
Rectangular Floor Grate
Remnant of Aetherstone
Scintillating Thornvine
Scintillating Violet Thornvine
Shard of Aetherstone
Storm Stalks
Symbol of Vahla
Tainted Spore
Testament Stone
Thorn Vine
Vile Plant
Vile Plant Sproutling
Violet Thorn Vine

Yes, all of that is handcrafted.

  • The Symbol of Vahla (in the handcrafted table above), and the Floating Symbol of Vahla (in the mastercrafted table below) are both ceiling-placed. The difference is that the "floating" version gently bobs in place.
  • The "Innovative Aperture" (above), and the "Mechanolocked Aperture" (below), are not doors, nor is the wall-placed "Innovative Grate Doorway" above. Caith was going to look into making the Innovative Aperture a functioning door (no promises), and if that works out, maybe we can put in a request for the other two as well.

Level 101-110 Mastercrafted Furniture

Bastion of Thunder Stone Dais
Diseased Skull of the Ancient
Diseased Skull of the Drake
Diseased Skull of the Wurm
Diseased Skull of the Wyvern
Floating Concordant Stone*
Floating Covenanant Stone*
Floating Fragment of Aetherstone*
Floating Remnant of Aetherstone*
Floating Shard of Aetherstone*
Floating Symbol of Vahla*
Floating Testament Stone*
Horned Skull of the Wurm
Innovative Control Center
Innovative Wall Furnace
Mechanolocked Aperture
Ribcage of the Wurm
Ribcage of the Wyvern
Sphynx Platform
The Eternal Furnace**

  • *Floating ____ items all gently bob up and down and slowly rotate at the same time
  • **The Eternal Furnace currently has no collision. I am unsure if Art can fix that before the Art lockout for beta this coming week, but the bug was submitted. {fingers crossed}

The floating versions of some of the darker stones didn't screenshot well in preview mode. They're nicely veined to give them some personality.

Video Commentary

The wonderful, and massively busy, Ocarinah, ran amok in my guildhall to do videos of all this lovely crafted furniture. Sadly, I forgot to tell her the stuff was "just plopped down out of my bags" and could be rearranged as needed, and she fretted about putting everything back where I had it. I'm sorry, Ocarinah. My brain is mush already!

A few comments as you watch the below videos.

  • The essentials books are all populated, it was just that some of the books that she examined showed a number for the recipes, instead of the actual items.
  • The Symbol of Vahla, and Floating Symbol of Vahla are ceiling-placed items, which is why they were placed so high in the guildhall in the first video and anchored to a dais in the third one. I meant to drag out a tile to hang them from and forgot.

Without further ado, here are the videos!

Thanks SO very much for doing these, Oaky!

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