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KA - Dailies and Weekly

Once you have completed all the quests up through "Choose the Slug Life" in Nye'Caelona (check the KA Crafting Quests Main Page for the entire quest list and links to the walkthroughs), you can obtain 7 "dailies" and a weekly quest from Ooogthor in Twark for additional Bloody Tooth Clan faction and Sovereign of Rile. Both of these items will be needed for you to purchase recipe books and other faction items from Scribbleclaw, who stands next to Oogthor in Twark.

These dailies and weekly work the same way as the ones in Maldura -- All 7 "dailies" can be done once per week, but rather than have to worry about heading to Twark every day to do a different one, you can pick up all of them plus the weekly at the same time then hand them all in in one "swell foop". After that, you can happily forget about them for a week. The weekly, Snacky Snacks, resets on Wednesday nights with the weekly mission timer, but you may find it easier to just keep it on the same schedule as the dailies.

For those who have a hard time tracking which alt finished the dailies when, I recommend Shmogre's tracking spreadsheet. Make a copy, save it to another file format if you don't use google docs, whatever works for you. :)

All necessary recipes are autoscribed. They must all also be combined on the goblin equipment in Obulus Frontier (either the equipment in Twark, or down on the beach below it with the goblin questgivers).

"Shopping" List

In order to complete all of the dailies and the weekly, you will need the following (harvestables are all common ToT harvests):

  • 15 wild tempeh
  • 20 fruiticose lichen
  • 12 mycelial tendril
  • 17 fruiting sporangium
  • 27 umbral trout
  • 27 abyssal angler
  • 24 thalumbral root
  • 36 abyssal pelt
  • 10 malduran lumber
  • 42 splitiron ore
  • 3 umbrite
  • 3 bornite nodule
  • 190 thaumic coal

Weekly - Snacky Snacks

At the goblin firepit, craft 10 Broken Tooth Snacky-Snacks and 10 Broken Tooth Shroom Juice. Reward: 3 Sovereign of Rile, 2 Blank Luclinite rune, 3 Ancient Shadowstone Relic (heirloom, each grants 20,000 status each when sold to a merchant that buys faction items), coin, +2000 Bloody Tooth Clan faction, 61,600 guild status. Requires: 15 wild tempeh, 20 fruiticose lichen, 5 fruiting sporangium, 15 umbral trout, 15 abyssal angler, 50 thaumic coal.


All dailies reward 2000 Bloody Tooth Clan faction, coin, 1 Sovereign of Rile, 1 Ancient Shadowsstone Relic (heirloom, grants 20,000 status each when sold to a merchant that buys faction items). Additional Nye'Caelona faction awarded as noted by specific quests. You cannot have both the chokidai and the slug captured at the same time, so plan travel accordingly. You also cannot gate, evac, Twark totem, etc. while you have a leashed chokidai or slug, or you lose the leashed critter and have to go back for it.

Always in Demand

Collect slime from 4 tame slugs. Craft 4 healing goo brew. In addition to the slime, it requires 12 abyssal angler, 12 umbral trout, 20 thaumic coal.

Greener on the Other Side

Collect 4 chokidai droppings (/waypoint 421, -201, -167). Craft 4 bag of fertilizer on the goblin workbench. Bring the fertilizer to Lyraquel in Nye'Caelona, then return to Oogthor to claim your reward. In addition to the droppings, it requires 12 thalumbral root, 12 abyssal pelt, 30 thaumic coal. Also awards +2000 Nye'Caelona Faction.

Pup Piper

Craft a chokidai whistle. Capture a chokidai pup (/waypoint 421, -201, -167) and bring it back to Oogthor. Requires: 1 malduran lumber, 3 splitiron ore, 3 bornite nodule, 5 thaumic coal.

Rabbit Repellent

Gather 4 astringent herbs (rough /waypoint 223, -217, -437). Craft 4 go-away-rabbit spray, deliver them to Lyraquel in Nye'Caelona, then return to Oogthor. In addition to the herbs, it requires 12 mycelial tendrils, 12, fruiting sporangium, 20 thaumic coal. Also awards +2000 Nye'Caelona Faction.

Thumpy Sticks

Craft 8 thumpy sticks then return them to Oogthor. Requires: 8 malduran lumber, 24 abyssal pelt, 24 splitiron ore, 40 thaumic coal.

Twark Defender

Craft 4 chokidai hide armor (quest helper calls it sturdy leather armor), return them to Oogthor. In addition to provided chokidai hides, it requires: 12 splitiron ore, 12 thalumbral root, 20 thaumic coal.

Unlikely Saviors

Craft a slug call. Capture a "wild" forest slug (there are some around 390, -228, -240 in addition to other spots), bring it to Lyraquel in Nye'Caelona then return to Oogthor to claim your reward. Also awards +2000 Nye'Caelona Faction. Requires: 1 malduran lumber, 3 splitiron ore, 3 umbrite, 5 thaumic coal.

Epic Adventurers Take Note!

Adventurers who have completed their Epic 2.0 questline will find that the seven "dailies" will have an additional reward called "some odds and ends" This reward, when unpacked, can result in a cyan adornment recipe book, a recipe book with spell upgrades for epic 2.0 abilities ... or you can get a whole lot of nothing. If there are other possible rewards from it, I have not heard of them yet. To repeat and reword, you will ONLY see "some odds and ends" when doing the KA crafting dailies if you have also completed your adventuring epic 2.0.

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