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Tinkerfest Public Quest: Hack N Slash

See the bottom of this page for text that you can macro into /ooc instructions.

Tinkerfest 2017 contains a new public quest (PQ) in Antonica and Commonlands. This event will run only when Tinkerfest is active, which means it will run from July 20 through August 2 for 2017.

You need to be a level 2 artisan for two phases of this three-phase PQ. There is no adventuring requirement. However, note that the crafting rewards will require a 500 tinkerer to put them to use. The familiar cannot be commissioned and will require 500 tinkerer for the crafting of all parts. The green adornment and the two charged recipes may be commissioned from a 500 tinkerer who has the recipes.

The Antonica version of the PQ will be located between the druid rings/wizard spires and Caltorsis at around -1583, -1, -729. The Commonlands version will in the Graveyard Plains area at around 123, -43, 417. While we don't have timing properly nailed down, at a rough guess expect about an hour or so between the end of the PQ in one zone, and the start of it in the other zone.

The PQ has a 2-hour timer for completion for the first phase, and additional time is added as you progress through the phases, to give you plenty of time to complete it. The jury is out on 2-manning it, as we are awaiting some final fixes to the third phase, but I would strongly recommend not trying to solo this event.

1. Kill 50 Berserk-O-Matics!

When the PQ begins, you'll find 50 berserk-o-matic MkII bots around that you can't attack. (Note that this stage only requires artisan level 2.)

  1. Run up to one of the "repair-o-matic MkII" bots and right-click to "harvest parts" (the recipe is autoscribed the first time you scrounge parts from it).
  2. Right-click the "disabled assault-o-maton MkI" siting next to the repair-o-matic and "hack" to craft. (Just the 1 recipe shows up.)
  3. Craft it and you hack into (possess) the assault bot. It should populate a hotbar with 3 attacks, 1 heal/regen, and autoattack. Use these to defeat the berserk bots while you're in the hacked assault-o-maton.
    • Save the heal/regen (Regenerate Power Cells) for when you're out of power. You can toggle if off early, but with the cooldown on it, you'll want to save it for times when you truly need it.
    • Autoattack does only minimal damage, so don't rely on it too much.
    • Static Strike makes a good "finisher" when the berserk bot is down to a trickle of health, and your bigger attacks are on cooldown. It can also be good for pulling a mob to you/your group and can be cast while moving.
    • When you destroy one of the berserk bots, you should receive a heal of your health and power so you can fight the next one. (You need to be within 10m of the mob when it is defeated to receive the heal/regen.)
  4. When you get popped out of the bot and are back in your own body, find another repair bot as close to where there are berserk bots still up, and begin the cycle again until all 50 berserk bots are down.

Protip: If it is a small group working on this stage, you may want to set some sort of pattern to your berserk kills, such circling around the edges and spiraling your way in, or zigzagging your way in rows, etc. It can be a real pain to find the last couple berserk bots if you've just been meandering around killing. :D

2. "Defeat Bhoughbh Nova Prime MkII" - Bombing Bhoughbh

Oh dear, a madman in a giant bot ... dropping chests with bombs in them. This stage also only requires Artisan level 2.

  1. Chase after Bhoughbh to get close enough to click on his little buddy Kerser. The little guy looks like the tinkered inspiration housepet, or the tinkerfest fireworks dispensers in cities. You should get blueprints, wirecutters, and Kerser's Magnifying Lens. After you grab your starting supplies from Kerser, you need to equip the magnifying lens before you can craft.
  2. Then, and only then, run up to any chest group that isn't glowing gold (gold means they'll blow up in less than 10 seconds) and right click on a chest bomb that nobody is working on. As soon as you open that crafting window, the 60-second timer starts. Again, be wearing that darn magnifying lens, and when you disarm, you craft a Bhougbomb MkI.
  3. Move to another bomb and craft again - the timer starts from 60 seconds when you click it.
  4. Rinse and repeat the move and craft to make a few Bhoughbh bombs, target the darn maniac with the hard to spell name and use them. You can hotbar a bomb to save yourself some time, so you can speed-throw them.
  5. You only need to reduce him to 50% health and about 20 bombs, total, from the group working on this stage should do the trick.

3. "Defeat Bhoughbh Nova Prime MkII" - The REAL Fight

Oh dear, you're not done yet. Boughbh gets fed up enough to swap from dropping bombs to actual combat at this point - sort of. Bhoughbh Nova-Prime MkII starts to cause mischief, and his Buddy Kerser also begins to pilot a ginormous flying mechanical skull for added mayhem. No, this isn't just another Mum-ism. The thing is called " Kerser Mk-Ginormous".

Why the "sort of"? Well, you can take damage at this point, but you can't damage Bhoughbh. Nor will you damage him, directly, from this point forward. So anyone of any adventuring level that can survive the mobs in that area of Commonlands or Antonica can basically join in the mayhem. Instead, you're killing time, and killing pylons.

To make this as clear as possible, you CANNOT damage Bhoughbh directly. Do not bother attacking him. Do NOT stick your mercs and pets on him. He needs to be moved on very short notice by whomever he is target locked on at certain stages and mercs and pets can prevent that move from happening. This results in folks taking more damage, and the PQ taking more time. Just do not do it. (Yep, I had someone in one of the groups helping test who ignored that, and ignored me telling him several times to pull his merc off Bhoughbh, so if it was happening to a tester after being told repeatedly, you know you're going to be repeating this to others at the PQ when it hits live, k?)

  1. Find the Energizer Pylons ("Energizer" because they keep going, and going, and going). There are 4 of them at roughly the 4 corners of the PQ area. Destroy all four of them - this works best if EVERYONE involved in the PQ ends up together at the same spot when the 4th pylon goes down each time.
  2. When all four pylons are down, Boughbh will start giving Kerser orders, and suddenly an electromagnetic field is centered around one player. (This will appear in red text in your chat box.) Anyone near that player will get sucked into a small ring, and not be able to get out of it until they're blown up into the sky by Kerser. If the person that Bhoughbh has aggro on (the most recent orange target lock on the screen, generally) is NOT the target of the electromagnetic field, they should run towards the player being targeted. You need/want Bhoughbh in or very near that electromagnetic circle before the blast, so that he takes damage from Kerser. If he wasn't close enough, then the electromagnetic field will target another player ... then another, etc. until you have Bhoughbh actually getting hit by Kerser's electromagnetic field. This is a stage where everyone sucked into that electromagnetic circle will take damage. It will be very minor damage for the level 100s, but squishier folks may appreciate a quick heal at this point.
  3. Once Bhoughbh is hit by Kerser's electromagnetic field, Kerser will state that the defense network is active again, and the pylons pop up again.

Rinse and repeat these killing all four pylons four more times (a total of 5 rounds of 4) until Boughbh decides to head back to Maldura.

Electromagnetic field in action!

4. The Loot

Harvest the Mk-Ginormous scrap heap five times for your share of the no-trade Ginormous scrap metal needed for crafting the familiar, the green adornment, the dumbfire pet and the cure/ward item. The default amount of Ginormous scrap metal per player per run is 5, but that can increase if you have a bountiful harvest proc or two.

You can also cycle alts through harvesting the scrap heap if you so desire, in the time that it stays up (an hour-ish?). This has been run past the devs and is not considered an exploit. (I was given permission by Chrol to tell people about this.) It won't give them the familiar parts or anything like that, but if you're just want to get a green adorn commissioned or such, it is a great thing.

Remember to loot the reward chest within the 5-minute window for the chest. (There should be a popup awarding you guild status and granting you the Treasure Seeker's Sense ability so you can find the reward chest.) Level 100s will get the typical normal PQ loot (3 of The Sovereign's Medal, a piece of normal gear or merc gear and possible even an heirloom familiar cage.) In addition, everyone, regardless of level, gets 8 shiny tinkerfest cogs plus a random piece of loot specific to this PQ: a house item, a spidermech part crate to unpack into one of the spidermech bits, one of a couple 10-charge blueprint special blueprints, a fluff pet, or a petamorph wand.

At level 100 the hidden achievement for 5 runs of the PQ is 30800 status and a platinum tinkerfest cog. It is assumed that the status amount may change/scale based on level, but I don't know for sure.

The house item/crafting PQ loot that we've seen so far:

Rusty Rhodium Crate
Rusty Rhodium Lockbox
Mechanical Components
Necromech Gazer Plushie
Petamorph Wand: Necromech Enforcer
Ritual Electro-Coil
Undertok Minecrawler
Heirloom fluff pet
Spidermech Defender
No-trade housepet
Automated Targeting Eye
(ALL classes)
Also can come from PQ chest
Yep, that little red targeting light beside her eye!
10-charge Assault Crawler recipe
level 500 tinkering
10-charge Cure/ward Recipe
level 500 tinkering

Details on the familiar and the green adornment are found on the Tinkerfest 2017 Preview page.

This is so confusing - HALLLLLP?!

This is one of the most, if not the most, complex world event to date. While there is a bit of a learning curve, it is very straightforward once you learn the steps involved in each stage. The hardest part is herding cats ... erm, other players, so that the event doesn't drag on forever. Whilhelmina of Test and Thurgadin put together a lovely batch of text that could be used for macros to help explain the process. Feel free to cut & paste and modify as desired!

/ooc STAGE 1: (artisan 2 needed) 1. Harvest parts on a "repair-o-matic MkII"
/ooc 2. Craft the Hack on the "disabled assault-o-maton MkI" (double-click or right-click and hack)
/ooc 3. Kill the Berserk-O-Matics while in clockwork form (Static Strike is your basic attack), blue attack is an AE

/ooc STAGE 2 (artisan 2): 1. gather parts on Kerser (the small floating robot running after Bhoughbh)
/ooc 2, Equip "Kerser's Magnifying Lens" (appearance head slot)
/ooc 3, double click on any of the chest (NOT GLOWING IN YELLOW) to craft "disarm Bhougbomb MkI" (yellow = explodes in 10 secs)
/ooc 4. throw the crafted bomb on Bhoughbh until he's at 50%

/ooc STAGE 3: ALL go on the same pillar and kill it, then proceed to next one, then third one, then fourth one
/ooc When 4th pillar is killed, one player will get a electromagnetic field and NEED to be beside Bhoughbh to damage him
/ooc there's 5 rounds of pillars and the PQ will be done. Remember: STAY GROUPED, DON'T HIT BHOUGHBH, Proceed AS A GROUP from one pillar to the next.
/ooc If your pet or merc is on Bhoughbh, BACK THEM OFF. Have them only hit the pylons with you.


/ooc harvest the chest 5 times for "Ginormous scrap metal" from the Mk-Ginormous scrap heap. Bountiful harvest works.
/ooc recipe for Spidermech Defender familiar and Master Control Core can be bought in Steamfont (you'll need 170 Ginormous scrap metal to make 1 familiar and 1 green adorn)

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