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KA - Gardening Goblin

This is an optional part of the Kunark Ascending Crafting Quest Main Page Please refer back to that article for important details and links to other crafting quests in this expansion.

This questline will involve permanently giving up your gathering goblin in return for all of the following:

  • An in-home garden item from which you can harvest: 1 Obulus rare, over 500 PoP commons, and the change of one or more PoP rares every 23 hours
  • Collection items that can only be obtained from this quest that are needed for a 64-slot heirloom backpack with a unique look
  • A harvesting speed buff
  • The ability to hire a Gardening Goblin (brigand/fury) mercenary.

If you do NOT want to give up your gathering goblin, then do ONLY "The Plan of Growf" for the extra faction, and return back to the KA Crafting Quest Main Page linked above to see what else you have still to complete for the crafting line. For the rest of you, have fun romping through these, and if you find yourself using a "Dobby" voice (from Harry Potter) in your head when your now-freed goblin has quest text, know that you're not alone. :D

The Plan of Growf

Summary: Speak with Growf at any time after completing "The Seeds of Growf", then speak with your gathering goblin, then speak with Growf again. Rewards: AAxp, coin, 4000 Bloody Tooth Clan faction.

Details: Growf has heard bad things about you. You've been using an enslaved goblin to do some of your harvesting! In your defense, you never really thought about the fact that the goblin might have been forced by magic into performing this task, as opposed to be something s/he did willingly, but still! Speak with your goblin, and yep, s/he is interested in learning other things, but doesn't really have a choice in the matter. Speak to Growf again and tell him what you've learned.

Again, stop with that quest completion popup if you wish to keep your gardening goblin as-is. If not, and you're willing to allow your goblin to (among other things) call you a "barmy old codger" if he wants to, then continue on with the dialog and type your properly capitalized name in the confirmation box to receive the quest "Tree of Growf".

When your gathering goblin is freed, your summon gathering goblin AA ability turns into a buff that drops the base casting time of your harvesting abilities down to 1.5 seconds. This buff is "permanent" until death, at which point you will need to re-cast it.

Tree of Growf

Summary: Once you have accepted this quest, your gathering goblin is now a free goblin. Speak with Growf, gather 6 warsliks clay from "clay deposit" in the river, craft 3 fancy plant pot at the goblin fire, return to Growf, take the Obulus Frontier Seedling, and place it in your home. Rewards: AAxp, coin, 4000 Bloody Tooth Clan faction. Requires 3 thaumic coal, an Obulus Frontier Seedling (house item until quest line completion when you get a more permanent one).

Details: While Growf starts teaching the youngling about gardening, could you craft some plant pots for those Nye'Caelona seeds that you ... acquired? Swan dive into the Warslik's River, and get 6 warsliks clay from the trackable "clay deposit" on the river bottom. (Each deposit can be harvested twice, since each pot needs 2 clay.) You will be able to keep this recipe to make more pots as decorative house items and can grab more clay now if you wish, or wait until later. This quest has unlocked your ability to see the clay spawns permanently. Bring your clay and 3 thaumic coal to the goblin fire next to Glibnox and craft 3 Fancy Plant Pot.

Return them to Growf and he explains his theory about how that luclinite chunk that crashed into the area is to blame for magic that has caused the plants to have changed. He wants to see if a quiet place away from the magic will make any difference on the growth of the Nye'Caelona seedlings, so he hands you one to place in your home. Place "An Obulus Frontier Seedling" in one of your homes for quest completion. (At this stage, it uses the same graphic as the fancy plant pot above.)

From this point forward, you are on 23-hour timers for the remaining quests in the Gardening Goblin series. It should also be noted that the "An Obulus Frontier Seedling" is Lore and House-lore, so no putting all the seedlings from all your alts in the same home! The final "Obulus Frontier Garden" that you receive at the end of the questline has the lore and house lore tags removed.

Budding Progress

Summary: Zone into your home 23 hours after you placed the Obulus Frontier Seedling, hail the gardening goblin standing beside it, port to Twark, then gather soil and water from the Gardens of Nye'Caelona. Return to your home and talk to the goblin.Rewards: AAxp, coin, 1500 Bloody Tooth Clan faction, "Gardener's Soil Samples" collection item.

Details: When you return to your home after at least 23 hours have passed since you placed the seedling, you will find that your freed goblin is now a gardening goblin, and s/he is keeping an eye on your seedling. The seedling seems to be a bit smaller than expected, so you are asked to head to Nye'Caelona and get some soil and water. Use your Twark transport totem, then fly to the Gardens of Nye'Caelona. The soil should be easy to find in the small garden areas, and the nice sparkly water is pretty easy to see in the Waters of Nye'Caelona (/waypoint -625, -90, -372).

If you zone in after 24 hours are up and you cannot see the goblin, look on the other side of the plant pot. The gardening goblin is tied to a specific location on the plant pot, and may be accidentally "hiding" behind the pot. Once you know where he sits, you can rotate the pot as needed to make him easier to find for this and the other two steps that involve him.

See the bottom of this page for a bit more information on the red shiny collection mechanic for this one.

Home Sickness

Summary: Zone into your home 23 hours (or more) after you finished "Budding Progress", speak with the gardening goblin, head to Twark and speak to Growf, head towards the chokidai area and collect "splintered luclin stone" from the nearby shore, return to your home and hail the gardening goblin.Rewards: AAxp, coin, 1500 Bloody Tooth Clan faction, "Gardener's Spade" collection item.

Details: Zone into your home once the 23 hour timer since the last quest is up, and the gardening goblin will show you that the seedling is budding, but still isn't thriving as much as it should be. S/he wants you to speak to Growf about it, so use your trusty Twark Transport Totem and head back to Twark. Growf had apparently suspected that such a thing would happen, and theorizes that the seedling needs the magics from that "big chunk of moon rock" that fell to the south. That would be the "Luclinite Chunk" that is very near the chokidai area you kept visiting for bones, droppings, etc. Head down there to the shore (/waypoint 390, -229, -269) between the luclinite chunk and the chokidai, but do so carefully. There is one undead spawn almost in the water down there, and he'll be happy to attack you. The "splintered luclin stone" spawns are hard to see from any distance due to lighting in the area, ground color, etc., but tracking makes it easier. Then return to your home once you have the update, and speak with the gardening goblin to give them the stone to feed to the plant.

The Gardening Goblin

Summary: Zone into your home 23 hours (or more) after you finished "Home Sickness", speak with your gardening goblin, check for harvests on your seedling, talk to the gardening goblin again, pick up your seedling and bring it to Growf in Twark.Rewards: AAxp, coin, 1500 Bloody Tooth Clan faction, "Gardener's Seedling" collection item, Obulus Frontier Garden (the permanent garden that will give you an Obulus rare every 23 hours).

Details: Yep, another 23-hour wait while the plant deals with the magic from the luclinite chunk. (I shudder to think what that magic might be doing to any other plants in my home ... or to me in my sleep!) Speak with the gardening goblin after that 23-hour period and s/he will point out the now-sparkling plant, and says that it may be ripe now. Check the plant for harvests (a right click option any time it is sparkling) and obtain "a strange harvest". The goblin has a theory that the plant is spitting out excess magic in the form of something harvestable. (Akin to an oyster creating a pearl.) While this first harvest doesn't seem quite ripe, s/he feels that further harvests should produce something more useful. While you bring the seedling experiment back to Growf with an update, the gardening goblin has decided that it is done studying gardening and would like to try out a bit of adventuring. Pick up the seedling and use your Twark Transport Totem yet again to speak with Growf. When you complete the quest, the Seedling is replaced with an Obulus Frontier Garden that can go back in your home, and be checked for a rare Obulus harvest every 23 hours.

So What About Those Red Shinies?

There are actually three red shiny collections in this expansion. The first one is a tome collection used in the tradeskill epic, so will be covered elsewhere.

The second will be found in the Twark and Nye'Caelona gardens. The reward for it will be not only a house item watering can, but also a watering can collible that is used in the third red shiny collection.

The third collection is a 7-piece collection made up of the above-mentioned watering can collectible, 3 red shinies found in the Abandoned Mine Tunnel that you visited on earlier quests, and 3 red shinies that are mentioned in as quest rewards in the above gardening goblin quests. The reward for this third shiny collection is a lovely 64-slot heirloom gardener's backpack.

This concludes this optional questline. If you've not done the epic quest, or the dailies/weekly, you might want to head back to the Kunark Ascending Crafting Quest Main Page to hit the links for those pages.

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