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ToV: The Captain's Lament

This was part of the Tears of Veeshan Crafting/Housing Preview for the expansion that was released on November 12, 2013. It does not include complete quest dialogs, but it will give you the highlights.

Reward: This quest will grant you your class-specific Advanced ____ Volume 90 recipe book, 10 Far Seas Trading Company Tokens, crafting xp (if not maxxed), AA xp and a few gold. Completion will also set up a spirit anchor in Mara that will allow you to travel there to Cardin Ward at any time.

Supplies needed: The only thing you will need are your willingness to travel hither and yon, and a single effulgent coal. :D

Level 93+ crafters should receive an email from Captain Ethan Darani. He has heard about your crafting exploits and thinks you are the perfect person to help him out. Head over to the Mara docks, and look for him in the second tent on the left.

Ethan has received some information that the Ulteran Spires in the Feerrott have been receiving a lot more use, with adventurers crossing to/from Ethernere. Of course the Far Seas Trading Company wants to learn if there is a way for his colleagues to do the same. (Access means the chance for profits for them, of course, as they recover and market learning lost to the ages.) Are you willing to be hired to find a way there?

Head to the camp next to the wizard spires in Feerrott, and speak with Keevan Fastmarch about his survey report.

Keevan Fastmarch says to you, "Hail to you too. Are you lost?"
You say to Keevan Fastmarch, "No, I'm here to ask some questions about your latest survey report. You mentioned some changes to the Combine Spire?"
Keevan Fastmarch says to you, "Oh, you're from the city. Right! Yes, a while ago there were a lot of shaman types poking around the spires, and some erudites, and they created this new rift thing you can see here."
You say to Keevan Fastmarch, "What were they doing?"
Keevan Fastmarch says to you, "A lot of very heavily armed people have been going through it lately. But the shaman who was here said only the strongest souls could pass through, and that I shouldn't try."
You say to Keevan Fastmarch, "Do you know where I could find this shaman? I'd like to learn more."
Keevan Fastmarch says to you, "He said his name was Ghostclaw, and he was going to try the fishing on the beach. I guess you could try there."

Of course Ghostclaw (a kerra), is fishing. Mmmm, sushi! He has two dialog choices for you when you chat, based on if you want to just cut to the chase, or if you want to know more background lore. Both get you to the same end result, so chose which one suits you, and you'll eventually get to the nitty-gritty:

Ghostclaw says to you, "It might be possible to create a spirit anchor that is attuned to the destination so that the traveler could not go astray. Something similar to the Ulteran spire technology might work."
You say to Ghostclaw, "So if I found a way to create a spire-like device, could you show me how to attune it?"
Ghostclaw says to you, "See what you can come up with, and I will see if it is possible. I cannot promise anything more."
You say to Ghostclaw, "Very well, I will talk to some experts on creating spires, and return to you later."

The most noted expert on spire creation that is known to crafters is, of course, Researcher Tahar in Quel'Ule (up the ramp from the Stonebrunt Mountains wizard spires). Have a bit of a chat with him, why don't you?

1383937700)[Fri Nov 08 11:08:20 2013] You say to Researcher Tahar, "Hello! I am looking for an expert on Ulteran Spires."
Researcher Tahar says to you, "If it's an expert on spire technology that you need, you've come to the right place. As I'm sure you know. I would be happy to help, what is needed?"
You say to Researcher Tahar, "A shaman told me that some teleport device that uses spire technology might be possible to attune to a particular location in Ethernere."
Researcher Tahar says to you, "For what purpose? To travel there? I can provide you with some of the spire technology we have been experimenting with, but you will need to do some work to figure out how to adapt it to your needs."
You say to Researcher Tahar, "That sounds like what I need. Let me take a look at it, I'll see what I can come up with."

*kathunkk* You are now the proud owner of a "Bundle of Ulteran Spire Technology". Open up that bundle, and you'll be faced with an Experimental spire device plan, a Teleport Core, a Spire Resonator, and a Stabilization Field Dampener. You can do this, you're super-crafter! Scribe the device plan to get the recipe "spire device" in your book. Head to the nearby work bench, pick up 1 effulgent coal from the fuel vendor there if need be, and craft yourself an unattuned spire device. Since you're a skilled crafter, you don't even need to stop and show Tahar your work. You ARE the crafting expert. Head back to Ghostclaw on the shore of the Feerrott docks.

Ghostclaw says to you, "You're back, I see."
You say to Ghostclaw, "And I believe I have created a device that may be able to work as a spirit anchor."
Ghostclaw says to you, "Let me look at that .... interesting! Yes, this might work. But it will need to be attuned to the path to Ethernere, which may not be easy."
You say to Ghostclaw, "What do I need to do?"
Ghostclawsays to you, "You will need to link the spire device to a recently departed spirit as it travels to Ethernere. This should take the device and you along with it, and attune it to the path to Ethernere. Once there, you can tether it to a specific location, creating a spirit anchor."
You say to Ghostclaw, "And this is safe?"
Ghostclaw says to you, "Safe is a relative term. But the living are not meant to walk in Ethernere. The Steward of Drinal works hard to maintain this order of things. Just in case, take this armlet; it will disguise you as one of the recently departed which may help you avoid attention."
You say to Ghostclaw, "All right, thank you. Uh ... any idea where to find a recently departed spirit?"
Ghostclaw says to you, "You'll want to find a graveyard that's still in fairly regular use. Perhaps Loping Plains or somewhere like that? Use your experience."
You say to Ghostclaw, "Good idea, thank you."

The Armlet of Ethernere that Ghostclaw gives you won't really do anything for your aggro up in Ethernere, but it gives you a neat-looking effect, so don't look a gift armband in the mouth, erm, opening ... um ... something.

Annnnd, off you go to the Loping Plains Graveyard to find yourself a lost spirit (pictured above). Target it, use the device on it, and *yoink*, you're transported to Cardin Ward in the Obol Plains. Nifty, eh? Head just outside the walls of Cardin Ward, to the spot marked on your map, and find the green glowie on the ground. Right-click it to tether the spirit, and make sure you have the quest update before you head back to Ethan in Mara.

He'll be suitably grateful, of course, hand over a copy of your class-specific level 90 advanced recipe book, 10 Far Seas tokens and so on. You have also just enabled the spirit anchor between Mara and Cardin Ward, which may be both good and bad, considering what troublesome child lives in Mara ... but that's another story all by itself!

The ToV crafting questline then continues with Fond Memories in Cardin Ward.

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