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KA - The Caves

This is part of the Kunark Ascending Tradeskill Questline and is but one chunk of several. Please refer back to that article for important details and links to other parts of the questline.

This segment follows directly after the quests documented in KA - Twark, Round One.

Deeper Disguise

Summary: Use the Crusader's of Greenmist Disguise, speak to Trooper Selisk, speak to Trooper Sokzar. Rewards: AAxp, coin, 5000 Crusader's of Greenmist faction.

Details: Use the Crusader's of Greenmist Disguise and speak with Trooper Selisk (/waypoint 735, 224, 894). NOTE: The disguise buff is only a 60-minute duration buff. If you are going to take longer than that, make sure to reapply it. If you need to camp during that time, be sure you are camping out of reach of the guards, just to be safe if it falls when you return.

Trooper Selisk now believes you to be a Greenmist Captain, and, when you ask for details on the captured "strangers" from the beach, he sends you back to Trooper Sokszar (/waypoint 634, 247, 1241). Speak with her to complete the quest, and you will find that they were freed after helping repel the sarnak attack, and have since left.

Trooper Selisk
Trooper Sokszar

In case you were curious, but too embarassed to ask, you can easily determine iksar genders by their head frills (female) or lack thereof (male).

Gone Astray

Summary: Speak with Trooper Sokszar, craft a sokokar leash, leash a stray sokokar, bring it to Chef Zharss, then return to Trooper Sokszar. Rewards: AAxp, coin, 5000 Crusader's of Greenmist faction. Requires: 1 splitiron ore, 3 abyssal pelt, 5 thaumic coal.

Details: Speak again to Trooper Sokszar, and she asks for your help catching stray sokokar that ran astray after the most recent attacks. While you try to pass the buck to someone else, apparently you are disguised as the duty captain, so it falls on your shoulders to do so. She gives you a leash recipe, and you will need to craft "sokokar leash" at the forge with 1 splitiron ore, 3 abyssal pelt and 5 thaumic coal. There is a forge in a back cave (/waypoint 436, 245, 1493) and even if you don't use it, you'll want to keep that area in the back of your mind, as you'll be visiting it a couple times in your questing.

Several "a stray sokokar" roam around the caves, and you will want to leash one with your completed leash. Then bring your captive to Chef Zharss (/waypoint 453, 245, 1458) in that back cave. Apparently strays are fair game ... for dinner. Report back to Trooper Sokszar with an update, and she mentions that dinner sounds like it will be delicious.

The look on this little fella's face says it all

Figurine the Profits

Summary: Speak with Skethusk in the back of the caves, travel to Grunt's Pass and find the Collapsed Tunnel Entrance. Enter the Abandoned Mine Tunnel and search through loose rubble for an ornate copper figurine, then return to Skethusk. Rewards: AAxp, coin, 5000 Crusader's of Greenmist faction and a Collection of Goblin Items.

Details: Back in the back cave, where you found the forge and Chef Zharss, is also a lady iksar by the name of Skethusk. She is missing one of a set of matched figurines that she suspects might be buried in a collapsed tunnel that used to lead directly to the goblin temple in Fens of Nathsar. She'd be happy to reward you if you go search for it for her.

Leave the caves and fly to a rockfall (/waypoint -324, 48, 607) in the Grunt's Pass area. Click on the rocks to enter the Abandoned Mine Tunnel and search the loose rubble until you get an update. This may come on your first rubble-search, or your 15th, as the update is a random chance on any search.

Note: If you have your solstice earring, you will also see red shinies in this instance. Only THREE of the items needed for the Gardener's Tools collection will be found in this instance, with 3 others being quest rewards in the Gardening Goblin questline, and one being a reward from another red shiny collection. So, if you've found three different collectibles in there, don't make yourself crazy searching for the rest in there! :D

For those who get turned around in the tunnels, the Obulus Frontier end of the tunnels is at /waypoint 89.15, 44.59, -2131.35 and the Fens of Nathsar end (needed later) is at /waypoint -270.50, 57.04, -2017.02

Zone back out into Obulus Frontier. If you ended up at the other end of the tunnel while shiny hunting, at a rockfall to the Fens of Nathsar, turn around and follow the train tracks back to the zone to Obulus. Zone out, then head back to Skethusk. If you have an evac/escape ability, it can drop you off just down the path from the Crusader's Cave, saving you a little bit of in-zone flying.

Examine the item reward from the quest "A Collection of Goblin Items", to obtain the quest starter for "Search and Rescue", which will be documented in the next section of quest writeups.

You may now also drop your Crusaders of Greenmist Disguise, and you should now be safe to travel, shop, bank, etc. in Crusader's Cave whenever you wish.

After completion of this portion of the questline, you should proceed to KA - The Search for Greshdek.

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