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Planes of Prophecy Crafted Fashions

This article is part of the Planes of Prophecy Information Clearinghouse for the PoP expansion to be released on November 28, 2017. Due to the nature of beta testing, details can/will change, and every effort will be made to update these articles as changes are discovered.

This expansion includes a new tier of handcrafted and mastercrafted armor. The sets are very similar in appearance, but for the mastercrafted sets, much of the red is brighter and gently swirls. (If you wish to see the effect for yourself, check the video section down the page a bit.)

Plate and Chain

Left to right: plate handcrafted, plate mastercrafted, chain handcrafted, chain mastercrafted
Left to right: chain mastercrafted, chain handcrafted, plate mastercrafted, plate handcrafted
Closer view of mastercrafted plate back

Leather and Cloth

Left to right: handcrafted leather male, then female, mastercrafted leather, handcrafted cloth, mastercrafted cloth, MC cloth minus chest for display of pants
Left to right: mastercrafted cloth minus chest, mastercrafted cloth, handcrafted cloth, handcrafted leather female, then same on male
side view of leather helm
& arm ornaments that go with tunic

Video Love

Want a closer look at the looks including the animation on that mastercrafted? Ocarinah put together a video for us! Thanks again, Ocarinah! Update: She's also put together screenies of ALL the crafted armor stats. My goodness, I don't know where she's finding the time and energy, but I am eternally grateful. I'll drop a link in here shortly.

Oh, the Devs, they taunt us. The below is not, I repeat, NOT something we can craft, but the eye-candy is so amazing that I wanted to show you some of the lovely clothing that the faction groups up in the Plane of Magic are wearing.

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